Title: Unbinding the Contract

Author: ice krystahl- chan who loves everybody!

Pairings: SasuNaru galore!

Warnings: shounen-ai! That means sweet boy/boy love! If you don't like it, then don't read it. Oh, and this chappie contains a lime scene so go away if you are offended. Thank You!

Author's notes: I'M ALIVE!

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Chapter 8: The Consequences of Sleeping Together

"I hated it… and I realized that I don't think I ever want to see you cry again…"

The blonde blushed heavily at this, and a warm, tingly feeling filled his heart as he digested this sudden piece of information. No one had ever said anything remotely as nice and caring as that, save for Iruka- sensei, and even he knew that Iruka's words were of a fatherly note. But this… This is something different.

As far as his memory served him right, he had always refused to cry. Naruto deduced early on that crying is senseless and brings nothing but puffy eyes and snotty nose. Plus, it tends to make one feel sad and blue. The tears he shed earlier weren't real, but it made him feel sad and blue but it wasn't because he felt hurt by anything… he felt sad because he knew that he made Sasuke feel bad about it.

He was about to say sorry again when he suddenly felt the raven- haired ninja's lips brush against his. He blushed red again, and realized with a start: Sasuke's lips are so soft.

Those lips were tugging mercifully at his lower lip, running the tip of a very wet tongue over it. And they are highly experienced too! Naruto thought again, feeling a pang of jealousy at the thought of Sasuke kissing other girls. There was no way Sasuke could kiss like that if he hadn't practiced!

The raven- haired ninja roughly pushed Naruto to the ground, pinning both arms on top of the blonde's head. Naruto gave a small cry of pain, and before he could say a word, Sasuke kissed him again.


"Shhh…" Sasuke whispered in between kisses, and all coherent thoughts seemed to fly away from Naruto.

His tongue, His very wet and delicious tongue, Naruto added, is now inside his mouth. Tip to tip, they danced, explored and played, sending wonderful sparks at the back of his spine. Sasuke's warm body was pressed against his, his whole length entirely covering his much smaller form.

"What are you doing?" Naruto asked woolly, feeling lightheaded and dizzy with Sasuke's kisses. Somehow, kissing Sasuke was even better than he remembered. He shut his eyes tightly, squirming a little under the raven- haired ninja's weight, but Sasuke did not budge an inch. Instead, he placed butterfly kisses all over is face- his forehead, his cheeks, his nose.

Naruto is bewildered by what Sasuke was doing. The ninja isn't exactly known by his gentleness, isn't he? But here he was, lips ghosting all over his face and tongue licking his neck…

"Sasuke!" Naruto cried, surprised.

"I love it when you say my name…" Sasuke breathed in his neck quite seductively. The cold air and Sasuke's warm breath contrasted nicely with Naruto's skin. The blonde shivered convulsively, goose bumps appearing on his almost feverish skin.

This is so frickin' weird… Naruto thought this over and over again, as Sasuke, his rival for goodness' sakes, nipped and sucked at his neck, while his hands which previously pinned Naruto's arms, descended down and inside his shirt, running his playful fingers over his abdomen and chest. His breath hitched some more as said fingers closed upon a nipple, twisting and playing with it.

But it feels so good…Naruto felt the world spin and tumble, stopping only when Sasuke's hands ghosted over the front of his pants, trailing and putting pressure over his slowly building erection.


"Liked that, didn't you?" the raven- haired boy asked huskily.

"Liked that, eh Uchiha?"

Arrggh. Bad memory. Go away!

Sasuke cringed inwardly. Ack. He inadvertently used the same words that the Hyuuga pervert said a while ago on him. But the blond underneath him was making incomprehensible sounds and it was making him shiver involuntarily and totally forgot everything that involves perverts and knees that comes flying out of nowhere.


The small hairs around his nape stood on an end. Naruto writhed under his hand, and he stroke some more.

"… ah… 'suke…" Naruto breathed, his eyes dilating and closing. The blond then reached out and placed both of his hands at the sides of Sasuke's face, running both thumbs across the flushed cheeks. They stared at each other for a moment, and suddenly there was a clashing of lips and teeth, fighting each other for dominance. Naruto, becoming bolder as things progress, mimicked the other boy's movement earlier and placed heated kisses along Sasuke's jaw and neck.

It was from this point that the front of Sasuke's pants became extremely uncomfortable.

The dark haired ninja could do nothing but hasten up his pace, as his hands went up and down the flimsy layer of orange fabric that came between him and the blond's arousal.

"Wait… Sasuke…" Naruto's breathing is quick and shallow, face flushed red and eyes pleading.

The dark haired ninja stroked even faster in response.

"I think I'm gonna… don't…"

Sasuke squeezed hard. There was sudden intake of breath, followed by a spasm.

