Dino Crisis: Ibis Island and the Third Energy, by L. Loire.

Note: Keep in mind, I don't own any of the characters contained herein. With that said, keep in mind that this is a novelization of an amazing game, Dino Crisis. Thanks to Capcom for putting this game out. I warn you, dear reader, that if you have not played the game and wish to play it, turn back now, for this will contain spoilers, since, well…ahem…it is a novelization of the game. This is not a strategy guide, walkthrough, or FAQ—some parts of the game have and/or will be cut out or edited for the purposes of this story, to make it more cohesive. You have been warned. Now, without further ado, read and enjoy. Leave a review!

Prologue: Briefing

I have successfully infiltrated under the guise as a researcher as planned. I have encountered no information regarding top secret development of new-type weapons, but I have discovered there is an unexpected individual at this facility. The man is Dr. Kirk, the leading authority of our nation's energy research. Dr. Kirk was alleged to have died in an accident during the course of an experiment 3 years ago. Reports were premature and it appears that he is currently working as the head of a non-weapon project at this facility. The experiment is in the late stages of development. Regarding the staged accidental death, it appears that this country is somehow involved. I am recommending that necessary actions be taken immediately. Mission objectives: secure Dr. Kirk and repatriate him immediately.

The helicopter whirred above the dark cloud cover, protected by the veil of night. Above ocean on all sides, for miles around, the five military operatives sat on cold metal benches, their faces masked. Hardly a word was passed among the group since the helicopter took off from the base. There was no need—the mission they set out to do was a basic routine mission. The organization, S.O.R.T., Secret Operation Raid Team, a governmental agency, had picked up wind of something called the Third Energy, a new energy source designed by renowned scientist, Dr. Edward Kirk. Work on the Third Energy took place at the facility on Ibis Island, an island out in the Pacific. However, three years ago, during an experiment relating to the Third Energy, Kirk died in an accident, and the project was scrapped. Recently, the Ibis Island facility once again began work, and a suspicion was rising—was Kirk still alive? Something was happening at the facility, and the Feds were curious. Utilizing the assistance of S.O.R.T., one agent, using the name of Tom, was sent into the facility, under the guise of a researcher, to seek out and report the findings and doings of. His findings confirmed that Kirk was in fact, very much alive, and is currently working on a project, the particulars of it unknown and irrelevant to the mission. What is known is that we have to find the Doctor and secure him with us. It's just a routine mission…or so we all thought.

Our chopper broke through the clouds, into a wide, open patch of clear sky to which the stars and moon were clearly visible. Looking down, the seemingly calm ocean stretched for miles, the waters dark. Up ahead in the distance, one could make out the tiny landmass of the island.

"Approaching drop zone," the pilot said, and with that, our leader motioned for us to arise, to prepare ourselves for deployment. One of our agents walked to the large cockpit door, and pushed it open, allowing the quick-moving winds into the cabin. The leader peered his head out, looked down, and then he looked back at us and nodded.

"Feels like there's a little turbulence," one agent said to the leader. The aircraft was flying in the island's airspace, moving quickly over the heavily wooded island.

"Once we hit the ground, head for the designated convergence point," The leader said, looking at his wrist and starting a stopwatch.

"Got it?" he said, his voice muted. We all nodded in unison and without another second, he jumped out of the chopper, and the rest of us followed suit, each one of us jumping out of the aircraft in timed intervals so not to hit each other. The four of us drifted slowly downward, descending to the dark island below. As we continued, one could clearly see the dark outline of the facility and the surrounding woodland. Something did look slightly amiss, though—the facility looked dark, as in, not in use. Wouldn't someone have noticed four rather large parachutes descending? I shrugged it off, and continued descent.

