The Prophecy
Chapter Two: Sango's Miko Training
By: OhJoy

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"Wait!" I yelled after my new friend. I grabbed my backpack and waved a hand to my friends as I chased after Kagome. Man, she can move fast. Luckily, so can I. "Hey," I said to her. She looked up at me, a bit surprised that I was walking next to her and then a smile broke across her face. Took a minute for her to recognize me, I guess. I returned her smile, "I'm in Mr. Pudgy's, er, I mean, Mr. Myouga's class too." I nearly laughed aloud; she had such a confused look on her face.

"Oh, hi, Sango. Mr. Myouga's class? Who's Mr. Myouga?" she queried.

"Mr. Myouga is the short plump man that asked you to teach his third years how to blow bubbles," I quickly explained. Of course, she wouldn't know the teacher's name. Duh!

"Ah, got it," she smiled brightly. "We're off to find room 247B." She looked around. I started walking towards the hall for the room and she kept pace with me.

"Mr. Myouga is sort of a silly teacher. He gets all excited and stuff and then talks all philosophically. We all tease him and call him Mr. Pudgy," I explained as I noticed Shippou ran down the hallway being chased by InuYasha.

"GET BACK HERE, RUNT!" InuYasha yelled after the little guy. I just shook my head and rolled my eyes and we exchanged another laugh. Some things never change. I swear, sometimes Shippou baits InuYasha intentionally.

"Those two... they fight like brothers..." Kagome said.

"Well, they sort of are. I mean, InuYasha family's kind of adopted Shippou," I offered her a small insight on InuYasha. I wonder if she's the miko in the Prophecy that'll fall in love with the hanyou. That Prophecy didn't really make sense to me. I mean, what sort of evil were they supposed to fight? I wonder who the other miko is... I guess that's why she taunted Kikyo so badly. Was Kagome testing Kikyo's strength to see if she was the other miko?

I led her down the hallway, easily maneuvered through the sea of students to our classroom. I walked in and saw Ayame talking to Koharu. Eew, I really can't stand her. She likes Miroku. I know she does. She actually cooked him dinner! Ugh! Not that I'm jealous. Not like I like Miroku. I mean, I like Miroku. I just don't like him like him.

"Hey, Ayame!" I called out to my red-haired friend. Ayame was a couple of inches shorter than me with sparkling emerald eyes. She wore a pair of khaki cargo pants and simple white t-shirt with a pair of Keds on her feet, her hair in her trademark pig tails. When I caught her eyes, I motioned for her to join us. I quickly made introductions, "Ayame, this is Kagome. She just moved here from the States."

I saw how they sized each other up. It's so funny. I'd expect that from Ayame since she's a wolf demon, but Kagome is a human. That cracked my smile a little further. After a few seconds, Ayame broke the stare down and offered her hand that Kagome quickly shook.

"Nice to meet you, Kagome," Ayame smiled at the new girl. "Any friend of Sango's is a friend of mine. Welcome to our little corner of the Earth."

"Likewise and thank you," Kagome replied warmly.

Mr. Pudgy entered the classroom in a huff. He really should watch his diet and exercise a bit more. I felt my eyebrows furrow. Stop it. Be nice. Try not to judge others.

"Ah, Kagome. Welcome, welcome," Mr. Pudgy said as soon as he saw my new friend. He made a gesture for her to come to the front of the room. She shrugged at us and made her way to stand next to the rotund man. "Everyone, please take your seats. I have a very special person I'd like to introduce to you."

I grabbed my favorite seat, smack in the middle. I noticed Koharu was sitting the far back. Ha, the failure corner seat. Ayame sat to my right.

"Welcome, Third Years. This is Miko Training 301 for the non-shrine inhabitants. If you're not sure if you're supposed to be in this class, then you probably aren't. Does anyone fit into that category?" He surveyed the room. No one raised their hand. I recognized everyone here, so we were all in the right class. I still don't get why every teacher has to say that. Do they think we're that dumb? Mr. Myouga's chest puffed out even more, "This is Kagome. She is a very powerful miko and is going to teach you something you probably didn't think you could do as a non-miko."

Kagome smiled and waved her hand in a small crescent in front of her. She stepped back a bit until she was right against the teacher's desk, hopped on top and sat down on it.

"Ok, so Mr. Pudg-, uh, Mr. Myouga," a few snickers sprinkled the air at her near slip up. I smiled brightly to encourage her to continue. "Asked me to show some things about Miko Energy. But before we start, can anyone tell me where you guys are with your training?"