Naruto came undone in his pants. There was a shrill scream that pierced the silent night.

"Shit! Sasuke, you hormonal, perverted bastard! Look at what you did!"

Naruto ended up smiling and laughing in the end, trying to force him into a cuddle that he sincerely didn't want, and after an hour of running around and screaming hysterically to stop the blond from clinging on to him like a leech in perverted heat, Naruto decided that he was tired and promptly fell asleep.

Sasuke crept right next to Naruto, lying close and facing him. He took one, long look at the blond's face, trailing his fingertips against that smooth, soft face. Naruto's breath was warm and it fanned about his face. Sasuke suddenly felt a tightening in his chest.

So beautiful…

Sasuke smiled contritely, wishing bad that he wasn't feeling what he thought he was feeling. He placed one arm across the blonde, pulling the warm body next to his.

Hmmm… cuddling isn't as bad as I thought…

He fell asleep right away.

"Tsunade- sama! Urgent news!" Shizune's voice rang loudly from outside. The Hokage, carelessly signing a mound of papers, looked up in surprise as her assistant and friend burst through her office clutching Tonton in her arms.

"Shizune, what have I told you about knocking?"

"Sorry Tsunade-sama! But this is urgent news!"

"Well? Would you tell me or shall I wait until you're comfortably seated and ready to tell me?"

Shizune ignored the sarcasm. "Tsunade- sama! Naruto and Sasuke did not come home last night!"

"THEY WHAT!" The Hokage stood up so suddenly that papers went flying everywhere. Disbelief was written across her face.

"Yes! Our informant tells me that they had a fight yesterday, and Sasuke came looking for Naruto in the forest. The two haven't been seen since last night!"

"Well, well. This is certainly news. Call our men, right now!"

"Yes ma'am!"

Naruto turned listlessly around his cot of a bed. The damn thing was so itchy, maybe it was time he actually washed the covers. He groaned sleepily, and dimly noted that it was still dark. Not only that, but his ass felt as though an army of ants decided to make it their residence.

He blindly reached out for his butt, but jumped as soon as his hands had made contact with his backside.

There are ants in his butt!

Red, large and hundreds of them all crawling from the grass and up his clothes.

Wait a minute. Naruto whipped around, the ants in his butt quickly forgotten. He then spied what he was looking for, just right beside his left foot.

Sasuke was sleeping peacefully, lying on his side with lips slightly parted. He got down on his knees, and watched the other boy sleep. Sasuke really looks weird, Naruto thought, as he realized that it was probably the first time he ever saw the face of the great Uchiha Sasuke looked placid and peaceful.

Usually, only a dark scowl would grace the boy's features. That or a snarl. Or a smug, irritating smirk.

Sasuke shouldn't really be doing all that, Naruto thought. He watched as Sasuke groaned a little and turned to lie on his back. He bit back a giggle. Now, I really know what the girls all see in him… He really looks so beautiful! Like a weird princess or something.

He watched Sasuke until the sun was high up in the sky, and proceeded to stand and stretched widely. Noticing something different, he looked down the front of his pants and immediately slapped his forehead.

His orange and favorite pair of pants was crusty! He can't believe he forgot about this! He moved quickly; his pants were in dire need of washing. It would be so not good if anyone sees him like…


"My, my! Sasuke really know his stuff, doesn't he?" Kakashi said, innocently taking more pictures of his pants and Sasuke.

"Kakashi- sensei!"


"Although next time you should really have come to me and asked for some pointers. Looks like you guys need my books, after all."



"I bet I could make a fortune out of these pictures. I somehow think that a lot of people would be interested. The Godaime herself, of course. Iruka, Sakura, Gaara…and oh, maybe Jiraiya- sama too. The list is endless."


"Kakashi- sensei! Quit doing that or I'll kill you!"

Tsunade Godaime, the most respected kunoichi in all of Konoha, possibly in the world, has a very nasty streak in her. If Naruto was the best prankster that ever lived, then Tsunade Godaime is the single, most wicked entity that ever lived. She liked to torture people, but she especially liked to torture people close to her. But she wasn't heartless at all, oh no, not at all. Her pranks usually had a reason behind them. Say, she really wanted to help a comrade with his love life… Oooh, but of course she'll have to butt in. Who'd help, if not her? The great and helpful Godaime Hokage?

So that is why she's right here, right now, proof reading her best work done. The letter she's planning to send the Uchiha must be nothing but perfection. After all, an Uchiha is an Uchiha and a sloppy work just wouldn't do. And besides, it was her personal code of moral to give her all in a prank. And this prank would benefit the brat that had captured her affection and love. Of course, he deserved nothing but the best.

Tsunade read through it one more time and nodded in satisfaction. No grammatical errors, sweet yet assertive but most importantly…

… frightening.

