Title: Unbinding the Contract

Author: The revived from the dead, ice krystahl

Pairings: SasuNaru, and a lot more of cameo appearances.

Warnings: Shounen-ai. That means boy/boy, so if you don't like it, then don't read it!

Author's Note: This is a stab of writing a fic for Naruto, and I know I haven't read enough fics yet, so this may be a little well, blah. Gomen. This is dedicated to Aki Rei, my sister, for introducing me to the world of Naruto. Please READ and REVIEW. Don't forget that! That's a sin. Bad readers, bad.


It was a very nice day at Konoha. The rustle of the leaves on the trees produced wondrous sounds, and the birds humming complemented them. The sun was shining high above the sky, and it was then that three ninjas from different directions left their respective houses and set off to meet each other.

Ninja no. 1 - Haruno Sakura. Has pink hair, pretty face, exceptionally high IQ and an exceptionally large forehead.

Ninja no. 2 - Uchiha Sasuke. Scary eyes, scary stance and a scary personality. And that's putting it the mild way. However, he is considered by the female population (as well as some of the boys)as the ultimate S-E-X god walking among mere mortals on earth. (He actually enjoys the treatment, but denies it endlessly)

Ninja no. 3 - Uzumaki Naruto. Wears the weirdest orange clothes, loves ramen, and lives for ramen. He wants to be Hokage. And oh. He probably is in-love with Ninja no.2. (But he denies it endlessly)


"He always does this to us! Three years has passed and he's still late!" Naruto cried, banging his head in frustration on the nearby tree.

True. It was three years since they've all graduated. Naruto and Sasuke were chuunins, and Sakura is well, she's almost there. Nothing has changed much actually, everything was as normal as they've first known they were going to be teammates. Sasuke and Naruto are still yapping around as usual, fighting every now and then as though their day would not be complete without their usual scrabble and bouts of:


"Sasuke- teme!"

Oh well. Ho-hum.

Sakura is still Sakura. Deeply infatuated with Sasuke- sama, and deeply irate with Naruto. "Ahhh. The power of true love!" is what she squeals when asked the million yen question of: 'Why in the world does she not give up on Sasuke?' Ino, her rival, said Sakura was being revolting as usual (we so agree), but managed to further complicate her statement by replying that, "Ohhh. The temptations are hard to resist!" which by the way, she thought of on her own, is far more original and better sounding. No one had the guts to say otherwise.

And as for their teacher, mentor, surrogate father-whatever, Hatake Kakashi, well, he was late as ever and never punctual. Sometimes they wondered where the hell he actually went all the time. I mean, there's just so much you could do in a span of five hours, and Konoha was really small, no special parks or amusement center... And with that moron-of-a-teacher's nose buried in the latest edition of "Burn, burn Paradise" (The 52nd installment of Jiraiya's novel), who knew what's really going on his head...

"Oi, kids." Kakashi said, finally appearing from nowhere.

"Don't 'Oi, kids' us, you moron! We were waiting here for 4 hours! We could've slept more, but nooooo, you just have to let us wake up at such an ungodly hour and make us suffer! I didn't even get to boil my ramen properly! It was crunchy when I ate it! Thanks so much for your concern, sensei!" Naruto fumed, tapping his foot at the same time.

"Hell yeah! I could've blow-dried my hair, you know!" Sakura added, nodding her agreement. Sasuke remained silent, but glared at their teacher from afar. Kakashi just sweat dropped.

"Now guys, is that the proper way to greet your beloved mentor?" Kakashi asked, taking a stab at humor. But Kakashi and humor combined is like beer and wine, and potatoes and onion. Gag us with a spoon, if you may.

"Anyway, I had a meeting with Tsunade- sama, so I had a valid reason being late. She told me to pick up Sasuke, and bring him to her. So, I guess practice today is cancelled. Naruto, Sakura, I suggest you go back home, eat your nicely cooked ramen, and blow-dry your hair some more or something. Understood?"

"Me? What does the old hag wants from me?" Sasuke asked, a frown marring his perfect features. Naruto glanced at his teammate, wondering the same thing. While at it, he also noticed how cute Sasuke's eyes crinkled at the corner, and how scrumptious his lips look particularly this morning. Naruto did a double take.



He mentally puked at his own choice of words and decided that eating half- done noodles is bad for the brains. Ugh. I should get to a doctor! My brain is addled enough to think that Sasuke is cute. Naruto pondered at this a bit more, seriously deliberating to see a psychiatrist. Sasuke noticed he was staring.

"What are you looking at, dead last?"

"What did you call me?!"

"D-e-a-d l-a-s-t." Sasuke said slowly, as if talking to a three-year old.

