I'll never let you have him...

Disclaimer: This is a FICTION story it was never published, and I don't own any of the characters...soo...me no own,you no sue.
Pairing: Draco/Tom, Draco/Harry

Summary: Lucius wants to give Draco to Tom Riddle, but Draco doesn't want to be known as the evil son of Lucius Malfoy...Draco falls for Harry, Tom get's frusterated and tries to get back his obsession from the boy-who-lived. takes place in 7th year

Chapter 1

Begin Flashback

'Draco, I'm going to have to leave you for while...You're going to have to stay with Thomas for now..." those words startled me as my Father said this, why would he give me up to Lord Voldemort? was I not worthy enough for this family? I knew he wanted me to become a loyal DeathEater, but I told him I didn't want to be evil, I told him I wanted to be a normal young wizard with no worries of being harrassed by my lord or getting killed for disloyal actions.

'But why Father? why have you told me this?...am I not good enough to be your son?" I asked him, a bit begging him to stay at the Malfoy Manor.

'Now Draco, were not abandoning you, if that's what you think, I'm sure it's not going to be that bad, and it's only for about 8 months while me and your mother Narcissa are in America for a secret meeting, meanwhile you'll still be at Hogwarts...now I'm asking you as a Malfoy, respect out Lord and obey his wishes while we're gone, we're leaving tomorrow morning, and we will drop you off at the train station' My Father did not seem to hear the plead in my voice as to he was still smerking at this, my fear of the Dark Lord's 16 year old self.

'Alright father...you will come back won't you?' I sound a bit like a 6 year old homesick child.

'Of course we'll come back...now...Thomas is coming to the mansion in about 2 days and is expecting you to be at school, and you will be coming home for Christmas Holidays... ...now we both know Tom has a bit of an obsession with you...so, you can bring a friend over for Christmas, alright?' When my father told me I could bring a friend home, that just relieved me of my worries of being raped by that thing my father calls a 'Lord'.

'Thank you father' I say giving in to my father's wishes, meanwhile my mother came in the room.

' My Dragon, you should get some rest now, you know you have to go to Hogwarts tomorrow," my mum started "now Pansy is here, her mother dropped her off here so we could also drop her off at school, seems that her mother is far to busy to take her to the train station...well, she's in the next room, and you two should be getting up around 9:00 o'clock, alright?' My mother told me...I always knew she'd never be like my father...Evil, mean, greedy...she was not at all mean...father always said she was a weak Slytherin and would never be helpful to the dark lord.

End Flashback

It was exactly one month ago that my parents left for America, everyday I doubt even more that they're going to be coming back for me.
Everyday, I know that Tom is at my house and walzing around like it's his own.

Christmas was 2 months away, and I was not happy to go back home to the Manor, because I knew, friend or no friend I was in trouble...I could never escape from the dark lord, I knew I could bring a friend but I still didn't know who I was going to ask.

I woke up just as the sun was rising, when the birds were singing in the trees...I knew today was going to be a very odd day.

"Draco, hurry up we're going to be late for breakfast" Crabbe said to me in a very eager tone.

"Hold on Crabbe, the food is not going to run away from you," I told Crabbe then his smile went away with the thought.
"Really?...cause last time you did a charm on it and it was floating all through breakfast"
"Yeah, you deserved it" I told him, remembering he 'accidentally' tripped me during our way to Herbology.

As I was eating I felt a pair of eyes on me and glanced up, for some reason Potter has been starring at me almost all through Potions yesterday and pretty much at every meal...this was beginning to get creepy. So I looked up to him and just did what I always did...the Malfoy charm, the mean old smirk, which always made other people look away, but this time...Potter didn't even turn away, he just smiled.

"That was weird..." I said outloud forgetting that I was talking.

" What's wierd?" I heard Pansy across from me say.
"It's just that Potter has been starring at me all through Potions yesterday, and almost every meal...that's just freaking me out," I told her then she just looked back at him and noticed this too.

"haha...maybe he's just Bi like you are" was her only response to this.
"haha, very funny..." was all I could manage to say.

When Breakfast was over, me, Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy headed for Potions class and all I could think about was what Pansy had said,
"...maybe he's just Bi like you are" that made me thinking all through class...


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