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Cherry Blossom Dream

Chapter Nine: Hidden in Illusions

Everything was so wrong. She did not want to be with them, her old friends. They were nothing but objects of her fairy tale past life, and she would not let them be anything more. Once maybe they had shared a part in one another's lives, but those were lives that she was no longer a part of. She was in a dome outside that purity that revolved around them. Well maybe it was not purity, but it was more pure than her usual company.

Kaoru looked over to Saitou, innocently standing next to his wife, who regarded Kaoru with a cat-like smile, waiting to see what she would do. Would she push away the man who had broken her spirit, or would she melt into his embrace as though she was nothing without him? She did nothing as her gaze returned to Kenshin's chest, seeing through his coat his finely tuned muscles.

But why does that matter, thought Kaoru, surprised by her own observations. If anything, he looked slimmer a moment ago anyway.

She felt him stiffen around her, and saw his eyes glance down at hers, looking for something. Had she let her emotions escape? No, of course not. Within herself she had resolved she could never do so. Quickly, she plastered on a smile that the old Kaoru would have been envious of, and something in Kenshin's violet eyes changed. It would have been hardly noticeable to the average person, but after being at Kenshin's side for so long, Kaoru could read him like a book. She shuddered at the thought of knowing the man so well, but soon realized her knowledge of him was greatly to her advantage.

"Kaoru?" He said the name as if he were not sure of the person standing before him, his body tense.

Could Kenshin have somehow seen through her carefully crafted fa├žade? It seemed impossible, and yet Kaoru realized that just as she could read Kenshin through a simple change in his gaze, he too could read her, for he knew the depths of her soul just as she knew his.

"Yes, Kenshin?" replied Kaoru as she held her lips in the innocent smile she had not long ago pasted onto her face.

Kenshin could not believe that Kaoru was standing right in front of him after so many long years. When he had first seen her, his heart had skipped a beat, and all the worry that had plagued him for the past six years over her well-being had dissipated. How long had he prayed for her return? How many times a day had he wanted to kill himself because of what he had done to drive her away? The only thing he could do was embrace her in his arms, but something was not right. He had sensed it from the beginning, but had been too overpowered by the sight of her to pay attention to the dark feeling that was surrounding him. The feeling overcame Kenshin though, when Kaoru mentioned the absence of his gi and had returned his embrace. The arms that Kenshin remembered holding him after he had been stabbed by Saitou and when he had come home from Kyoto were gone. These arms were cold and hateful. He could not blame her, but he never could have imagined her so different. It was wrong; all wrong. This was not Kaoru. It was merely a carefully crafted mask, and Kenshin hated himself for it. He knew all too well that it had been nothing but his cruel denial of his feelings that had done this to her.

He had rejected her.

It was his fault.

Looking at Kaoru again, Kenshin's mind was caught in a whirl of confusion. Though Kaoru was physically there, the sweet, innocent heart of the girl that Kenshin had allowed himself to love had disappeared.

"You're not Kaoru; you can't be." His voice grew deep and harsh, and Kaoru could have sworn that his eyes flickered gold for a moment.

Kaoru smiled at him, acting like his voice and accusation did nothing to her. Of course, those words really did mean nothing to her, for she truly was Kaoru, but with a better sense of the world around her.

She was about to open her mouth to respond when Tokio's voice picked up, "Kenshin, What are you saying? Of course it's her."

Kenshin looked at Tokio kindly and then up at Saitou who smirked. She saw his eyes fly back to her with something unexplainable in them. There was a bit of hurt in them. He was almost wary of her, but that was good, because she did want him to get close to her.

Maybe it was time to stop acting like a pure little girl. She was already growing tired of it, and it was making her sick to her stomach.

Kaoru looked at Tokio and touched her arm shaking her head. She then turned to Sylvia and beckoned her to come closer. The girl did what she was asked, still looking at Kenshin trying to see what his reply would be. Sylvia was quite a curious girl, and it would get her killed one day if she was not careful.