A few hands raised and Kagome called on me. "Sango?"

I lowered my arm and said, "Well, we learned the first two years about the basics of herbology and various remedies and healing practices. How to tend to wounds and illnesses and stuff."

"Ah, I see. Is that all?" Kagome asked. Murmured agreement floated through the room. She looked around and nodded her head as well. A glowing smile landed on her face, "Awesome! Well, then you guys are in for a real treat today!"

She seemed like she was holding a secret that she just couldn't wait to share with us. She really made me laugh. I think I'm really gonna like her as my friend. Something about her makes me feel welcome and safe. Plus she so kicked Kikyo's sorry little—

"Ok!" Kagome clapped her hands. "Who knows how to draw their miko energy?"

All the girls around me started to sputter...


"We're non-mikos!"

"Duh, that's what this class is for - non-mikos!"

Kagome giggled, "Amazing. Ok, let's start with the basics of what Miko Energy is. Does anyone know what it is?" A few hands raised. I kept mine down. She looked silly; she's hiding some thing. This has got to be a trick question or something just as silly. She called on someone behind me. I turned to look and it was Nazuna. That chick has a huge chip on her shoulder. She's really prejudiced against anything that wasn't human. How she could be so narrow minded, I just don't know.

"Miko Energy is the spiritual powers that mikos and houshis posses to defend against demons," Nazuna spat.

"That's part of it," Kagome acknowledged the girl. "Anyone else? What is Miko Energy?" She looked around and called on someone else.

"Well, it's only comes from holy people, right?" a soft voice off to my left said. I looked to see who it was. Oh, Serina. The ninja girl and her sister that tried stealing from my family's weapon arsenal. I've long since forgiven her, but she still rubs me the wrong way.

Kagome nodded. "Well, that's a good start. But I'll let you in on a secret-" I knew it! She was just baiting us! She continued, "Miko Energy is really a life force. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together." I shook my head, that sounded oddly familiar, like something from a movie.

"Think of it this way," she looked at my confused classmates. "Everyone can sing, right? Some better than others? But with the proper training, anyone can carry a tune."

Murmurs were flying around me.

"What is she talking about?"

"We're not mikos!"


She put up her hands in a mock surrender, "Ok, ok. I get that this is a bit much to take in. But it's true!" She laughed and looked straight at me. "Sango, come here."

Argh! She's gonna use me as her flippin' guinea pig. Ah, hell. Maybe I don't like her too much. Ok, ok. Be nice... I got up from my seat and walked over to her and faced the class.

"Ok," she said facing me. "Do you know how to tap into your energy?"

"Kagome, I'm not a miko," I rolled my eyes. Geez, how many times do I need to tell her that already? "I'm a demon slayer."

"Ok, someone wasn't paying attention when I said Miko Energy was like a life force..." then she rolled her eyes. She was laughing at me! Oooh, I'll show her.

"Humph. Well, then. The answer is no," I retorted.

She sighed softly and said, "Ok, Sango, can you trust me on this?" She grabbed my hands in both of hers and turned me to face her. I was a little startled at her touch, but I shook it off and nodded. I'm sure she wasn't going to embarrass me like she did Kikyo.

"Good. Now close your eyes," she directed me and I figured, what the hell? "Now concentrate on your strength. Think of the last time you were in a battle or even just a fight."

I remembered the night Serina and her sister, Suzuna, came to my home to steal the materials we used for our weapons. I had to stave off hundreds of lower-class demons that were drawn to the demonic auras of the material. I hurled my Hiraikotsu, easily killing many of them the first round.

"Got a memory?" I heard her ask.

I nodded.

"Now, remember the feel of what you did. Concentrate on the strength that surged through your blood."

I nodded again. The memory flooded my senses. I could almost smell the blood. I could almost hear the whimpering gasps from Serina and Suzuna and the thought of having to fight the demons.

"Now focus that strength, that energy, into your right hand." I felt her let go of my left hand and turn the palm up of my right hand. "Good. Good." I heard some voices in my class gasp. "Focus. Don't pay any attention to them. Focus. Feel. Breathe. Good."

She let go of my hand and it started to feel hot. It almost pulsated on its own. Like it was separate from my body. Weird.

"Awesome, Sango! Open your eyes," she exclaimed.

I did. I immediately looked at hand. In the palm of my hand was a pale red energy ball, the size of a large grapefruit!

