The Prophecy
Chapter One: Kagome, the obnoxious new kid
By: OhJoy

Rating: PG-13
Anime: InuYasha
Genre(s): Comedy/Romance/Fluff/WAFF
Type: Alternate Universe, set in a high school for the gifted
Pairings/Characters: The usual suspects; slightly ooc

Story summary: There will rise three. Two are the most powerful Mikos this world has ever known. The other is the strongest hanyou to walk the earth; part human, part Inu youkai. These three forces join as one to annihilate the evil that has plagued our world. The hanyou is destined to have both but will only choose one to love. Together they will cause a transformation such that the world has never seen.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A new year, a new school. Same old shit, different place. Sigh. I either get expelled, suspended, grounded or I learn all that the school has to offer and then I get transferred – again. It sucks, but if I say so myself, it's worth it to get the training I've gotten. I can kick some serious ass.

I hate it because I never meet anyone that I could trust, let alone call my friend. I was hanging out snacking on some Salt & Vinegar chips, technically it was lunchtime. I was sitting under this great big huge tree with the cool chick I met earlier this morning and her guy friends. Sango seemed way cool and so kick ass. I think we're gonna get along really well. Even her friends seem pretty cool, helluva funny too. I had them all in one class or another. They seemed down to earth and balanced. Like I could trust them, like we could actually be friends. Huh. What a concept.

Since they were all just sort of checking me out. Not in a gross "I wanna do you" way, more like "who are you and do we want to know you" way. I figured I might as well break the ice and take the lead, "Well, you have to have some sort of powers to be at this school, right?" They all nodded.

I figured I should at least tell them what I knew so far and so I scanned them over. I took in Sango. She was wearing tight low rise black jeans, a black tank top with red trim, and black Doc Maartens. I said, "You're a Slayer. A very strong one too." She smiled proudly at the compliment.

I looked at Miroku and gave a slight bow. It was obvious he was a monk. He wore black cargo pants, black flip flops and a deep purple short sleeve t-shirt. He pulled his shoulder length hair into a short pony tail and had small gold hoop earrings in both ears, kinda sexy. I smiled, "You are a priest with very formidable spiritual powers." He smirked, of course, what guy wouldn't?

I turned to Shippou. He was dressed in khakis with a blue diamond-checked button short-sleeved shirt and a pair of Nike cross-trainers. I smiled warmly, "A fox demon." Then my gaze turned to Sesshoumaru. He was quite regal, almost femmy, but he seemed strong. This guy has a thing for white. Maybe 'cause his hair is white and hits mid-back. He wore white jeans and a white button down shirt with white flip flops. I stated, "A dog demon."

Then the cute one dressed in stonewash baggy carpenter's jeans, a tight-fitting red shirt and a pair of Puma sneaks. He has pitch black hair down to his waist and the most entrancing violet eyes... I didn't get a solid read on him... Studied him further, interesting, "You have three distinct auras... I sense human... and dog demon.... and at times you become full youkai... You share blood with him," I pointed to Sesshoumaru. "Is this your human form?" He nodded. "You prefer your hanyou self... you have golden eyes, your hair is similar to his, only yours is silver, and you have-"GASP! "- white dog ears..." I know my eyes grew big and I probably had a goofy smile on my face. Could it be? Did I really find him? "So you're the ONE, aren't you?" I sat mesmerized, our eyes locked. I felt my tummy doing back flips continuously. He's really really really cute. I licked my lips, as a reality check that I was still able to feel... something. He looked a little amused at my gushing girly talk, but, hell! I didn't care. I mean, shit, if he really is the ONE then I'm that much closer to fulfilling my destiny!

So, anyways, I'm in the middle of making serious eye contact with the hotty when I hear some prissy chicks approaching. "... Tell us again what BSC stands for! That's so cool that your boyfriend gave you that sweatshirt!"

I fucking couldn't resist and called out, "I think it stands for Big Stupid Cunt." I didn't break eye contact with him. He smirked at my gutter mouth. Ooh, I might actually like him! I heard a few snickers and gasps. Hmmm, this could get interesting.