"No, Tokio-san, Himura-san is right," She saw Kenshin wince in response to the way she had referred to him. She gave him a quick, sarcastic smile, "I'm not the Kaoru you once knew."

Kenshin did not wait for Tokio to say anything, but went forward and grabbed Kaoru by the wrist, pulling him to him. Kaoru's eyed widened a fraction when she saw the look on Kenshin's face. It was lined with anger, worry, and mostly care.

"Yes Kaoru," He stressed her name. "Where have you been all these years, and who is this girl?"

Kenshin sent a glance at Sylvia, and though he had spoken her name softly, Kaoru could almost sense Sylvia's hands twisting in anxiety. Kaoru felt cold and cocked her head to the side as Kenshin's eyes burned into hers. They were demanding and pungent, so much that the old Kaoru might have felt weak in the knees or even scared. Nevertheless, one thing sparked her interest in Kenshin: his eyes. Those violet orbs burning gold seemed to reflect emotion, but at the same time none at all. It somehow exhilarated her, an emotion she herself dissipated instantly.

"Saitou knows some of it." Kaoru answered, smiling sweetly as Kenshin's grip tightened on her wrist a little.

It seemed that he had not lost his tenderness, for despite the fear and anger running through him, his grip never even came close to causing Kaoru pain.

Kenshin's hand snapped at his associate. "Saitou?"

The man merely shrugged, "It was not my place to tell you that she was here. Besides, she said to my wife that she ordered me not to tell because she was planning to come and see us another time."

Tokio looked at Kaoru, her eyes narrowing as she finally came to the realization that the Kaoru she had once known was gone. She had always known it, but had tried to play the fool, hoping against hope.

"Saitou," Kenshin growled a bit, still not letting Kaoru go.

To be honest, he did not want to let her go, for he still loved her even if he could sense something dark around her. Wait dark? Could his Kaoru be dark? She had been nothing but a light for him and all of the others on many occasions. She had brought him out of the dark and given him the gifts of her unconditional love and a home. She was his everything. He looked at her once again, praying to God that she would not see the desperation in his eyes, asking for her forgiveness and love once more. He would give anything to feel her truly in his arms once again.

But looking at Kaoru, he could see something indescribable lurking in her. He had felt it when his arms were around her, but it had gone too fast for him to completely comprehend. He had felt such a deep, stabbing pain and sorrow emanating from her, though, that he wanted to drive whatever it was away.

"What happened that night, and why did you not tell me?" Kenshin's voice was demanding, but behind his tone were the words of a very concerned man.

Saitou smirked once more, eyeing Kaoru as if they both shared some deep dark secret. Kaoru shook her head, and Saitou turned the other way.

Kaoru flicked her wrist and Kenshin's grip loosened. She stared up at him with no fear, and then turned to Sylvia and said, "Go away for a moment, girl." Sylvia's eyes widened a bit, but she merely nodded and walked off. Tokio quickly followed behind the girl in hopes that she could comfort her. Kaoru shook her head with a sigh. That girl had to get used to pain.

"Kenshin," he looked at her as she backed away slightly. "You wish to know what happened that night?"

He nodded, glaring momentarily at Saitou, whose body became tense.

"Saitou has sensed my soul, but have you not?" she asked turning to look at the other who nodded. Oh what fun was she having telling Kenshin who she truly was.

"Well I slept with a man that night." When she saw Kenshin's face twist in anger, at what he did not know, she laughed a bit.

She sensed waves of shock mixed with the foul perfume of fury. It was beautiful.

She laughed again, walking away from Kenshin. "Actually, I sleep with a lot of men; any man at anytime, as long as I get something from it."

