Disclaimers Note: I, in no way shape or form own John Peel's characters, places etc. They arn't mine, I di not make them, I have no claim to them watsoever. However, the race Kidan, amung a few other things, along with the plotline, were made by me. Please respect that.

Authors Note: This story is going to be my version of Shanara's life, up to the point were she meets the Trio. I find not many people write about her, so I took it upon myself to do so.It is by no means perfect, so please don't yell at me or something if you don't like what I've done with it. Review. Be nice. And enjoy the story.


Amung the inner ring of Planets in the Diadem, was a lonely, not well no place called Kidann. It was not well known, because it's people chose for it to remain that way. Not quite human, and not quite animal, this race of shapeshifters and nature lovers found early on, that many in the Diadem had no love for such as them. But not without reason. A long time ago, in what was refered to as the Dark Ages, the Kidan were thought of as monsters. Why? Because that was the way they led their lives. Barbaric. Like the animals they could so easily become. Eventualy, they realised their faults, that what they did harmed. And so, fearing themselves as much as anyone else, they barred themselves from all other planets, all other races. And as time went on, and the true reason was forgotten, many Kidan began to look upon other planets with great disdain. With their natural magical abilities, they became pirates of the other worlds.

The people of a planet close to their own finaly decided they weren't worth haveing around. They saw them as monsters. And mayhaps they were. The Kidan were raided and plundered and disposed of as well as these others knew how, but they didn't go down without a fight. For many of them, magic came as something natural, and they were formidable foes. The loss was great, but one they were gone, their oposers thought their losses were well worth it. They moved in to inhabit the near lifelss planet themselves. As far as they knew, the Kidan were gone, extinct, it was as if they had never been. And as far as everywere else was concerned, good ridance. Who cared? So the Kidan were forgotten. As far as anyone knew, they were all gone, so why worry with it anymore?

But, unknown to them, a single, young woman escaped the plunder of his world. He took on the form of a human, and went to live amung them, happy. For one who could be anything, it hardly mattered if their entire race was wiped out. She could join a new one, and they would be none the wiser. And of course, when you live amung someone, you must act like them. She married a slightly powerful wizard, and they had a daughter. For a very short while they lived in piece on the lowly inhabited planet of Dondar. But, being a power hungry wizard, the man atempted to kill a unicorn, as many before him, for it's horn. In revenge the unicorns retaliated. His wife was killed. And so, he took his very young daughter, and retreated to Rawn.....