Live Like You Were Dying

Title: Live Like You Were Dying
Author: kazeko
Show: Power Rangers
Rating: R
Chapters: ?
Series: no, also no relation to "Children of the Gods"
Multipart: yes
Time: About a year after Power Rangers in Space
Couple(s): Tommy/Kimberly, Jason/Kat, Tanya/Adam
Disclaimer: Saban and Disney own Power Rangers and they don't deserve it if they won't release MMPR on DVD!
Disclaimer 2: I own everything else, including characters, other planets, and the plot.
AN: It was really strange--a week ago I had this really vivid dream about the Power Rangers and this was it. I have only added a few names and details to the dream, but any confusion or time jumps are deliberate because they were in my dream and they kinda fit. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Ranger Reunion

He sat on the bluff, watching as a tall man in a white shirt with mahogany hair waved goodbye to his uncle one last time and jumped into his jeep, speeding away to a hidden town in the distance, noted only for its conception of the world-famous Power Rangers so many years before. He watched the vehicle speed away, smiling as he remembered that young man, so hopeful, but in so much pain. There was still pain, but a different type, and there had been decades of happiness. Nothing wonderful lasts forever, but pain never goes away.

"That's a very depressing thought, my love."

He smiled at her, loving her so much at that moment, knowing that she was suffering. Every minute of every day she suffered and there was nothing he could do about it. Except love her and be there for her. "I'm getting old, Beautiful. Sometimes it's all I've got. Especially now."

"Shhh," she soothed, resting her head on his shoulder. "You promised not to think about it. We're here to change all of that."

"You're right, of course." They looked up at the same instant as their partner appeared, dark brown hair longer than it had been in his youth, ears pointed from decades of power peeking out from under his curls. "You're late, Bro."

"There's been a problem." She sat up straighter, brown eyes wide as the second man bit his lip, tears in his eyes. "It's about the baby."

"No . . ."


"Aisha!!" Tanya squealed as she embraced the woman who had given up her place on the team for her. "How have you been?"

"God, Vet School is torture. You would not believe how much random stuff there is to memorize! I mean, every single bone in a cat's body? It's nice to be home for the summer. How are you and Adam? Working on that family yet?"

Tanya blushed, her dark cheeks darkening, as she helped Aisha gather her bags and led her to the guest room. "Come on, Aisha. You know we're still young."

"Being a Power Ranger has this annoying habit of making us grow up too fast. Most seventeen-year-olds don't have to make life-and-death decisions on a daily basis. I'm kind of glad that you all retired."

"Me, too, a little. I mean, I liked saving the world and stuff, but it's nice not to have to listen for Zordon's signal." She paused, wiping a tear from her eye as she placed the bag on the empty bed. "I miss him."

"He did what he had to do, Tanya. It's nobody's fault. We couldn't have gotten rid of so much evil by sacrificing ourselves, but we would have in a second if we could. He was just a Power Ranger without a body. When he got his chance to change the world, he took it."

"Tommy took it pretty badly," the third Yellow Ranger whispered. She picked up one of Aisha's pictures, one of the group at the Youth Center. Tommy was white back then, smiling, his chestnut-haired girlfriend nestled securely in his arms, Adam glaring at Rocky as the sneaky second Red Ranger pilfered a fry, Billy's nose buried in a manual of some sort, Aisha smiling at the camera. "I know I wasn't a Ranger for that long, not like Tommy, but I always knew that the teams weren't the same. Every new incarnation of the Power Rangers was different—new zords, new colors, new powers, new people. How many different teams were there?"

"Let me think. First there were the original five Rangers; then Tommy as the Green Ranger joined; then Tommy turned white and became the leader; then Jason, Trini, and Zack had to leave; then Kimberly left and gave Kat her coin; then Billy and I left during the Zeo Quest."

"Yeah. Then the rest of us went Turbo and gained Justin when Rocky left. Seven teams here in Angel Grove. Then the Space Rangers gave Zordon his chance and now he's gone. Everything's changed so much."