At that, as well-trained as he was at withholding his emotions, tears began to form in Kenshin's eyes. It couldn't possibly be true. His Kaoru would never lower herself to such a level. The Kaoru he had fallen in love with would have thoroughly beaten any man with such ideas who got within twenty feet of her to the ground. He clenched his teeth as he attempted to stop the tears from forming, but those final words had broken him. Whether those words were true or not, the mere tone of Kaoru's voice had been enough to breech the crack in his defense and allow him to shed the tears he had been attempting to hold back. He had never in his life heard her speak so icily towards him, even after he had left for Kyoto, leaving her behind in the dark of night. It sickened Kenshin to think of it, and with that, he turned away from Kaoru.

"It's been lovely seeing you, it really has." Kenshin stated quietly as he left the room quickly, having no desire to be with Kaoru any longer, for every word she spoke only made him sicker.

She stood along the balcony of her old home, staring up at the sky with a flimsy piece of cloth shielding her body from the cool night air. She was disgusted and had no desire to be here with them, her old friends, if they ever were such people. Touching a support beam, she sighed. A week had passed since that night Kenshin had taken her into his arms. Even when Kaoru thought about it, she felt nothing; not even ice. Just nothing. It was a void. Far too many years had gone by since she had truly felt anything akin to hate for the red-haired man. He did not deserve the tiniest bit of emotion from her. In fact, within her mind, he deserved nothing. Absolutely nothing. He deserved his suffering for his sins, he deserved to think about the murder of his wife, but most of all he deserved to be hated; an emotion she could not give to him. He was not even worth her thoughts.

Smiling not at all pleasantly, but in a rather foul manner, she pondered of what he had done after he had embraced her. Kaoru remembered that he had stiffened, and she knew he had felt something different about her, and that is when the fun began.

After he walked away, she felt one of the strongest urges to laugh, but never had the chance to because her old friends ran to her with open arms just as they had years ago. They had asked so many questions that all she had been able to do was to seal her lips into a feigned smile to avoid saying anything, giving the person with whom she was in conversation the occasional nod to acknowledge that she was listening, or at least pretending to.

Kenshin had come back outside a few minutes later accompanied by Tokio. The woman still was confused as to who she truly was, but she did in fact know that she was different, and wickedly so.

Kenshin had once again to stand in front of her, she knew he never uttered a word about who she was; he did not wish to drive her away; he thought by maybe keeping silent it would pass, or on the other hand, he just wanted to keep it to himself. All Kaoru rightly knew was that he did not want to her to go away, and he definitely was not going to allow her to go away either. He had stated that firmly, almost strictly, but almost more so desperately.

Of course, she had become used to men directing her around. It was second nature for her, and with no doubt in her mind she knew that if the man she once thought she'd loved knew that he had given her an order, and was aware that she was trained to obey, she sincerely could say that he would take it back, yet that too was a maybe. After all, he was a man, and she was his prize brought back after six years. Nevertheless, she knew that she was not his, could never want to be his; she belonged to Lacher, and no matter how much she hated that devil of a man, her mind told her that everything was his; everything excluding her past.

Was it possible that she missed the man? No. It was merely because she was used to Lacher, used to his touches, knowing that even in this cool night she could feel his probing and masterful hands work across her body. If Kaoru were more naive, she would have fancied that she loved him, craved for his touches, but that naivety was gone; taken away from her by his force. She knew that she did not crave for his caresses. They were just familiar. All too familiar.

Lacher was right, and she had always known it. She would never be rid of him. Every man who would enter her would, in her mind, would transform into Lacher. Kaoru would see his face, feel his breath, hear his voice, and think only of him and nothing but him. She was trained to, after all, and so after six years of that type of brutal, vicious coupling, it would not be forgotten. She was his marionette, his puppet, and he was the puppet master. It was a simple fact that she had to and did accept, just like the male form.

"Kaoru," a deep, melodic voice said, shaking her from her pensive state, but she did not jump, for she had been snuck up on by this man many times before.

As she turned to look at the man who had asked for her forgiveness so many times, to which she had said yes despite the insincerity in her soul, she cursed her luck. She had been trying to avoid him all week, and he was completely aware of it. Sylvia knew as well, but she could not be sure of the others since they did not live at the Kamiya dojo.