The chick with the dumbass sweatshirt shrieked, "What did you say to me?"

Sango hissed, "That's Kikyo – " But I chose to ignore it.

I smirked, "Or you could try on Bitch Sucks Cock." The monk nearly choked on the sip of his soda. The little fox child hid behind Sesshoumaru. The whole prissy chick click marched over to me. I noticed some people were backing away. Sango sat back and the two dog demons looked... amused? This is gonna be fun.

"Who the fuck are you?" she bellowed. Her aura flashed pink. Oh, how cute.

I am so amused by this point, I egged her on, "Or did you want the G-Rated version? How about Baby Says Coo?"

Her pathetic pink aura flashed again. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"The obnoxious new kid, obviously," I rolled my eyes. This was getting boring fast.

"My name is Kikyo. I am the MOST POWERFUL Miko this school has ever known!" Her weak little aura did that little jump again. People totally stepped back, even my frien-, uh, companions sat back.

I twirled a lock of my hair and rolled my eyes, "Well, I guess. This is a small school and we are out in the middle of nowhere..."

SNAP. CRACKLE. POP. I laughed just like the cereal.

Kikyo threw an energy ball at me. I caught it easily, one-handed even. She looked exhausted! I heard some "Oh by the Gods!" and outright shrieks. I giggled and started to twirl the energy ball on my index finger, kinda like a basketball.

"Is that all you got, girl? Man, you look tired. After just one ball? I think you need more protein in your diet." I blew a soft whistle over the energy ball and it transformed into a bunch of pretty butterflies that quickly flew away. I'm getting good at that one, now the butterflies were multi-colored, not just the plain brown Monarchs. I just wished they would stay instead of flying away all the time. More "oohs" and "aahs" and "oh shits" were floating around.

Totally bored now, I stood up and took a step towards her. I so totally smirked when she and her minions took a step back. I said in my most serious "I'm so gonna kick your ass" voice, "I am the the most powerful Miko THIS WORLD has ever known. My name is Kagome. Know it. Fear it."

With a snap of my fingers, I had an energy force come from my index finger and lifted her up and tossed her off about twenty feet away. I then looked at her little friends, sighed mockingly and said, "I suppose you guys probably want to go check on her." I snapped my fingers on my other hand and with both of my index fingers, I tossed all six girls over to Kikyo. Oh, I saw a bit of my aura... it was a solid iridescent purple that shimmered brightly and it emanated about three feet all around me. Oh, I am getting really strong!

I sat back down with my frien-, uh, companions and said, "Well, that was sorta disappointing." I looked at them and they all sort of sputtered. I gave a warm smile. "Oops, did I come off scary? Sorry."



"A wondrous gift you are."



"So," my smile grew even more. "You guys are funny."

The red-haired boy named Shippou spoke first, actually he squeaked, "That was kinda scary."

I smiled warmly and said, "No worries. I'm a very loyal friend. Just don't ever piss me off." He gulped and this time he ran to hide behind the monk.

I tried again at restoring their calm, "I didn't mean to show off. I'm sorry. I just figured she was stronger than that."

"No," Sango shook her head. "Don't apologize. I figured you were a Miko, but shit..."

"KAGOME!" I looked over and cringed. Shit, just what I needed - someone in a suit.

"Damn it all to hell. I can't get suspended on my first day! My mom is gonna skin me!" I caught Sango's eyes and I said, "Do you have any idea how long and how much energy it takes to generate skin?! FUCK!"

"Kagome," the fat old man huffed.

"Look, it wasn't my fault. I was just defending myself. She threw an energy ball and—"

"Oh, never mind that," fat man waved it off. "I want you to come teach my third years how to transform energy balls into butterflies."

