Please note all of these characters in this story with the exemption of the legendary Hidalgo are of my own creation!

Ever since I can remember I loved to run. The faster the better was always my motto! My mother Elu often claimed that I was running as soon as I could walk. Loved the plains where I lived. They were perfect for running! They were flat, the earth was soft, and there were no holes or ditches. The problem was that mom always called me back if I had gone too far for her comfort. Sometimes she'd tell me that when I run I'd either forget the way back to the herd, or just plain forget to come back. I understood the dangers of being alone at such a young age. But I didn't care! I wanted the adventure; I wanted the thrill of seeing new places.

My favorite time to run was on a sunny day yet, a windy day. It would feel like I was flying like the eagle overhead, free to do, as I pleased for this was my home! Racing my friend Dakota (or as everyone called him Kota) was just as fun! We raced through the woods, over ditches, logs, streams; you name it we raced through it! We never galloped. We flew, glided through the wind, with not a single care in the world! But because I ran more often the Kota I often beat him by a long shot! But we never cared a bit. We were friends and we knew how to have a good time!

Often my father Hidalgo was leading our herd to another part of the open plain in search for, water, food, or just better grazing grounds. Kota and I got bored of staying close to the herd. So we often made games of our own. Like snaking the fillies off like we were real herd stallions. Most of them never appreciate it one bit. Mom would scold me for snaking the fillies then made me apologize to their mothers and to the fillies. One filly that I never wanted to talk to for any reason was Liseli. She and I never got along. She was too boring and too "mature" to do anything like that! But Luyu (pronounced Loo You) on the other hand found it fun and entertaining! Luyu was like me in many ways as my mom often said. She had a free spirit and got bored just as easily as I. I'd often take her for a romp in the woods with Kota sometimes. Well if he let me take her.

I remember the nights when the wild beasts howled their hearts out. My father slept on those nights. He remained close to the herd incase one decided to take out a colt, filly, or just an elderly horse. He would also walk amongst us and check the mares and see if everything was ok. He'd pay special attention to the foals, me more than the other foals in the herd. If I were scared he'd stand by me and talk to me until I fell asleep. One night there was two glowing objects in the wood headed towards us. My father without missing a beat rose to such an occasion legs stomping, teeth clashing and with one powerful strike to the animal, it would be as safe as it would have been just a few moments ago!

When I turned three, my adolescence and inexperience as a stallion got the best of me. One colt named Tuari started to follow me almost every where I went. Always, constantly asking questions. Such as: Where are you going? What are you doing? Can I come too? What is in the tall wood? It drove me crazy. I finally had enough. I kicked him, and whipped around and nipped him on his hind haunches. Of course he made a big deal of it and my dad came to me with his head down, ears pinned, nostrils flaring and a fiery red glow in is eye that I had never see before. He came to snake me away from the heard. He told me a while a way from the herd that I was not to return. Although he was my dad, and the authoritative figure in the herd I decided that it was my turn to get a herd of my own. I turned with my head close to the ground and my tail down never to see my father, mother or Dakota, or for that matter Luyu! I had seen many stallions over through others in order to gain a herd. So that was my plan. I kept walking for hours until I had come to a watering hole. I drank, took a few chomps on the sweet grass and settled down for the night. But nothing kept me from thinking about my love Luyu. I never knew what she was going to do. And I bet it came as a shock to her that day.

That night I dreamt that either Kota or my father was comforting her. I hoped she was safe and that we would meet again some day.

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