At ground level, we took off the masks, and the leader stopped his watch. The leader, Gail, several feet ahead of us, looked at the surroundings. To our left, ocean stretched on for miles. For now, all that could be heard was the gentle crashing of ocean waves, the dark waters approaching and receding with a slow cadence. The moon, very large in the sky, cast its light over the sandy beach, making the lay of the land very clear; giving us a clear view of the facility. Gail's eyes remain squinted, the moonlight reflecting off his lined features. He was a tall figure, built, and could easily be seen as an intimidating, imposing figure, especially if he glared at you with his dark eyes. His short white hair, styled like a military crew cut, made him look almost bald in the moonlight. A man in his late middle age, his facial features clearly reflected a life in the service. Just ahead, closer to me, Rick was brushing himself off after landing. He was dark-skinned, and very well built, the moonlight reflecting off his toned muscles. His straight black hair was pulled back in a ponytail, which he brushed off to one side. Gail looked up briefly at the mostly clear sky, then turned his head to face us.

"It's time," he ordered, already starting to walk to the first checkpoint. "Let's move out."

Rick looked at me and I quickly looked behind. Cooper was missing, and Gail was already taking off.

"What about Cooper?" I called out, attempting to get Gail's attention. No avail; he just kept walking. I sighed, thinking that what Gail was doing was wrong…but the mission was the top priority. I started to run ahead.

"Hey, Regina! Wait!" Rick called out.

Where the fuck am I? Totally lost, in unknown woods, in pitch blackness. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Leave it to me to get separated from the group. Hell, I don't know where the convergence point is.

The beam of light emitted by his flashlight only gave back what he already knew—he was surrounded in dark, thick jungle, with no way out. Seeing nothing else as a viable option, he began walking straight ahead, his flashlight unwavering. As he bushwhacked his way through the dense undergrowth, something unexpected happened--fear started to make its way inside his beating chest, for some inexplicable reason, and he began to quicken his pace, his cadence quick, until he broke out in a flat-out run. Running wherever, he didn't know, but all his mind knew was that he had to get out of the jungle, fast. He stopped for a quick second, and tapped the radio device on his wrist, only to get white noise, static.

"Regina! Gail! Rick! This is Cooper!" Cooper yelled, taking breaths between each name. "Anyone! This is Cooper! Can you read?"

Then he felt the ground shake, the sound of a dull thud echoing in the night.

What the hell?

Another dull thud shook the earth. Something—something rather large was heading in his direction, and Cooper's mind screamed one thing--

Fly, you fool!

Without hesitation, the panicked agent broke out into almost a full sprint, not caring about the brush flying in his face, not caring about vines, leaves, and undergrowth trying to hinder him. The sound that was the pounding of his heart seemed amplified a thousand times, thundering in the scared Cooper's body. Or was it his heart? Or was it the repeating dull thuds, picking up speed?

What is that?

Behind him, he could hear the sounds of trees snapping like twigs, falling to the floor, as the sounds of—footsteps—grew increasingly louder…

closer. It's getting closer…!

Trees were falling much closer behind him now, the adrenaline flying through Cooper's veins, the drive to escape all on his mind. Whatever it was, judging by the intervals between steps, it was running, too…running at a much faster clip than him.

I'm not gonna outrun it!

The creature let out a roar, a sound unlike anything Cooper had heard in his life.

No creature in existence makes that roar…

Still running as fast as his muscular legs could carry him, he took one quick glance—and saw the outline of the creature, and the moonlight filtering through the dense canopy reflected off the massive head of—


It was only several hundred feet behind him, and it'd be on him in seconds. He continued running, giving brief glances back. There was no mistaking it—he was being chased by a creature dead at least sixty-five million years.

No! It can't be!

Another roar pierced the night, the sheer force of it almost knocking Cooper to the ground. He stumbled, but caught himself and kept running, holding onto some pipe dream that he was going to make it out of this one alive. The ground shook beneath him, and he felt as if the ground would open and swallow him. The steps came fast; he could swear that the monster was just mere feet behind him. He looked behind him once more—

--only to feel the massive jaws pierce clean through his torso, his sight going red before losing all consciousness altogether. The T-Rex snapped its jaws once again, gnashing on the misfortunate Cooper. Again. His head quickly moved from side to side, much like a dog flailing a rope, as if trying to rip Cooper's lower half off. With another side sweep motion, the creature released its hold on the now dead Cooper, his body flying before his mutilated corpse hit the soft earth. With the moon in full view, the creature let out another ear-splitting roar, a roar of triumph.

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