Kamiya. Just another name that had also been tarnished by Lacher's foul mouth.

She looked at him, bowed her head, but did not speak, and did not dare to let her ki, or whatever they called it, flare be seen by the man who claimed to love her. What would he think should he truly feel her presence? Would it be like Saitou? He, save Sylvia, was the only one who had seen the true extent of her nature. Her innocent act was wearing her out. It was worst than fornicating with different men, though somewhere deep within her she knew that it was not, but she was not going to admit that to anyone, including herself.

"Kaoru," The voice was harsher this time, more like thunder, so frightening that if she had been any other maiden she would be shaking.

Thankfully, she was no maiden. She was, though, a part of a sinister sisterhood wrought in the days of time, sex, and sin.

"Kaoru, answer me when I speak to you."

She did not think that Himura wanted to make it into a command, but she could tell that she'd been eating away at his kindness, which had fallen into a calm patience, and finally to nothing. Kenshin was a gentleman, and it was only right for someone to answer when spoken to. He had always preferred social doctrines, being the polite man that he was with his -donos and other such words. Kaoru knew this point would come sooner or later. After all, Himura was a man by any other name.

His hand, before she could even move, grabbed her arm and pulled her right in front of him, using his other hand lifted to gently lift her chin to meet his hard, violet eyes. She saw a flash of anger and frustration, but it was gone in the next moment. She smiled docilely at him. She would give Himura one thing: he amazed her by being able to show no emotion, while at the same time expressing it. It was quite an interesting trick that she would have to learn, and made a note of this in the back of her mind.

"Yes, Himura-san?"

Her voice came out sweet, but Kenshin knew better than to buy it. Honey after a while became bitter. She had been avoiding him all week, except when company came over to see her, which was daily, and that was only because she was playing a game. He was not a foolish and blind man. He had seen the change in her personality when around different people. He mentioned it to Saitou once he found out the man had hidden the fact that Kaoru was in Japan, and did not buy the story that Kaoru and Saitou gave to Tokio on why he never said a word. Saitou of course just shrugged it off, knowing full well that neither Tokio nor he accepted the story. In his famous words, it was none of his business.

There were too many pieces of her story missing. Her account of the past six years was never truly revealed. Why, he did not know, but she could be sure that he would find out. Distantly, somewhere in his mind his subconscious told him that she had a right to keep her wanderings to herself since he had broken her heart six years ago. He had been out of his mind with worry for her for six long, lonely years, with only his prayers and friends to keep him sane, and relied on his hopes that she would return to him one day to give him purpose to live. Well she had returned, but not of her own will. Something had happened, and she had accepted the flow of fate that took her to him without objection.

He knew that Kaoru hated him; he felt it every time she looked at him. He would see a flash of something in her eyes, and in the next second an old Kaoru would come out to greet, although this act was just in front of the others. They too also sensed something wrong, something out of place, but like him, they tried to ignore it and focus on the fact that she was back and safe with them. For now, that was all that mattered, but for Kenshin it was different. The way she treated him hurt, and he knew he well deserved it. Nevertheless, it was not that which caused him to treat her as he was doing now; it was the pain that stabbed at him with the knowledge that something had happened to Kaoru in the course of the last six years, not knowing what had hurt her other than himself and knowing he was unable to help. Yes, Himura Kenshin was frustrated and furious at both himself and Kaoru.

She could only stare in bewilderment at the man's hand grasping her arm. His grip was not tight, nor was it painful, rather, it was a grip of firm command, leaving Kaoru speechless to gaze upon that hand as though it was the very air she breathed. The touch that Kaoru had once longed for, that once would have brought her unspeakable joy, that once would have been a fantasy fulfilled, was now nothing. Time had killed that dream. It had brutally mutilated it until its small remains had finally disappeared.