"We need a reunion or something. All of the Power Rangers who can make it. I'll bet we could dig most of them up." Aisha placed her picture beside the one of Tanya with the Zeo Rangers. "I don't know any of the Space Rangers . . ."

"I wouldn't know how to get in contact with them, anyway. But we could get most of the first seven teams except for Billy."

"What about Kimberly? Would she come?"

Tanya hung the last of Aisha's clothes in the closet and led her friend downstairs, digging in the cabinet for something remotely edible. "I don't know. None of us have spoken to her since . . . I mean, Zack and Trini keep in contact with Jason, and Adam and I see him and Rocky at least twice a week. Sometimes Kat will call me from London and Tommy will call Jason from wherever he is that week, but I don't think anyone ever talks to Kimberly. Unless you do?"

"I don't. I never really told her that I stayed in Africa, and she might not know that I left Angel Grove or the team at all."

"Is she still in Florida? We could try to call her . . ."

"Yeah, she's in Florida." Both women turned at the voice, smiling as Jason sauntered into the kitchen, lengthening hair pulled back out of his way. He and Rocky owned and operated the Red Phoenix Dojo in town, the name a reminder of the Ranger color they shared and the rebirth of all Rangers into new incarnations. "How are you doing, Aisha? How's Africa?"

"Nothing like Angel Grove." The three sat down at the table as Tanya found some bread and meat, placing them and the appropriate condiments on the table so her guests could slap a sandwich together. She also managed to find three glasses and welcomed Jason and Aisha to the tea she had brewed the day before, claiming that at least it wasn't poison. Rocky, who had driven Jason to Tanya's apartment, huffed up the stairs a few minutes later, having had to park the car, and dove for the food. Adam, who lived in the next apartment, always visited Tanya, and swelled the group to five, and Aisha finally asked Jason about Kimberly.

"I wandered over to Florida last month to see how she was doing. She's an assistant coach in her own right now, and she really enjoys teaching gymnastics. It was kind of strange, though. You remember the gold she got in the Pan-Globals and her medals from the Olympics? She has them buried in a box in the back of her closet. It's like she doesn't want to think about them."

"Maybe she just ran out of space," Rocky smiled. "I'm sure if she had someone to show them to she'd have them out." He paused to take a bite and gather his thoughts. "That idea you girls mentioned about a Ranger Reunion sounds pretty great. I'm sure Kimberly would come."

"Actually, Trini suggested the same thing when I spoke to her last week. She and Zack are coming back to Angel Grove sometime later this week and she wanted to see all of her friends and the Rangers she never met. She asked me about Kimberly, but I couldn't give her any answer. She seems happy enough, but there's a light missing from her eyes. I know we're not teenagers anymore, but she's not the same happy person I knew all those years ago."

"Maybe it was the letter," Adam whispered, some of his old guilt surfacing. No matter how many times Tanya tried to comfort him, he was still guilty about the letter. After all, he read it to Tommy, and it hurt almost as much as seeing his friend go through the pain of losing the only woman he ever really loved.

A sharp knock on the door interrupted the group, and Tanya shrugged. "It's open," she called. The door swung open to reveal Tommy, the former Green-White-Red Ranger, smiling, dressed in the white he liked the most.

"Hey. Look who I found at the airport." He pushed the door open a little more, and the first Black and Yellow Rangers stood there, grinning. They were enveloped in hugs and effusive greetings by the later Rangers, and all dark thoughts were banished for the moment. As the group helped Zack and Trini stow their stuff and polished off the food, Tanya led the ex-Rangers to her living room.

"Tommy, what is it?"

The former leader shook his head, the hair on the back of his neck standing on end. He was frozen in the middle of the room, staring at nothing, all of his instincts screaming at him. "I'm not sure . . . it feels like we're being watched."

A flash of silver-white-red light in the center of the room confirmed his suspicions and Tommy leapt back, falling into a defensive posture as the other Rangers also shot to their feet. The glow faded and gasps of shock and disbelief filled the room. "Oh my god . . ." Aisha whispered. No one else could speak.

The leader of the three grinned. "Hey, guys. How've you been?"

To Be Continued: tell me what you think