"OH BY THE GODS!" I shrieked. The energy ball was zapping and crackling, but it didn't hurt me. I thought these things were lethal? And how in the world did I make one? I looked over to the rest of the class and they were just as dumbfounded, most had jaws gaping wide open. I looked down over my body and noticed my aura. It glowed a pale red, just like my energy ball. Oh, my.

"Excellent, Sango," Mr. Myouga joined in the conversation. "Most excellent." He turned to Kagome, "Now what does she do with it?"

She shrugged, "Whatever she wants."

I was confused, "Whatever I want? B-but isn't this thing dangerous?"

"Mmm... yeah, but you can turn into something that's not," she said it in such a casual way. "Can you whistle or sing well?"

I nodded.

"Ok. What do you want to do with your energy ball?" Her smile was so warm and she looked so proud of me!

"Um... how about butterflies?" I asked, not really thinking I could do it. But what the hell, right?

"Ok, let's try!" She clapped her hands. "Close your eyes. First, think of the ball turning into a bunch of butterflies like I did earlier."

I remembered how she caught Kikyo's energy ball and blew a soft whistle over it and the next thing I knew beautiful multi-colored butterflies flew out.

"Ok, got it? Good." Her voice really was soothing. "Now, think of a really happy song you can whistle. That you know how to whistle."

I screwed my eyes closed tighter and scrunched my eyebrows. A happy song? I don't know no happy song.

"Concentrate, Sango. I know you can do it. Happy song... something you want to dance to... or kiss to..."

The light bulb clicked ON!

"Good, you got one?" It was almost like I could hear her smiling at me. "Now open your eyes." I did. And I saw how caring her gray-blue eyes were. "Ok, now, lift the energy ball and whistle your song as you think of the butterflies flying."

I brought the energy ball up and leaned over it as I remembered Kagome did earlier. I envisioned the butterflies fluttering away to U2's The Sweetest Thing. I closed my eyes and whistled a few bars. I heard gasps and "Oh by the Gods!" floating around and felt the heat from the energy ball shift and flutter away. I looked up and saw that I made strawberry colored butterflies and they were flitting across the room, out the windows and door. I squealed!

That's when I also noticed that we had an audience. The boys' Combat Training class was standing outside the windows. Out of the crowd, I recognized Miroku and InuYasha. InuYasha had Tessaiga slung over his shoulder. Miroku held his staff. Both pairs of eyes bulged in wonder. Actually, all pairs of eyes I could see were nearly glazed over in wonder.

"I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT!" I screamed and grabbed Kagome's hands and we started jumping up and down.

Mr. Myouga beamed. He came over to us and said to, "Well done, Sango." He placed a hand on my shoulder and said it again, "Well done."

WOW! I never knew that I had an energy force like that! Now I can really kick some demon butt!

Mr. Myouga looked to the class and said, "Ok, so let's practice this together? Shall we? Kagome..." His voice interrupted our small celebration.

"Yes," she said. I dropped her hands and stopped jumping like an eight-year-old.

"Will you lead the class in this exercise?" Mr. Myouga asked.

"It would be my pleasure." She beamed and squeezed my hand one last time. "Sango, will you assist me?"

"You bet!" I was ecstatic. I would've agreed to just about anything anyone asked right now. Even Miroku. Miroku? Why am I thinking of him?

"Ok, everyone. Close your eyes and focus inward." Kagome said loudly. "Draw on a memory where you experienced your strength. And it doesn't have to be physical strength. It could be a skill you do well. Like some of you may be a good cook, so remember when you made an outstanding dish and how good it tasted. Or some of you maybe artists. So think of the creative thing you made. Like that." She motioned me to walk around the class. We both noticed how Mr. Myouga leaned on his desk and was doing the exercise too.

"Keep your eyes closed and feel. Remember the feel of what you did. Concentrate on the energy that surged through your blood as you did it."

I walked around the room and offered words of encouragement when I saw worried looks. Kagome led the class through the rest of the exercise. I noticed that everyone's energy balls were different colors. I saw every shade of pink, yellow, blue, green and blue imaginable. But one thing that stood out to me was no one had an energy ball as large as mine was. Most of them ranged from the size of a kiwi to a small apple. There were a couple that were as small as a grape. That was Nazuna's. She is really bitter and annoying. No wonder.

Oh who cares? I made a flippin' energy ball transform into a bunch of strawberry colored butterflies!

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See ya next time. Thanks for taking the time to read my story!
:) Joy