This is my first fanfiction. I really enjoyed Blue Gender and that's why I'm writing this. I hope you will enjoy this.

Hope for the Future

Chapter 1

It had been eight months since the destruction of Second Earth and the peace between the people of Earth and the Planet's will had been finalized by Yuji. There had been no sighting of Blue within that time, and it seemed that the human race could finally begin anew.

Yuji and Marlene had set up a home in South America with the villagers, but were rarely in it. They had been traveling around the world using the military shuttles, seeking out survivors of the human race. If the human race was to recover, a method of communication had to be established between the groups spread over the world, so Yuji and Marlene were setting up communication arrays with whoever they found. They also always brought two Armor Shrikes with them in case they met with hostility. They were not going to take any chances with the end of Marlene's pregnancy in sight.

Yuji had asked Marlene to stay at the village, but she had insisted that they stay together no matter what, so she traveled with him. At the moment, they were in the shuttle, flying towards Tokyo. Marlene and Yuji were in the cockpit, the only two people on the ship.

"It's not going to be too long now," Marlene said, stroking her protruding stomach. She had given up military armor and was wearing a civilian dress.

"Yeah," Yuji muttered from the pilot's chair, half-heartedly. He still wore his armor whenever they left the village. There was always a chance they'd run into a group of soldiers who had made it off of Second Earth that weren't friendly.

Marlene turned to face him. "What's wrong?"

Yuji sighed. He hadn't wanted to talk about this, but he felt that he should. "I've just been thinking about things for the past eight months, since you told me we were going to have a child. Of course, I've been happy to be with you and have a child with you in these new times. But i can't stop comparing how we're doing things to the morals of the time I came from. In this time, casual relationships and pregnancy happen at any age here. In my time, people usually waited until their mid-twenties and got married before going so far. The moralities don't apply in this time anymore, but I can't help thinking that we, or rather I, won't be able to be a good parent. I nearly killed you when you tried to save me from the B-cells. I'm just scared that I'll do something horrible. And I don't know what kind of life I can give this child. When I came from, there were so many resources for raising and educating children. But here, all we can use is what we make. I don't know if I can raise a child in this time."

Marlene pondered over what he said for a moment, then stood up, walked over to him, and kissed him on the lips. "Yuji, I didn't live in the time you came from; I've lived in this one. I don't know what future awaits us or our child, but I do know this. We will support each other, and this child to the best of our abilities. And as long as we do our best, there is nothing we cannot over come." She chuckled. "I mean, if two people not even in their twenties can kill a coreless, super Blue, raising a kid won't be so bad for them."

Yuji smiled and gently rested his head on her stomach. "Thank you, Marlene. I'm glad that you were the one who woke me up. Without you, I know I'd either be dead, or a slave to the B-cells. But because of you, I've survived, I'm happy, peace has been established between the Earth and it's people, I've been purged of the B-cells, and I'm going to gain a family. I love you. You're right. Things will be ok." He patted her stomach. "The kid's getting pretty big. I think it's a boy."

Marlene chuckled. "I think they're are two little girls growing in here. We haven't settled on a name or names yet."

"Yeah, but we've got ideas and when the time comes, I know we'll make the right call." There was a beeping coming from the console. "We'll be in Japan soon. There's something I want to get at the cryo facility I was stored in before we look for survivors. Be ready to disembark."

Well, this was the first part of my first fanfic. I hope you enjoy it. I don't know if anyone will find and read this, but fear not; with or without reviews, I will finish this story. What to look forward to; Marlene going into labor, amd the will of the Earth again tries to save the planet, but at what cost? Don't understand? Be patient.