All men are the same. They command. They want docile women. They crave for control, and above all, obedience.

Sally's voice again echoed in her thoughts with a taunting tone.

Her sanity, her truth, and her cruel mother, Sally was the woman she was destined to become. Kaoru felt her stomach twist at the thought, but ignored it. She would one day train girls like herself, to be exactly as she, for men who only wanted a place where they could find pleasure and "entertain" friends. It would not be her job to give them personalities. Women did not have that privilege. For her, it was a fight to retain it out of rebellion to Lacher, and that was the only reason.

"We need to talk."

His voice did not waver. It was firm and soothing, if she had to guess, though all in all she had to admit that he had a pleasant voice. That did not mean that she liked him though. Lacher had a wonderful face that could shame Apollo himself, but that did not mean she found Lacher attractive in the sense that other women did. Where they viewed attractive features and strength, Kaoru saw a twisted man who enjoyed the thrill of power and control.

"Okay, I will listen, but," Kaoru looked down at his hand, "Remove your hand from me at once."

Kenshin stared at her for a moment before sighing and releasing her dutifully. He did not want to start even more trouble, and so he respected her wishes. When he looked at her once again, he could have sowrn that he noticed her eyes flash in surprise for a moment, but in the next moment it was gone and he shook his head, deciding that he must have imagined it.

"Be truthful, Kaoru. What happened to you over the past six years?"

"Himura-san, a lot of things have happened to me. After all, in life things happen, and six years have passed." She moved around him. "Did you actually think that I would be the same?"

Kaoru smiled to herself, knowing that her answer had been flawless.

Kenshin could not help but flinch at what she had called him, but he had to admit that she did bring a point. Frustration bubbled up again.

"Kaoru, I'm not a stupid man. I agree that in life things happen, but please do not avoid the question." replied Kenshin, and as an after thought he, in disgust as to how coldly Kaoru had spoken, he added, "Call me Kenshin."

"I'm not avoiding the question, Himura-san." She looked away from him, standing as far from him as possible. "You and I are really just strangers, so I cannot rightly call you Kenshin."

It was a horrible name that left a bitter taste in her mouth. Horrible Kenshin, bad Kenshin; so unlike William, so unlike Lacher, that she craved to be away from him. It was men like him who were dangerous, far more possessive, and far more brutal, for they hid what man was truly like behind their smiles and civility. He was like a coiled snake, taking his time to strike at the perfect moment and claim her.

No, she would not give him the chance to strike her. Not a man like him.

Kenshin felt his hands wringing themselves. His eyes hardened, and lifting them up to heaven, prayed for the strength to talk to this woman who stood arrogantly in front of him.

"Kaoru, you're acting like a child."

Something dropped in her stomach. Her eyes took on a deadly hue, but imp-like, she beamed when he gazed over at her. How dare he call her a child? That stupid bastard, thinking that he knew everything there was about her. Seeing his eyes widen, she could tell that he comprehended what he saw before himself. She glowed like a dark fairy, and once again she noticed that no moonlight dared touch her fair skin.

Bringing her hand to her neck, she moved past him, heading towards her room. She no longer wanted to see his horridly marked face. She would hurt him, she decided, but on her own terms and not Lacher's. He would see how much of a child she was, and he would see what this child could do. After all, how hard could it be to sleep with a man and convince a drunk to try to attack Kenshin, or anyone close to him for that matter? No matter if the assailant died in the process.

"Himura-san, I thank you for saying that, but I tire of seeing that hideous scar on your face, so I must say good-night."

And it was in that stony silence she left him. The cool night air did not damp either of the two's moods, but there was a gentle breathing of the wind that rustled through the trees, and somewhere off in the distant the two of them both heard the sound of singing chimes.

Anyway, to hurt him would do, but she knew what would hurt him most, and all she had to decide was how she was going to escape. Everyone was always watching her; she was trapped again. Suddenly, she desired to scream, pull her hair out, and even worse, to kill herself.

