Title: Beauty and Misery

Author: ak-stinger

Summary: While a guest in Troy, famed Greek warrior Achilles is drawn to the city's doleful youngest prince, Paris. His feelings quickly turn into love, but can Paris feel the same way about him? Can Achilles save Paris from his miserable existence – and horrifying future?

Rating: R (see warnings)

Pairing: Achilles/Paris

Warnings: Contains slash of the M/M persuasion, including some sex scenes (later on in the story). There is also child abuse: physical, emotional, and sexual (molestation and the threat of rape). This story is AU (meaning I'll be changing many facts, including Paris' age, and he'll never meet Helen), as are many of the characters to some degree but most especially Priam and Paris. If some or all of this sounds unappealing to you, please don't read it.

Disclaimer: I own none of this. Homer told people about the characters and places while the people behind the movie Troy gave us the inspiring actors. The only somewhat prominent character that I can claim as my own is Lord Isidore. I'm not making any money off of this (in fact, with the number of pens I go through writing fan fiction, I'm losing money). Suing won't do you much good since I'm a grad student and my major source of income right now is from student loans; all that's mine outright is every movie Orlando Bloom's made that I can get my hands on and you can't have those.

Author's Note: This is a prequel to my previous Troy story, Family Secrets. I don't think it'll be necessary for you to read that in order to understand this, but it probably wouldn't hurt and that story's relatively short. This story, long planned for and long overdue, is about the relationship between Achilles and Paris came to be. I've been having a pretty difficult time writing this because, though they weren't featured in it as prominently, in Family Secrets, their love and devotion is very strong; I wanted this fic to live up to that.

Feedback: I love reviews; they make me happy. However, I won't beg for them and I won't hold chapters hostage until I get a certain number of them, since I believe the want-to and quality of reviews counts more than the have-to and quantity of them. Praises make me feel special :) and I appreciate constructive criticism. Flames, as far as I'm concerned, are written by pathetic losers. Don't waste your time by reading something you don't like and then typing something rude or the three seconds of my time it takes to roll my eyes and delete.