Chapter III

"So" Harry said when they arrived to the Leaky Cauldron "This is were we are staying?" he looked around, an amused glint in his eyes. It seemed that it was an OLD house, and everyone around were adults, no, old people. 'Oh so much fun' he thought sarcastically, smirking.

"Yes" James said looking around, trying to take everything at once, it's been so long ago since the last time he was here. Almost sixteen years.

"It haven't change, have it, James?" Lily-mother -whispered to her husband.

"Yeah" he really had missed this place, England.

"Um…Dad?" Lily asked uncertainly at the expression of longing in his face "Do you think we could get a room to leave all our stuff?"

"Yeah, come on" they walked to the reception counter where an old man with a kind face was sitting. "Tom!(hope that's his name) is that you?" the man looked at James, and a smile broke his face.

"Mr. Potter…Oh my, it's been so long"

"Yeah indeed old man" looking at his family he said " Um…this is my family, well, you already know Lily. This is Harry" he said, pointing to Harry, who was dressed in black jeans, a white t-shirt and a gray v-neck sweater "And Lily" Lily, for the dismay of her brother and father, was dressed with low rise, tight jeans, and a white SMALL tank top.

"My…the little twins had certainly grow, they are now lovely teenagers"

"Yeah, they are our life" Lily said "Um, we were wondering if you had free rooms?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes, indeed" he said taking two keys. They followed him to the second floor where he opened a first room, that was for Lily and James. The one next to it, was the one of the twins "I'm sorry, but we don't have any single room available"

"Don't worry about it!" Harry said, taking his sister hand and walking into the room. There were two single beds next to each other, by the window. a small desk next to the door, a wooden closet, and a door that lead to the room's bathroom.

After Tom was gone, the twins started talking "Well, this place isn't that bad" Lily said sitting on the bed.

"If you say so" Harry said looking around.

"Harry…" Lily, who was sitting on one of the beds, started

"Yes" Harry looked at her, and notice the nervous look his twin had. Kneeling in front of her, he took her face in his hands, and smiled up to her "What is it?" he asked gently.

"What do you think about all of this?" she asked not looking at him in the eyes.

Harry sighed "I definitely don't know" and he didn't really. They have been living at their house at South America for fourteen years, always believing that it was home, a safe place. For fourteen years they have known that Voldemort wasn't dead, Their father had explained that perfectly well. But never, had he imagined that he would come back in flesh and blood. "But whatever it is, Lily, I will never let anything happen to you" Not again.

"Harry it wasn't your fault" Lily said him, finally looking at him in the eyes "Hell, I don't even remember what happened"

"But I do" Harry said, guilt evidently in his voice and eyes "And it was My fault. I'm suppose to take care of you, and in one moment I got distracted, and…"

"Harry look at me" she said gently, framing his face with her hands "It was NOT you fault, it was just an accident, whatever that was" she flung herself in his arms, hugging him fiercely "Harry, hermano" she smiled gently, looking at his emerald eyes, so much like hers" I know you'll always look after me, but trust me, it WASN'T you fault. They were many, and surprise us"

Harry gave her a small smile but didn't say anything. No matter what his twin say, he would always feel guilty.

'Hola Harry' the pretty brunette said seductively.

'Hey Carla' Harry said smirking.

'Harry?' he heard his twin called him, but he just gave him a annoyed look, and she started her way home, mumbling angrily. But Harry was so distracted to notice, at least, until he heard a piercing, terrified scream.

'HARRY!' He heard Lily scream. Cursing he rushed to her, only to find something that made his heart stop 'H-Harr-y' she whispered, the last thing she said for days.

Harry would never forget how his sister had looked, all pale, fragile, while she lay unconscious on her bed. That day, all his rage, his anger, have come to surface. He had destroyed a whole wing of their home, and was about to do much more if his father hadn't come and stopped him. He had woken up the next day, his heart broken at the sight of his sister. That they, he swore he would never let anyone hurt her again, in any form.

"Harry?" He realized Lily was talking to him, a worried frown on her face.

He smoothed the frown, and gave her a weak smile "Come on pequeña, let's go sightseeing"

She stood up and looked out the window "WOW"

Harry came to her side "that's 'Diagon Alley'"

"it's beautiful"

"Come, let's go explore" They went to their parent's room" Mom can we go exploring?"

"Sure honey, just be back before lunch ok?"

"Sure mamá" Lily said.

After Tom told them how to get to "Diagon Alley", James came to them at the opening and gave them some money to buy their school supply.

"Come on Lily" Harry said as he saw the Quidditch store.

Lily rolled her eyes. The Potter men were Quidditch fanatics, and every thing about it drove them crazy. "Harry!" lily whined.

"Vamos hermanita" Harry said, giving her his famous puppy eyes, which he knew she couldn't resist "Just for a second"

"¡Sí claro!" (Yeah right!) he grinned at her !Malditos ojos!'(Damn eyes!)

Harry was watching some Quidditch stuff, so Lily decided to wait him outside the store. Just as she was coming out of the store, someone bumped into her, and Lily landed in her behind.


"Oh, I'm so sorry!" the girl who bumped into her said apologetically.

"No importa" Lily said answered. She looked up to the person, she was a pretty girl, with bushy brown hair.

"Ah?" the girl asked confused, she was looking at her apologetically, and extended a hand for her to stand.

Lily took it gratefully, and smiled at her "No problem"

"I'm Hermione Granger by the way" The girl introduced herself.

"I'm Liliana Potter"

"P-Potter?" the girl asked surprised. Hermione couldn't believe what she was saying. The Potter family was one of the most important of the magical world, not to count that the twins had survived and defeated Voldemort.


"I thought your family didn't live in England any more"

"We don't, but…um…father decided that we should attend Hogwarts"

"Really!" Hermione asked hopefully. Hermione was a bookworm, and like people called her, a Know-it-all. Students at school, never really liked her that much, but at least the ones in her house, didn't treated her bad. Still, she didn't really had any friends, they just talked to her when they needed help.

"Sí. Do you go to Hogwarts?" Lily asked hopefully 'Maybe she'll be my friend' Even though Lily was one of the most popular girls at her former school, she has always been shy. It always took her sometime to make friends, and took her some effort to open herself to others. Of course nobody realize it except Harry, because she always seem confident and friendly, but in the inside, it was completely different.

"Yes, I'm in fifth year, Gryffindor" she answered proudly.

"I'm starting fifth year, so maybe we'll be on the same house!"

Just as Hermione was about to say something, the door of the Quidditch store opened, and Harry came out of it, looking furious.

YAY! that's chapter III. He he, sorry it took so long, but i'll try to update all my stories sooner! Hope you enjoy the story!