Where was her blade when she needed it? Oh, why had she not given Sylvia the gun instead? She was an animal, caged everywhere she went. For once, she wished to be free from others, from herself. She did not want to be here, and she did not want them watching her. Kaoru could no longer stand it. She hated them all. What had happened to her cold feelings? She felt so hot in her anger that for a moment she could not see straight. Her chest tightened in absolute rage, and despair. Could not the Christian's merciful God grant her this one favor: to be free?

Her rotted heart twisted in ugliness, and she choked on the contents of her own stomach, though she swallowed them back down quickly. Yes, she would hurt Himura; she would hurt all of them. It would be bittersweet, and evilly joyous for her soul. She laid down on the futon, trying to think of ways to hurt the people she once knew as friends, when a vision from the devil himself came to her. God would come another day.

Those two little girls who had a couple of days ago called her, "Auntie Kaoru."

Could she hurt two little children? Could she bring pain onto them? It would be the perfect way, but something held her back. A faint memory came to her from the past--something so faint that she would almost call it a dream. It was not one though. Placing her hands on her face she grew disgusted of herself thinking that she could hurt children. They had grown in the six years she had been away, but they still were nothing but children, and she could not hurt children. She had even comforted a child when she was here.

Nevertheless, her mind remained the same. She would not touch the children like Lacher, who had killed her unborn babies. Never would she allow any man to touch a child again. Kaoru groaned outwardly. She was becoming soft, too soft, and these emotions that ran through her were too much, too good. She would have to accept them lest she go crazy.

There went her first plan.

Oh God, she wished she would just go to hell already.

But, no, God could not even grant her that mercy.


A voice came through the rice paper door of Kaoru's room. She was already awake and had been so for at least an hour, but did not want to go out and greet the sun. Kaoru rolled her eyes as she heard Misao's voice again call out her name thinking she was asleep.

"Yes, Misao?"

"Megumi and I wish for you to go out with us this morning." She sounded happy and so full of sunshine that Kaoru's mood darkened. People like Misao annoyed her. They were always too happy. "I promise that neither Aoshi, nor any of the other men will be there."

Kaoru's mood, if it could have, darkened further. Once she had thought better of Misao, but she had married her long time obsession, Shinomori Aoshi, one year after Kaoru had gone. She had not been very surprised when she was told this, but still, did Misao know that she married into a life where she gave herself to the same man each night? It was a basic prostitution, with only one man claiming ownership of her. The worst part of it was that she trusted Shinomori with her life; stupid of her.

Kaoru was different than Misao. She was claimed by many men, but could never give her heart to a single one. She was owned by one, but sold to many, and she trusted none of them. The only thing she could trust was Lacher's sinfulness. Oh, how she wished to just tell Misao not to trust her owner. He was a man, a liar by any account, a lecher, and a complete ball of prideful possessiveness. It was better to give herself up to many than to one, for then they would be equal.

'Never get attached to any man, for he will always go to one woman after another. Kaoru, women who marry are far worse than us, for they have no true sight, only the blindness of trust, and trust is just a synonym for a fool.'

"Misao, I will meet you outside in a bit." Kaoru called back, her voice pleasant and cheerful.

She knew without taking a single glance that Misao was smiling as she skipped off to join Megumi. Kenshin was not at the dojo; he always went to work a little after sunrise. Lucky for her, but then again, if it was not him who was with her, then it was another man.

Maybe she and Sylvia could run away today. It would be easy to evade the two other women, and grudgingly Kaoru had to admit that she found Sylvia more likable then the other two. Sylvia by all accounts had seen more of men than they had and had seen their cruelty as well. Megumi did not count, for she was in love with Sanosuke. She had fallen for the trap, when she out of all people should have known better.