"ARGH! You'll pay for that dumb ass!" Naruto screamed, and hurtled himself at Sasuke. Both boys came sprawling at the ground trying to best each other. Naruto punched, kicked and jabbed everywhere, but Sasuke was one step ahead of him, using just one hand, he managed to pin Naruto's hands at the top of his head, and at the same time, managed to straddle him. Naruto writhed, but could not move in any way. He stopped moving, admitting defeat. Sasuke smiled smugly from above, and Naruto felt... drawn to him. Like a while ago. Sasuke's eyes were once again crinkling at the corners, and his nose was just about the right angle, and oh those lips. You'd think it was a girl's from this angle....Naruto felt something inside him stir, it was the most weird feeling and.... STOP! What the hell am I thinking?! Naruto screamed mentally, panicked by his own repulsing musing. Have to think of crunchy, bad ramen. Mental disorder. Mental disorder. This is what it is.

"Sasuke, you sick bastard! Let go of me!" Naruto yelled, getting really uncomfortable now. Luckily, the idiot was fast to oblige.

"Heh. Dead last as always." Sasuke muttered, still smiling smugly.

Kakashi and Sakura just watched the two with this unusual way of fighting, noting the way Naruto was blushing red, and how panicked he was. Something was definitely up, thought the two, but decided to keep it to themselves.

"Sensei? Can we go to where you are going with Sasuke- kun? Besides, we still have to talk to Tsunade- sama about the missions......" Sakura trailed off, unsure what to say next. Obviously, she makes all of it inside her head, probably not yet ready to depart with her beloved Sasuke- kun. Kakashi of course, knows this, but for some reason he doesn't want to argue with pink- haired girls on the climax of her puberty on the subject of love.

"Yah! I.... want to go visit Konohamaru, too!" Naruto piped up, wishing desperately to banish remaining thoughts of Sasuke inside his head.

Kakashi sighed in resignation, and looked over at Sasuke, mentally asking him if it was okay for him to bring Sakura and Naruto along. Sasuke however, was a portrait of indifference. He sighed once again.

"Yare, yare. Let's go."


Knock, knock.

"Come in, come in." Tsunade-sama said, swiveling her chair towards the door at the sound of Kakashi's voice. Ah. The joys of being Hokage! Who else but her, the great Tsunade-sama, owns a swiveling chair, plus a lofty office to boot? Too bad, she can't put a personal pachinko machine on this the side, and a slot machine on that side...

"Tsunade- sama, I've brought Sasuke for you, just as you wished." Kakashi informed her, and she waved a hand to him, telling him to take a sit.

"What? Why is Naruto here? And Sakura too?" the Gondaime asked, squinting her eyes at the said two as if to say: "Get out of here, you stinking gossips!" But Kakashi cleared his throat significantly, and the Hokage understood it all too well.

"Fine, you stinking gossips, you can stay." Tsunade said, voicing out her silent message anyway. Naruto stuck his tongue at her. She turned her back at them, and began to rummage noisily in a huge box filled with who-knows-what.

"Where.... Where is it... I know its here somewhere... I just left... AHA!" She said victoriously, holding up a large, wrinkly and yellowed scroll.

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi all stared up at the huge scroll. It looked as though it was waiting in that box for over a hundred years, its edges has all but torn apart, and the smell was, if any, an indication of being stored in a dank space for so long. Sasuke could see the faint outline of writing, but it was very vague. He had absolutely no idea what was going on around here.

"Sasuke, you're probably wondering why I called you in my office, and here is the answer,' Tsunade said, pointing towards the scroll.

"Can you be specific?"

"Why Sasuke? Brain having trouble functioning?"

"Shut up, dobe."


"Dead last."

"Sasuke- teme!" Naruto growled, aiming a glare at Sasuke's direction. Stupid Sasuke. Why does it always have to be Sasuke who gets everything? Why don't I have a scroll meant for me too?!

Sasuke, on the other hand, was exasperated that he assented to let him come to this meeting. It's bad enough having to deal with him every single day, but does he have to be here on occasions such as this? Sasuke glared back, and for a while, the both of them just stared at each other. Again, this did not go unnoticed by Kakashi and Sakura.

"Shut up! You're giving me migraines!" Tsunade yelled, and both boys now snapped back to attention.

"This scroll I'm holding is no ordinary scroll. I looked for it in the deepest recesses of the old stockroom, due to a letter that the late Sandaime has left with his grandson, Konohamaru. It was dated 15years ago"

That old geezer. What a pain in the ass. Sasuke thought, rolling his eyes.

"The letter states that this scroll should be opened at this particular year and should be read in front of a certain Uchiha heir. And that means you, Sasuke."

Pain. A pain in the ass. A thorn in my backside. Good riddance to Orochimaru. Sasuke thought over and over again. But he had to admit, he was a little bit curious about it.

"And so, without further ado, I will now unseal this scroll."

Sasuke and the others actually held their breath, all of them thinking about the same thing. What if the scroll broke? And hell, what does it say?!!


"The Sealed Contract of Konoha and Hidden Spring"

As a sign of allegiance between two neighboring countries, Konoha and Hidden Spring, the heirs of the pride of their clans, Uchiha and Hayage respectively, will be herefore and therewith be bound into a marital contract.