She must admit that the pictures were the icing to the cake. If she was Sasuke she'd definitely collapse from sheer tension. Oh yes, the letter was perfect. Now how to send it

"Shizune!" She called her assistant while suppressing her excitement. As the hokage, she must exude this aura of extreme patience. A hokage must not appear easily excited or such. As Shizune entered her office she finally let out a naughty grin. Shizune was her friend after all, and wouldn't exactly rat on her being childish about something. She could trust her.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama?" She asked meekly while offering one of her smiles. She had Tonton wrapped around her arms - who was currently squealing at the Godaime hokage as a greeting.

"I want you to deliver this to Sasuke." She said shortly. Shizune frowned. She wasn't exactly a fan of this prank. Toying with Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun's feeling wasn't something she would consider fun. But she knows Tsunade and how warped her notion of helping was.

"Isn't it enough already, Tsunade-sama? I mean, they're together now, aren't they?" She asked while smiling weakly. Shizune doesn't want to anger the Godaime hokage after all.

"No it's not! I won't stop until they're happily married!" Tsunade banged her fist softly so she wouldn't cause too much damage. This means that the table just shook wildly for a minute, sending her documents flying everywhere while keeping the table in one piece. Shizune bowed her head.

"But, wouldn't it be better if they decided that on they're own? Surely they'd get to that sooner or later…After all, the pictures we saw from Kakashi…" Tsunade looked at her as if she grew another head.

"Sooner or later! Have you seen those two! Naruto, as Sasuke had put it, is a dobe. He probably wouldn't even think of tying the knot with the Uchiha if I told him he could." Shizune opened her mouth to argue but Tsunade beat her to it.

"And if you're going to argue that Sasuke will do the honors… I bet you all the possession I have that he'd be too proud to ask Naruto's hand for marriage. As it is, Sasuke is only doing this because he's pushed in a corner." Shizune opened her mouth again, feeling the need to point out that the two had already made out without anyone pushing them in a corner, but was abruptly cut off when the Godaime hokage stood up and strode to her and caught her wrist.

"Shizune. Deliver this to the Uchiha, okay?" Tsunade gave her a bright grin that clearly said, 'no more arguments, things will work out the way I planned it to.' Shizune knew this conversation was over. She sighed, put Tonton down and reached for the now sealed letter.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama."

Shikamaru never bothered with troublesome things. For one, it gives him the migraines and two, his reasoning told him that being caught up in a troublesome situation only brings more… troubles. Definitely not his cup of tea. But fate has other things in mind for him.

He was supposed to watch clouds today at his backyard. He was enjoying the lazily drifting clouds cross his view when his father suddenly called him and asked him to deliver a package to the Godaime hokage. When his father asked, it was followed. No buts. So even if he had a protest bubbling in his throat, he held his mouth shut and just followed the 'request'. He was about to knock on the hokage's door when he heard some loud banging inside.

"No, it's not! I won't stop until they're happily married!" He heard the hokage loud and clear. His brows furrowed. Happily married? Who? Shikamaru tried not to eavesdrop while waiting outside but it's hard not to over hear some things being discussed inside. Sasuke's name had been heard once or twice and yeah… The marriage thing had been brought up… Shikamaru swears to no one in particular that he did not intentionally eavesdrop. Tsunade-sama did have a rather loud voice… Really troublesome.

Being the smart guy that he is, Shikamaru had put two and two together. Sasuke and marriage must include Naruto and the mystery fiancée. Godaime plus forged letter equals no mystery girl. No mystery girl, Sasuke and marriage do not mix together. But Naruto, Sasuke and marriage did make some sense.

Shikamaru sighed. Then there was the other thing that he had been coerced to do. By who, you ask? The Godaime hokage of course! A while back, he was asked to put on a show for Naruto and Sasuke. Something about being the Hyuuga's bitch. He really wanted to say no to that but he was threatened no day off for the rest of his shinobi time. This threat is the single most effective threat to a very lazy shinobi. Needless to say, he agreed without a second thought.

But the Godaime had explained that he'd be doing good to Naruto and Sasuke. She said that he'd be helping them awake their true feelings for each other. Well, he had thought, the intention is good enough. So he had gone through with it… Had apparently succeeded… and inadvertently enjoyed the romp with the Hyuuga. Just please, don't tell him that.

He narrowed his eyes as his analytical mind took him over. If there's a forged letter, then that must mean some sort of blackmail material to the Uchiha. It'd probably be along the lines of the fiancée coming over a tad earlier than planned… And that would drive the Uchiha to do a desperate move, like getting married with Naruto over the weekend.