But it was not only that. She could not stand to be in the presence of the other women because of one little thing: Misao. Why? Misao was pregnant. She could sense it when she first laid eyes on her. Kaoru found it unbearable to stand next to a child-bearing woman; the pain was too much. It was as though they were taunting her, reminding her of her two lost children, the ones that never got the chance to live. She may have been evil and cold hearted, but those two babes she once carried were hers, and Lacher had taken them away from her.

He always took what was hers. Always.

Sylvia, without knocking, came inside, closing the door behind her knowing that Kaoru would not do anything. At the moment, it seemed to her that she was the only other person Kaoru could stand to be around.

"Sylvia, guess what we're doing today." Her mistress turned to look at her, smiling a little in the darkness of the room.

"Megumi has just informed me."

Kaoru nodded, "I have grown tired of this game."

Sylvia knew exactly what game she was talking about: her personality. Drastically had it changed over the course of the week, and her mistress, of course, was a wonderful actress.

"You wish to leave then?" Sylvia came closer, but kept her distance. "What shall I do?"

"You can come or you can go home." Kaoru walked past her reaching her hand to slide open the panel. "After all, Sylvia, you're a free person."

Her smiled was bittersweet. Yes, the girl was free to do whatever she wished. She was lucky.

"You're free also." Sylvia wanted to grab her mistress's arm, but held the reaction. Without her knowing it, Sylvia had become attached to the cold hearted escort thinking of her as an older sister. Smiling, Sylvia thought God must have led her to Kaoru to help, or try to.

"No, I'm Master's."

"That's not true."

Quickly Kaoru cast a vicious glance at the younger girl, "You would have been too if I had not saved you."

Sylvia never questioned that last remark.

"What should we make for dinner tonight, Kaoru?" Megumi asked flipping her hair over her shoulder. It gleamed in the sun and looked almost like black satin.

"You know, Megumi, I have never been a wonderful cook. You decide." Kaoru beamed back, giggling just a little for effect.

It seemed to work, for Megumi smiled back and took her over to a small tofu stand where the man noticeably glanced at Kaoru who just smiled politely back.

Megumi did not seem to notice, as she was too involved in looking around for Misao and Sylvia, whose Japanese was getting better by the day. Soon the tofu and vegetables were purchased and they just relaxed walking up and down the market, going into stores every now and then to look at the items that were being sold.

Kaoru was bored, and her hands itched for a novel to read, an English novel. She should have taken that book good William had given her, but then again, she wanted no memories of that man; plus there was that idiotic letter he had placed in there.

What a stupid man he was. She giggled.

"Megumi," said Misao looking at a nearby clock, "I think it is time to meet the boys at the Akabeko."

"Yes, we had better get going." Misao took Kaoru's arm within hers, and immediately Kaoru stiffened.

The pregnant woman was touching her. Kaoru wanted to yell and scream at her, but Sylvia was able to pry Misao away for a moment.

"Umm, Misao-san, what is the Akabeko?" Sylvia asked in attempts to help her mistress.

Misao jumped at the chance to talk to the American girl telling her all about the restaurant, what they served, and that they had a sister restaurant in Kyoto. Kaoru did not listen, glad that Misao was away from her. She was sure of one thing; she had to get away, staying in Tokyo was not the smart thing to do. Lacher was still in the city, still looking for her, she could feel it in her gut. He would never let her go. Never. And the worst part of the day was that they were going to have lunch with Kenshin and the others. It would be loud, she would have to use chop sticks, and they would make her eat more than she wanted. Megumi said that she was too thin, but could she blame her if men liked thin women?

The moment finally arrived when they reached the entrance of the Akabeko and Tae greeted them, hugging Kaoru, whom she had previously visited with, and began talking into her ear non-stop, leaving Kaoru to do nothing but smile under clenched teeth as Tae led them to where the men sat waiting.

Kaoru took in her breath smiling at Aoshi, Sano, and Yahiko while trying to avoid eye contact with Kenshin, whom she knew was staring at her. She did not care. He could stare all he wanted and apologize all he wanted, but he would still remain nothing to her but a nuisance to be rid of.