This marital contract shall never, ever be broken as the Hokages of both countries swear on this contract with their sacred blood. However, special circumstances may indeed arise and as such, this scroll will be deemed untrue. Special circumstances are as followed:

1. Both heirs are of the same sex.

2. Both clans are unpreserved, and advanced bloodline is not intact.

3. At least one of the heirs is already married.


The Gondaime finished reading the scroll, and silence fell upon them as they struggled wildly to process the whole contract thing. Sasuke's hands shook, and he visibly paled. Tsunade, bless her dark soul, seemed to be taken aback by this blatant display of weakness from the usually harsh boy. Then on a sudden burst of stupid inspiration, she smiled and gleefully said to him:

"Now, now Sasuke! Looks like you got yourself a future wife!"

Then as if on cue, Sasuke's eyes rolled to the back of his head and positively fainted.


"Oi! Oi! Sasuke you sick freak! Wake up already!" Naruto huffed and puffed at Sasuke's ear, looking much like a blowfish. Sasuke opened eye groggily, and took a good look to his surroundings. Oh great. I'm not dreaming, am I? Somebody, just kill me, Sasuke thought, touching his forehead.

"Oi Sasuke! Get up! We still have to meet your wiii---ffffeee!"

"Dobe! Shut up! This is so not funny!"

"For you, it isn't, you lover boy you!"

"Do you really want to die so bad, asshole?!"

"Oh c'mon, Mister Husband- to- be, don't be such a prude! You only get one chance to get married. Poor Hayage girl, getting to marry someone like you, she might as well get married now before......huh? Why are you looking at me that way?" Naruto demanded, staring at Sasuke. Sasuke has a weird look in his face, as though realizing something for the very first time.

Yes! The special circumstances! I can still get away with this marital contract! Sasuke thought excitedly.

"Dobe, can you still remember the special circumstances?" Sasuke asked Naruto, excitement evident in his face. Naruto caught on however.

"HAH! Think you can get away with the contract, eh? Sorry, but we discussed it while you were out cold. Circumstance one is crossed out, Hayage's heir is a girl. Circumstance number two is.. I don't remember much, but it seems that Uchiha and Hayage is well preserved so both of you are eligible still, and circumstance three is that you both are not married, and therefore still eligible to marry and fulfill the contract. HAH. Eat that Sasuke!" Naruto said, breathless by his own explanation.

But Sasuke wasn't listening already. His mind was racing. He went through all the special circumstances in his head. Surely, there had to be a loophole somewhere! I can't have sexual transplant, dammit! And she wouldn't want balls sewed on her! That means circumstance 1 has no loophole. Second? Jesus. Itachi killed all of my clan. My bloodline is damned well preserved! And where does that lead me? Circumstance number 3. Should one of the heirs be already married...

"I got it!" Sasuke exclaimed, startling Naruto on the process.

"What? You got what?"

"I got it! I got a plan to get myself out of this."

"And what's that, lover boy?"

"Don't call me lover boy!"

"L-o-v-e-r b-o-y!"

"Come here you bastard!" Sasuke yelled angrily, and once again, tackled Naruto on the ground. Sasuke pinned him down as before, one hand holding Naruto's on the top of his head, legs at the side of a panicked Naruto. Oh no, he's doing it again! I have to move! Or I could be in big trouble, and get caught in that stupid eyes again! ARGH!

Sasuke's face was very near now, inches away from his face. His breath fanned his own flushed cheeks, and Sasuke's eyes seemed a bit dilated. Their lips are almost touching, and Naruto finds himself struggling for breath, the weird tingling feeling radiated from his belly down to his toes. Sasuke leans in even closer, and blood started to pound on his head, making him feel light- headed. He inclined his head near Naruto's ears, dark hair covering both their faces. Naruto panicked even more, desperate to get out of this very uncompromising position, yet at the same time he doesn't want to leave. But if somebody comes in and sees us! They'll think we're kissing!

Then Sasuke whispered softly:

"Don't you ever call me Lover boy, Naruto."

Naruto stopped moving about, feeling pleasure at being called by his first name. However, that pleasure was short-lived.

The door burst open suddenly, and a bunch of people arrived, talking loudly. It was the Hokage herself, Kakashi, Sakura and Iruka, who wanted to drop by to check up on his adopted son. But their steps halted, and once again, an eerie silence fell upon the room. Their eyes bulged to the scene on the floor. What they saw was Naruto and Sasuke were sprawled on the floor, kissing!

Everybody stared. No one moved, no one breathed. You can drop a pin and hear it.

"It's not what you think it is!!!" Naruto shouted desperately. Still, no one moved.

"It was Sasuke! He did----"

"Quiet." Sasuke cut in, breaking Naruto's tirade. He seemed to be having trouble with words.

"I... We........."

"Yes, Sasuke- kun?" Prompted Sakura, not wanting to prolong the tension any longer. Sasuke cleared his throat, shook his head determinedly and said,

"The contract is off."

Five people stared at Sasuke in wonder. For a long time, he said nothing and looked as though he was battling with himself. After what feels like an eternity, he looked at Naruto with mock eyes, and said:

"Naruto is my boyfriend, and we're getting married."

Somewhere in the background, Iruka-sensei started sobbing.

To be continued....


A/N: I know it's pretty short, and I may update soon (really soon), but that's only if I get 50 plus reviews. Hehe. I know blackmail you guys!