That idea did not sit with Shikamaru well. He did not like the idea of Naruto being manipulated, and oh yeah, Sasuke too for that matter, into doing things they did not like to do. And besides, he was sure that those two would suffer from each other when they got married. They'd probably fight ten times more frequent and twenty times worse than they do now. Shikamaru sighed. He knew he had to do something. Fate brought this upon him. He winced. Damn, he knew he had been hanging around the Hyuuga too much.

On the other hand… Does he really have to do something? It's really not his style to butt in to other's business. Shikamaru pondered the pros and cons of the situation when Shizune finally emerged from the room. She gave him a small, tired smile before motioning him in. He raised an eyebrow at the timid woman. He deducted that she didn't really approve of the hokage's methods.

He shrugged to himself as he strode inside the messy office. Papers scattered every available surface and the hokage herself was sitting on her desk, a smug grin on her face. When she noticed the lazy chuunin, she dropped the grin.


"Father told me to hand this over." Shikamaru reached for his pocket and produced the package given to him by his father. The hokage made a grab for it.

"Is that all?" She asked as she stopped herself from opening the package. She seemed excited about it… Shikamaru raised an eyebrow at this but said nothing. Instead he answered the previous question thrown at him.

"Yes." Tsunade-sama nodded at him, and he knew that he was dismissed. He took his time, letting himself out of the room. He heard the hokage mutter something about being too slow so he raised his tempo up a bit. Nothing wrong about being cautious. Shikamaru wouldn't put it past the hokage to throw something at him just to show him up.

"Shikamaru? Is that you?" He heard a familiar voice say. He froze. He so did not want another problem on top of a problem. He had to decide first if he should tell Sasuke and Naruto about the whole thing… He did not need Neji to show up and confuse him with his flattering words and some shit about 'fate'.

Shikamaru raised his hand in greeting. The Hyuuga allowed a smile creep on his face. The lazy shinobi regarded Neji intensely that the Hyuuga somewhat faltered. Meaning, Neji's smile twitched a bit. Not visible to the naked eye but still…

"What? Is there something on my face?" He asked Shikamaru when he got near enough. The lazy shinobi continued regarding him in a less intense manner. It was only because of the Hyuuga's vast experience of stoic faces that he did not flinch at the scrutinizing.

"No, but I think you can help me with something."

On the other side of Konoha village, Naruto (seriously pissed at Kakashi- sensei), Kakashi (seriously happy due to the pictures that he had just spread around) and Sasuke (just woken up and seriously pissed at the both of them) stared in trepidation at the letter in Shizune's hand.

"Please take it, Sasuke- kun. I really had a hard time looking for you too." Shizune said, holding out a thick envelope.

"How can I take it when you said it's from that stupid girl I don't know!" Sasuke cried, refusing to take the letter in his hands.

"Just take it please, or else the Godaime will really be mad at me. You don't want her to hit me with that awful fist, don't you? Don't you feel sorry for me?" Shizune said, eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

Sasuke sighed loudly. What is it with teary eyes that get to me?

"Fine, fine. I'll take it." Sasuke took the envelope, and tore it open. Pulling the letter out, he began to read. Naruto and Kakashi leaned in over his shoulder.

It read:

Dear Uchiha Sasuke- chan,

You probably don't know me (You have no idea how weird that sounded to me, as I am undoubtedly very famous in my own country!) as I do not know you. However, it has come to my knowledge, so vast and wide as it is already, that our villages, Hidden Leaf and Hidden Spring respectively, have agreed in the past to arrange our marriage. It is utterly perplexing to be a part of such old school dramas such as the one that bound us together, and so icky that I have to be wed in my sixteenth year! I, for my part, would want to give a chance to all the boys who have professed their undying love for me. I cannot let them down, and for the sake of my reputation, I realized that I would not permit myself to be a part of such an agreement without my consent, and so I have to see for myself whether or not you are eligible enough to be my partner in my achingly fabulous life.

I hired a private investigator and through this I learned that your family, the Uchihas, is quite known for their outstanding skills in ninja combats and boasts a bloodline known as the Sharingan. Also, I have seen such a flattering picture of you. Seeing the picture had helped me make up my mind. And this is what I have decided upon: I agree to be your bride. Your good looks definitely match mine. The head of our village think it best to be married at the end of the week. We have exactly 6 days left to prepare.

I will see you until then, my future handsome husband!

Your future wife,

Hayage Noriko

P.S. I have also enclosed pictures of mine, so you would know how your future bride would look like! There must be around thirty copies of it, so you could pass it around to all your little friends!

The letter shook uncontrollably in Sasuke's hands. His face was white, and perspiration dripped from his forehead. Naruto, also trembling slightly, took the envelope and shook the contents out. Around thirty copies of pictures- full body shots, 3x4's , passport size- flew in all directions.

Sasuke caught one, and in an instant, collapsed to the ground.


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