Chapter I

Lily and James survived, as well as Harry and his twin sister Liliana. They live in south America, but Lily and James have decided to go back to England due to Voldemort's come back. But secrets are revealing, and it seems that life, isn't always fair.

"So Lily" asked Mariana to her best friend, looking to the crowd of people dancing in her house. Lily was a beautiful girl, with shoulder length brown hair, and startling emerald eyes. "Where is that brother of yours?"

"Harry?" Liliana said laughing.

"Of course Harry, Harry James Potter, your only, cute HOT hermano" Mariana said rolling her eyes. Could she never answer the question? Dios, Harry was one of the most popular and hottest guys in school, she was dying to see him.

"First of all, Harry isn't cut or HOT for that matter, eww Mariana, I'm her sister, that's just grouse... ASCO"

"Not even cute" Lily heard his brother voice next to her. Turning to him, she looked at her twin brother. He was tall with messy black hair, and emerald eyes like her. "Dios sis, I'm really hurt" he said in mocking hurt, taking the drink she had in her hand.

"HEY... that was mine" Lily said trying to reach the drink.

"Don't care, you shouldn't be drinking" Harry looked at what her sister was dressing. She was wearing a red halter top that barely cup her breasts, a black knee length transparent skirt, with black hot pants under it, and black leather boots "By the way, don't you think you should be wearing something" he asked sternly, looking around and seeing all the red blooded boys that were leering after her.

"I AM dressed" she said turning around, making Harry want to kill all men in the party "Besides, I've been told I look great, hermanito"

Harry was about to say something when he was interrupted by Mariana "Hello Harry" Mariana said flirtatiously, running a hand down Harry's arm.

"Hey...Mariana" Harry said. He didn't really liked when she did that. She pushed her hand away "Anyway, Lily we have to go, remember that we have to wake up early tomorrow because uncle Sirius and Remus are coming home" he finished trying to get away as far as possible from Mariana.

"But it's only three in the morning" she pouted, winking to a guy that was looking at her.

"We are leaving" he grabbed her arm, and apparated into their huge mansion, leaving an angry Mariana behind.

"You didn't have to do that you know" Lily said angrily 'He always does that'

"Well then don't flirt"


"You heard me, hermanita"

"I don't..."

"Don't fight kids" said a sleepy voice from behind them. Standing in the stairs was a beautiful red haired woman with emerald eyes just like her children "or you'll wake up your father"

"Mam" Lily complained "Harry apparated me out of the party...again"

"Harry" Lily-mother- raised an eyebrow.

"Look at her clothes mama"

"Well Lily..."

"YOU ARE NAKED" Came the outraged voice from their father. James Potter was a handsome man who looked just like Harry, but with hazel eyes.

"Pap" she exclaimed "I'm NOT naked"

"Yes you are" his gaze found Harry "You let her go out like this?"

"¿QUE?!!!!" Harry yelled "ME...I just found her in the party, I didn't leave with her"

"She's your sister"

"She's tu hija"

"Hey I'm here"

"Please boys"

"I'm not NAKED"

"STOP" Lily yelled "James, Harry, Liliana is not naked, but maybe a little more fabric can help" she held up her hand when she saw that the three of them were gonna start talking again "Now, it's really late, so let's go to sleep"

"ok" the three of them mumbled, they really couldn't win with Lily.

Lily was walking behind him, thinking about her beautiful family. They may act like this, almost all the time, but they love each other, and if they acted different it wouldn't be the same. Well, after all, this was the Potter family, and they were safe.


Next day, the family was having breakfast, and Lily was still mad with Harry, when two men Sirius and Remus apparated next to the.

"Tío Sirius, Tío Remus" The twins exclaimed, running to them and hugging them.

"Hey little buddies" Sirius said "How are you?"

"Fine" Harry answered for both of them.

"Hey mate, Lily" Remus acknowledged the couple "do you think we can talk?"

"Hey my loves, why don't you go find Agnair and Lindsey, they left early in the morning to the woods"

"Sure mam" Lily answered and she and Harry left to the woods.

"So what do you wanted to talk about?" James asked, from his plate of eggs.

"Dumbledore said it's time to go back to England" Sirius ventured.

"WHAT?" Lily yelled "NO way, I know it's suppose to be safe, but..."

"Voldemort is back" Remus interrupted her. Lily paled, and James eyes flared with cold fire (You get it right?)

"How?" he asked, his voice cold, sending chills down the spines of the other three.

"Albus said he came back just a few weeks ago, and that he needed some powerful blood to do it"

"Blood' Lily murmured.

"Exactly what we thought" Sirius said "When he told us that I remembered the accident that Lily had a few months ago, where she bleed profusely, and in which her blood sample that took the healer, was robbed"

"You mean he..."

"Yes, we think the accident was planned, by Voldemort or al least by his Deatheaters"

"How dare that..."

"James, I know you are furious" Remus interrupted him "But we really think is time you all go back"

"NO" James roared.

"I know the twins are safe in the mansion, but not at school"

"That's why" Sirius continued "You all should go to Hogwarts, you know it is safe there with Dumbledore, at least for the school year, and then we all can come back"

James and Lily were silent for a while. They knew they were right. During the school year, Hogwarts was the safest place. But still, they haven't been in England in fifteen years, for the very reason that they knew that Voldemort wasn't dead, and that HIS Deatheaters would certainly want the twins. They couldn't get them, but still, they wanted their children to be in a safe environment, as safe as any wizard family could be. And now...

"I know you are right guys" James said "Tell Dumbledore we are arriving there tomorrow or the next day, for the kids first day"

"Right" Sirius grinned suddenly "Albus said you two would take the position of DADA teachers"

"Teachers?" Lily asked.

James grinned at the thought "Teachers" he repeated "Oh imagine all the possibilities"

"I know mate" Both Sirius and Remus said at the same time.

"What..." Lily started, but knew it would be safer not to ask.

As you can see, they all knew Voldemort would come back, and James is furious with him, oh jojo, I have really wicked ideas for this story

So that's chapter I, THIS IS THE ONE. Sorry for erasing the other one, but I think it would be better to put them as flashbacks, well, you'll see next chapter.