"Am I the only damn person without a plot hole!"

Everyone slowed to a stop. McDonalds was looking rather unhappy at the moment.

"I don't have a plot hole," said Larcen, as he finally woke up.

"Well fine then, I'll just remember to bring one along for the next fic."

Now that McDonalds' outburst was over, they started walking again. WC was now slobbering, literally, all over Wesker's arm. For the life of him, McDonalds didn't understand why he didn't have a McDonalds Chick. As far as he was concerned, he was the most important character in the fic…boy is he having some weird fantasies. Wesker slowed to a top as he spotted two doors.

"Oh, not this again!" Ark groaned.

"The Architect isn't here this time though…" Replied Wesker.

"Isn't Mikami the Architect though?" McDonalds chimed in.


"Yes, I am you cretin bastards!" Yelled a familiar voice from off stage.

McDonalds finally worked up enough courage and opened up one of the doors. Everyone peered inside and looked on in stunned silence.

"Water Armory Storage." McDonalds said, reading the sign above the door. "Cool!"

"Now I can have a new water gun!" Tofu piped up, happy as ever.

McDonalds went over to a locker and opened it. Inside he found a M66 Water Rocket Launcher. He quickly loaded it with 4 rockets and was ready to get shit wet.

"Water guns?" Wesker yelled as WC continued to drool on his arm, at least it was cleaning the blood off. "Who the hell uses a damn water gun on a BEEPING zombie!"

"Shut up Albert, or I'll have you married off to Morpheus in Resident Evil 5!" The familiar voice of Mikami yelled from off-stage.

Wesker cringed, shaking slightly. That was a fate worse than death. He glanced down as WC began to nibble on his arm. For a second he realized that perhaps calling on this psycho could be a fate worse than death. It was so hard to decide.

"If you weirdoes are finished can we please go to the roof!"

"I'm ready to kick the shit out of anything!" McDonalds yelled, waving his water rocket launcher around frantically.

"Yea...sure you are."

Wesker shook his head and through the miracle of modern electronics and plot holes the survivors next found themselves on the roof.

"Isn't there supposed to be a boss character?" Larcen asked, looking around.

"I thought Vincent and the 200 hundred Sherry clones was the boss character?" Tofu said

"Who knows?"

Wesker shrugged, which elicited a happy sigh from WC. This girl was seriously freaking him out...why the hell was she holding a bottle of butterscotch syrup? Suddenly a large freaky looking tyrant leapt onto the scene.

"Oh that's original" Wesker mumbled, hoping Mikami didn't hear him. "Well I suppose..."

Then without warning the tyrant was thrown off the roof by Spastic.

"How the hell did he do that?" Tofu looked confused.

"I thought he was a weak moron?" Larcen looked confused.

"I'm confused." McDonalds looked extremely confused.

"That isn't exactly new for you."

Wesker looked evilly confused...if there is such a thing. WC looked love struck and somewhat creepy.

"Uh... Angel time!" Yelled Tofu.

Everyone present understood what he meant instantly. McDonalds knelt to the left, Larcen on the right and Tofu on top in the classic Charlie's Angels pose. Ark just sort of wandered off into the background. Spastic looked at them, then vibrated and shook uncontrollably. He mutated into a big blue dude…much like a cross between a Smurf and those dudes from those commercials..

"You go, girls!" Wesker said in a British accent and then went behind some crates with WC.


"MORTAL KOMBAT!" Yelled Mikami off stage.

Then that high pitched music came out of no-where in full blast. The idiots broke their pose and circled the Tyrant, then Tofu flashed it. I swear the Tyrant's eyes popped out of it's skull when it saw that. The other two morons then started to kick it and beat it wildly. Finally Larcen had it pinned and kept telling it to say Uncle, too bad that Spastic lost his voice in the transformation. While Tofu put his clothes on and Larcen continued to pretend he was in the WWF, McDonalds ran back and grabbed his rocket launcher.

"Out of my way!" He knelt down and aimed as Larcen and Tofu quickly jumped out of the way. "I will start this!"

"End, moron not START!" Mikami shouted from out of frame. "END!"

Shheeeewwwwww- BOOM!

Different angle: Shheeeewwwwww- BOOM!

Different angle: Shheeeewwwwww- BOOM!

Different angle: Shheeeewwwwww- BOOM!

Different angle: Shheeeewwwwww- BOOM!