"Huh? Really? You want me to teach party tricks?" I giggled. Ok, not getting skinned today! "How about blowing bubbles? Butterflies are tough." I formed an 'O' with my forefinger and thumb and gently whistled. Various sized blue bubbles came out of my circled fingers. More "oohs" and "aahs." Geez, this is the sticks if they're impressed with that. I blew a kiss into the air and the bubbles changed to red. I swished my head from left to right and the bubbles changed to pink. And when they popped, it sounded like you clinked wine glasses. That's a fun trick, useless in battle, but fun.

"Fabulous, fabulous. Come to room 274B when lunch is over." The fat man clapped and nearly skipped along the sidewalk. I giggled. Oh, yeah, there it is, my ego grew little.

"Miko," Sesshoumaru drawled. "You are remarkably strong and are able to easily manipulate Miko energy. How did you come about this skill?"

Oh, he was smooth, but not nearly as hot as his brother. I dismissed his side-handed compliment, "I've been training since birth. And I do much more than manipulate Miko energy."

He took the bait, "Oh, and pray tell, do share..."

I laughed and said brightly a bit triumphantly, "I just learned how to absorb part of a demon's energy." I was proud of that. It took nearly all of last year to master that skill!

Shock flooded his and the others' face. Disbelief clearly evident in his voice when he stated, "That's impossible. I know of no one - let alone a weak human to do that!"

I stood again, "Oh really?" I'm such a girl, I actually flipped my hair. And so I flicked my right wrist and out came a glowing lime green... whip? Eeww, this guy is kinda sadistic, I think. "This is your weapon of choice, is it not?" Wow, he almost looked scared, just for a second though.

Not that familiar with whips, I managed to pluck him from his seated position to stand right in front of me. I levitated until we were eye to eye. "Hi," I breathed. "Oh, Sesshoumaru, humans are so rolled eyes not weak." And flashed him a warm smile, gently removing the whip and releasing his energy. I slowly touched back to the ground.

He looked quite dumbfounded, for all of two seconds before he recast his look of bored interest, "Interesting, Miko. You would make a powerful ally in battle." He quickly returned to his seat among the group.

I smiled. Cool, making friends fast. I'm glad I didn't insult his little doggy demon ego. The hotty was so checking me out and asked, "What do you mean when you asked if I was 'the ONE'?"

I sorta scrunched my eyebrows. "Don't you guys know the prophecy?" They shook their heads "no" or made comments to the effect.

I said in my best impression of a radio announcer, "There will rise three. Two are the most powerful Mikos this world has ever known. The other is the strongest hanyou to walk the earth; part human, part Inu youkai. These three forces join as one to annihilate the evil that has plagued our world. The hanyou is destined to have both but will only choose one to love. Together they will cause a transformation such that the world has never seen."

The hotty looked a little... inspired, scared? But recovered in a nanosecond and said gruffly, "Crazy bitch. What the hell are you talking about? A hanyou is not stronger than a full blooded youkai." I saw the insolent stare his full blooded youkai brother threw me.

"Is that what they taught you to believe? I guess when fear rules..." I shrugged. I caught InuYasha's gaze and asked softly, "Were you shunned by both the humans and the demon world?" He looked almost defiant. Mmm, that would be a yes. "Of course, they would lead you to believe that. But a hanyou... shit, any hanyou is stronger than his full blooded youkai counterpart any day of the week - and twice on Sunday."

"Miko, you are mistaken. You shall learn your place." Sesshoumaru puffed out his chest.

I waved him off and stared him down as I said, "Oh, puh-leeze. A hanyou is able to draw his strength from BOTH sides. The punishing physical strength of a youkai and the undauntable human spirit. Indeed, a hanyou is a formidable foe and a highly sought after ally in any battle." I turned to InuYasha, not faltering in his gaze, and with all the love in my heart, I stated proudly, "It is my privilege and honor to meet you."

I must have the best timing today. Because just then the bell rang that announced the end of lunch. I smiled brightly and said, "Thank you all for such an entertaining lunch hour. I'm off to teach party tricks!" I twirled and sauntered off in the direction the fat man took earlier in search of room... oh shit what was that room again... oh yeah, room 274B.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ok, ok... I admit... some made up miko powers... but wasn't that FUN?

:) Joy