Putting on her mask once more, she smiled and talked adamantly to the group telling them about what they did, and every now and then getting mad at Sano, who though was now rich, still lacked simple table manners.

"Sano," Kaoru slammed down her sticks, telling herself she was doing a great acting job, "Don't talk when you chew...it's disgusting."

"Aww, Jou-chan, you're so mean to me. After all, I have had a hard day working."

Sanosuke was an idiot, Kaoru thought to herself. Why did Master have a problem with him when he was all brute strength and no intelligence? That's what she thought though, for she was not there when he made the company he owned by himself. If she had been, maybe Kaoru would have known that he was actually a very smart man, more so than he had been before.

Kaoru was about to open her mouth again when her eye caught something, a man. Hiding her sudden fear she touched her leg to make sure her gun was still there, as she never went anywhere without it. It was the security blanket that she and Sylvia held secretly.

Suddenly, she heard Sylvia gasp, which caught the attention of everyone at the table, and it seemed the man had heard, for he looked straight into Kaoru's eyes, bringing her to give him a simple smile. This would be fun.

"Kenshin, that man." Megumi whispered as she looked at the tall man, but the men were far ahead of her.

Kenshin had Kaoru's arm in his hand, Misao was being propelled by Aoshi, and Sylvia was taken by Yahiko.

"Tae, we have to go, I will be back to pay the bill." Kenshin yelled over his shoulder as the group went out the door.

Kaoru took a quick look back and still felt his presence.

"Sylvia-dono, who is that man?" Kenshin asked softly as they made their way through the crowd.

Something was up; he had felt the slight flare in Kaoru's ki, accompanied by the feeling that someone was watching them with evil intentions. Kenshin did not want a fight, and decided that it was best to leave. He looked at Yahiko nodding.

"Let's get them safely back to the dojo, Yahiko." The younger boy nodded his head as he walked next to Sylvia, who seemed a bit shaken.

Kaoru shrugged away Kenshin's hand and stopped to turn around. Soon the others stopped doing so as well.

They took a short cut through a rather large alley, as they tried to escape the man who Kaoru had just recognized. It was the same man she left with the vicious aura, the one who she taunted with her body. She turned and smiled at the others.

"Kaoru, come now." Kenshin's voice was hard, and very commanding.

He must have been worried for her.

"Sylvia," Kaoru was laughing a bit, "Come hither, quickly now."

Sylvia gulped and before Yahiko or any of the others was able to grab her she went to Kaoru.

Kenshin took a step forward, and Misao was quite confused about as to what was happening.

"Jou-chan we have to go." Sanouske's voice bounced off the walls, but Kaoru shook her head grabbing the blond girl's arm.

"No, I'm afraid not." Kaoru's eyes flashed, and her anger started to boil again. "I know that man."

"You do?" Aoshi voiced questioned, his eyebrow raising slightly as he held Misao closer to him.

"You may go if you wish; I can handle him by myself." Kaoru smiled in a fairy-like manner.

Once again she could almost see a dark hemisphere surrounding her.

"Kaoru, enough of this nonsense! Come now." Kenshin stepped forward, aware of the dark ki emanating from the woman he loved, but when he looked into her eyes he gasped. Soon he heard Misao's harsh shock and Sano's quiet astonishment.

"Damn it, Himura-san. I wish not to hear your voice." Kaoru said coldly, tired of his barking orders.

Before Kenshin could answer, Kaoru's attention became focused upon the foot steps coming into the alley way. She smiled, pushed Sylvia behind her, and turned to face the man.

"I've finally found you." His face was twisted in some form of bizarre joy, the kind which makes a man wild with power and desire.

It was a look Kaoru had seen far too many times for fear to take her heart; it was nothing more terrifying those cherry blossom dreams.

"Yes," A smile blossomed, "Yes, it seems as though you have."

With that she silently raised her gun; her eyes holdingnothing buta lethal intent.

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