Every rocket that hit the Tyrant, made it hiss and take a step back. After the fifth rocket, it tried to balance it's weight, so not fall off, but it didn't work. He fell, and boy did he every scream on the way down. The only other thing McDonalds could remember hearing was a crash followed by a car alarm.

"The self-destruct mechanism has obviously been activated. 3 minutes till detonation. If you need to use the washroom, please do so now."

Just as the computer quit telling them they were about to die and started playing creepy elevator music. Wesker got up from behind the crate and walked over to his…ahem…Angels.

"I prepared a surprise for you!" He said with a smile on his face. "Remember our last adventure? When we were in 'Coon City and we were always chased by zombies and it was a horrible Matrix parody..."

Everyone glanced at the crate from where Wesker had just emerged. What they saw was a topless WC. Everyone's tongues now fell out of their mouth, including Ark…who had emerged from the shadows in time for the peep show. No one seemed to notice that Wesker was still rambling on.

"...And we left in that Soviet Hind Chopper?"

"Ya…" McDonalds' pouted as WC got her shirt back on. "…sure."

"Well, guess what's in the crate over there?"

Wesker pointed at a large crate with propellers sticking out of the top. McDonalds then broke into a very sloppy happy dance.

1 Min later...

Everyone was sitting in the chopper, ready to go. Including Spastic, thanks to a spare plot hole of Wesker's The engines were warmed up and McDonalds started to lift off. He soon noticed, however, that the chopper was at a tilt and wasn't running smoothly.

"Must be getting old."




"Hey, maybe you should look to see if something is pulling us down." suggested Wesker.

"Like that will ever happen…backseat-driver."

McDonalds took a look back to see how the rest of the group was doing. They were throwing up, must be the first time flying for them. He then looked back at the horizon and noticed a mountain that and it was fairly close.

"Hey, where did this mountain come from?"

"I don't know." Wesker was busy trying to pry WC off his arm. "We should go higher to avoid hitting it."

McDonalds pulled the control stick back and they were now going way past 30,000 feet.


The mountain seems to have been closer then previously thought…


An arm giving the middle finger slammed onto the windshield.

"Whoa, is that what I think it is?"

"Yeah." Wesker shoved WC aside to get a better look at the windshield.. "That's the Tyrant I turned to goo. Damn you Mikami!"

"Tyrant? I thought the mountain was fingering me." McDonalds shrugged. "I'll start this..."

"I'll finish this." Wesker shook his head. "Man you're an idiot."

McDonalds punched Wesker, then flipped the switch to arm the missile and fired. It flew through the Tyrant and it rammed into the side of the Sherry Factory, destroying the entire island. With that taken care of, McDonalds armed another missile and fired, this time the Tyrant stayed on it.

"3... 2... 1..." McDonalds got a bit nervous as the Tyrant and the missile still flew, but started to turn. "Christ! 3!.. 2!.. 1!.."

Still nothing, except that it was on a direct course for the chopper.


The Tyrant Missile sandwiched it's way into the chopper. The Tyrant was still conscience and he was 'Enny meeny miny moe'ing the guys behind the cockpit. Wesker started to punch it repeatedly, he had lost his fear of tyrants apparently. The others just screamed like hell. McDonalds I wondered what had gone wrong and soon saw the big words DUMMY WARHEAD printed on the missile.

"Oh God, we're gonna die!"

Just about when all hope went to hell Ark climbed up a rope ladder from the side of the chopper and made his way to the Tyrants back. Why he was hanging out, literally hanging from the chopper is anyone's guess.

"Ark, knock it off onto the island! NOW!"

He kicked it and it fell. If you thought it screamed last time… Ark jumped into the chopper from the hole from the missile and sat down.

"My name is Ark, and I know everything..." Ark said, stating the obvious.


The night was filled with an orange glow, the chopper shook as the island exploded…for the second time…


"Oh no, not another one!" Larcen moaned.

"I don't know who I am, and I know nothing..." Said Ark.

Everyone sat there for a moment, wondering what to make out of that statement. Then everyone suddenly burst out in laughter, even Ark joined in as the still smoking arm of the tyrant slid off the windshield and fell into the ocean below. It seems the threat of world domination by little blonde girls has now been averted. The chopper flies off, presumably to purchase some beer and have a party at Wesker's house…WC is buying…

- Fin -