Netto woke up with no nagging from Rockman. For some reason he hadn't slept very well the previous night. He was tired and sore for no apparent reason.

The mirror in the bathroom was fogged from his mom's shower 10 minutes prior to his entrance. Netto brushed his teeth and sighed, today seemed like it was going to be a long one.

Netto looked up into the now de-fogged mirror.

twich twich


Rockman, two rooms over heard Netto's cry and shook his head wondering what Netto had done this time.

"Netto-kun...." he said shaking his head.

Then Netto came dashing into their room, sporting Neko-ears and a tail.

Rockman couldn't even think as he stared at his twin on the verge of tears.

"Rockman..." Netto's eyes got very big and watery as he fought down the tears, the tail drooped and the ears flattened.

Rockman almost but not quite laughed, almost at the absurdity of it all.

"But how could you get this. I mean you're a human.... unless....."

"Unless what?" asked Netto quickly. Whatever his brother could answer might get his closer to being cured.

"Well, maybe when I got infected with the Neko virus you got it too through our link. Then again why didn't it show up till now? Or better yet, why didn't you get it with us?"


"Maybe, it was dormant cause your body system's human. Or maybe everyone has it. Maybe...."

Netto was starting to get ticked off.

"How about we figure out the now and go see dad or something." he asked irritably.

"Netto-kun! You have school!"

Netto's ears flattened against his head and he stared straight into the PET. "You really think I'm going to school like this?" he hissed

Rockman sweatdropped and nervously shook his head no.

"Call dad and tell him there's an emergency and I need to see him now. I going to try to get changed so I can go out into public."

Rockman finally let himself the repressed giggle and made out the e-mail. While Netto tried in vain to make his shorts comfortable Rockman got a reply rather quickly.

Dear Netto and Saito,

If the emergency is so bad that you need to see me now I will wait for you in my office. Tell Netto that he needs to come by the stairs though because of construction.


Tell your mother I'm coming home tonight.


Your Father

Netto finally came out having gotten fed up with it all and cut a hole in his shorts.

"Not a word." he said

Rockman smiled and went into the offered link.

"IT'S RAINING! Thank you someone!" Netto pranced in the drizzle in his raincoat and hat smiling and laughing.

People stared at him and walked away quietly.

"Netto-kun, you're supposed to be in school! Keep a low profile please!"

"Awwww, you worry to much!" he said

'Why me?' though Rockman

Netto pranced up the stairs to his father's office and quietly knocked on the door.


"I'm here Netto-kun."

"Papa! I am soooo glad to see you."

"What's wrong Netto you look fine to me."

Netto sighed and put Rockman into the server. "Well, you see...."

He slowly pulled off the hat and shrugged off the coat.

Yuuichihirou's first reaction was to pull on the ears to make sure they were real.

"Ow! Stop that!" Netto's ears went back and he hissed slightly. Then he blushed. "I.... I'm sorry...."

Yuuichihirou on the other hand was in a state of shock. "How..."

Rockman piped up. "We think maybe the Neko Virus was somehow dormant in him all this time, maybe something was activated?"

"Yes... the Neko Virus disappeared about two weeks ago, we've been looking for it but, since we vaccinated you all it wasn't a huge deal. This might be a human strain or it might be only with you Netto."

"Why me?"

"Because not everyone has a cybernetic link with a navi, you are the only human who is truly connected to the cyber world. I guess I should have checked you after the Neko Virus incident huh?"

"Papa, can you fix it?"

"Untill we get the virus back... no I'm afraid not."

"Will I turn into a cat!!!"

Yuuichihirou laughed. "Heavens no! That was a program, I'm surprised it did this much damage. I think this is all that going to happen physically and mentally."

Netto sighed in relief.

"However, it seemed you have picked up some... habits. I would try to keep these in check if I were you."

Netto nodded.

"Now, I'll get you off school untill this is straightened out..."


"But you will HAVE to keep up your studies!"


Rockman laughed.

"Now, I'll need someone to help you, but who can we trust."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Dr. Hikari, may I have a word with you?"

"Oh crap! It's Enzan!" said Netto

Netto started to run around the room desperately looking for a place to hide. He finally found the raincoat the hat he wore earlier and put them on, the hat catching one of his ears and making him wince.

Rockman didn't know whether to panic with Netto or laugh, so he giggled nervously and waited for Yuuichihirou to open the door for Enzan.

Enzan came in the room and Netto laughed loudly and said "Thanks for the advice Papa! I'm going home now if you need me!"

Netto started to walk towards his PET but Enzan stepped in front of him and looked at him accusingly. "Why aren't you in school Netto-kun?"

"I-I really needed to talk to Papa about something."

"Well, if that's the case then I need to talk to you as well about something different. Can you wait here?"

"Well, I should REALLY be getting home now."

Enzan looked at Netto suspiciously and Netto looked at his Papa with pleading eyes.

Rockman watching the whole thing didn't even notice Blues come in through a link onto the main network.

"What's wrong with your operator?"

Rockman jumped a foot in the air and whirled around to face the red navi. "B-blues! Oh, Netto-kun, Uhhhhh he, he just....."

Rockman's mind went blank as he vainly tried to think of an excuse.

Yuuichihirou watched both his sons in their own different trouble and found it hilarious. He started to laugh just as Enzan was about to physically pull Netto out of the room and force him to say what was wrong.

Everyone turned to stare at the laughing scientist. Netto was hurt that his Papa would think this was funny. He started to pout and went over to the computer put his PET up to it and called Rockman in.

"Papa, I'll be at home if you find out anything." He said.

Yuuichihirou stopped laughing and walked over to Netto. "I'm sorry, I'll get this gone as soon as I can and come home alright."

Netto nodded and smiled walking towards the door, but just before the got there he tripped over a wire and crashed to the floor, his hat coming off in the process.

Enzan did nothing but stare.

Netto swore silently and stood up. He looked at Enzan and quickly said "Please Enzan, don't tell anyone. It's really important."

Yuuichihirou walked behind Enzan and put his hand on his shoulder. "I'll explain it all if you can de me a favor."

Enzan, for once in his life, speechless nodded and followed the scientist into his office leaving Netto, Rockman and Blues outside.

Netto, looking like he was about to cry again sighed and sat down on a stool.

Blues cleared his throat. "May I ask how this happened?"

Rockman looked at him. "You and Enzan know about our link right?"

Blues nodded. "Yes, after the Pharohman incident."

"Well, during the Neko Virus incident it seems some of the data may have gotten into our link. We don't know how it happened but well, it looks like Netto got infected with the Neko virus."

Blues nodded. "That makes sense."

Netto gave half and ear to the conversation, thinking about what was going to happen. Now that Enzan knew, Netto was in big trouble. He knew that Papa was going to ask Enzan if he could stay with him. Why him? Anyone but that conceited jerk!

Enzan and Yuuichihirou came out of the office and Enzan sighed. "Well, looks like you got yourself into another predicament huh?"

Netto stood up ready to launch himself and Enzan. "Do you think I tried to make this happen?"

Enzan smirked. "Well, you do look good with those ears."

Netto blushed and glared at Enzan.

Yuuichihirou smiled and sent over to the boys. "Now then. It's settled. Netto you will stay with Enzan untill this...... problem, is solved."