A/n: This takes place six months after TKSS.

"Charles, don't forget the peanut butter! And sour cream and onion chips," Winifred Burkle yelled after her fiancé from the couch in the lobby of the Hyperion hotel. Gunn looked back and nodded before bolting out the door. Petite Fred had bulky Gunn wrapped around her little finger, and what the pregnant woman want, she got.

"Ew," Conner muttered from the counter, his calculus book out in front of him.

"She's six months pregnant, Con, she's going to have weird cravings. Even if they are completely disgusting," Cordy stated, getting a nauseous look over her pretty face.

"I know but still. I can handle demons, but peanut butter and sour cream and onion chips," The teenager shuddered causing his mother figure to laugh.

'WE'RE BACK!" Cordy's face lit up as her daughter's voice filled the room. Her pink dress was dirt stained and torn and her dark hair was falling from her ponytail. Cordelia gathered the soon to be five year old into her arms, before turning to Angel.

"Was she a good girl?"

"The best. Hence the ice cream," He pointed to his youngest child's chocolate and dirt stained face. Melly simply grinned.

"How many bad men did you get, Melly?" Conner asked, throwing his sister into the air and catching her. She giggled in delight.

"Five," Melly stated, holding out a small hand.

"Ok, my little warrior, time for a bath and then bed," Cordy scooped Melody from Conner's arms and carried her up the stairs.

"We heard from Lorne yet about Dawn?" Angel questioned of Fred.

"She's ok," The brunette stated before shoving another taco down her throat. Angel shook his head as relief flowed threw him. Buffy would come back to life and kill him if something happened to Dawn. Buffy… The ensouled vampires views on the former blonde slayer had shifted dramatically since her death. He would always love her; a part of him was hers forever. But Cordelia…she made him feel like a human and not like a monster. Buffy was his soul mate. Cordelia was the love of his unlife. His salvation, the mother to his three children, the main reason he still fought the battle of good vs. evil. Maybe things would be different, had Buffy not jumped that night…but it wasn't. He loved the slayer, but he was IN love with the brunette seer who was giving his daughter a bath with gentle hands and a loving heart.

"Dad." Angel looked down at Conner.


"You got that dreamy look again," He smirked a smirk that would rival Spike's and Angel glared.

"Did not,"

"Did too,"

"Did not,"

"Did too,"

"I so don't want to know," Ria muttered, walking in the front door and catching sight of her father and brother. She shook her head and continued on upstairs, facing the dreaded Algebra 2 homework that awaited her.

"Did not," Angel whispered to Conner before running to going to help Gunn unload the mounds of goodies from his truck. Just because he was a vampire it didn't mean he didn't enjoy sour cream and onion potato chips.

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