Disclaimer: All of these characters belong to Joss Wheadon (all bow down to Him) not me. None of it is mine.

Summery: Angel's last few moments on this earth.

Pairing: Cordy/Angel

Rating: PG just to be on the safe side.

Angel's body was lying there in the alley. It was surrounded by dead demons all who were bloodied, bruised, and broken.

Bloodied, bruised, and broken.

Just like him. His whole body was in a fit of exhaustion. His limbs shook with pain. But physical pain was not on his mind something else was.

He looked upward at the black starry sky and his mind flew to his friends, his own life.

Gunn, Illyria, Spike, Wesley all demolished. Why wasn't he? Where were the now?

Where was the woman who made his unbeating heart want to live? Where was the baby who cooed at his vampire face? Where was the girl who talked nonsense and yet was soothing. Where were they all?

Where was his happiness?

The first rays of sunlight broke through the sky but Angel made did not move from his spot. He was frozen there. A broken vampire.

He felt his body floating away. And then he felt the most amazing, magnificent feeling.

Absolute peace.

It wove into every part of his body and clung there never wanting to let go.

He saw something he thought he would never see again.

The smile that rivaled the sunshine. No it was even better. He heard two words slip out of her heavenly lips:

My Hero,

And somehow he knew everything was going to be all right.