Live Like You Were Dying

Title: Live Like You Were Dying
Author: kazeko
Show: Power Rangers
Rating: PG 13
Chapters: 18, unfinished
Series: no, also no relation to "Children of the Gods"
Multipart: yes
Time: About a year after Power Rangers in Space, changing the Power Rangers timeline after that
Couple(s): Tommy/Kimberly, Jason/Kat, Tanya/Adam
Disclaimer: Saban and Disney own Power Rangers and they don't deserve it if they won't release MMPR on DVD!
Disclaimer 2: I own everything else, including characters, other planets, and the plot.

Chapter 18: Queen Anarii
Anarii sighed as she stared at the holograph, no longer absorbing the thousands of meaningless reports streaming past her nose. Who cared, anyway? None of them were more than minor diplomatic arguments, something the region Duchess could deal with. Speaking of, where was the Duchess of Azareth?

"Your impatience astounds me," Baliree's voice scolded as she appeared in the throne room, dressed in finery she usually refused to wear, ten young men and women behind her. Anarii stood, eyes locked on the small woman dressed in silver and pink, a tiara on her head, knowing that the brunette was her chosen heir. She was smiling, joy radiating off her in waves, and the queen knew that she and her boyfriend had reunited in the days since Baliree left for Earth. "Alina found our little princess for us."

Anarii raised an eyebrow, briefly ignoring the humans as she glared at her friend. "I swear, Bali, you're cruel. That girl would do anything for you, but you won't ask her to marry you! If you tease her much longer, I might invite her here."

Baliree snorted and crossed her arms over her chest. "Shows what you know." She stepped aside, revealing the last visitor, a slender woman with strawberry blonde hair and sparkling silver eyes, wearing the silks of a Duchess herself, hair curled and barely restrained, an emerald-studded ear cuff hugging the top of her right ear. "She already accepted my proposal."

"Bali! That's wonderful! Alina, I'm so happy for you."

"Thank you, Your Majesty," the scout whispered, bowing her head. "But I think you should meet your new family." She pulled Kimberly to the front, Tommy by her side, and smiled. "I introduce Kimberly Ann Hart, who has accepted the position of Crown Princess of the Adamarei Alliance, and her fiancé Tommy Oliver, who agrees to train as Prince so that he may aid your daughter in her duties when she takes the throne."

"Welcome to Shamirin Prime," Anarii smiled, taking Kimberly's hand. "I can see your fire, anaah, and I am glad you came here of your own free will. I know that you left a great deal behind in order to help us, and I am glad that you came."

"Thank you," Kimberly whispered, bowing her head. "This is Tommy. Baliree told us that you researched all of the former Power Rangers, so you know about him."

"Indeed I do." Anarii shifted her attention and took the taller man's hand. "You were legendary through the Alliance for your courage and your purity of heart. Very few men or women could have been truly evil and then completely abandon that path without a backward glance in order to fight Rita and Zedd. Your struggle as the Green Ranger and your reward of the White Ranger Powers are an inspiration to the warriors of the Alliance, reminding even the smallest of children that evil can always be denied."

Tommy ducked his head, unused to such complements. "Thank you, Majesty."

"Call me Anarii. You're my son now and I will not tolerate such formality." She looked over his shoulder, counting the other humans as Kimberly and Tommy moved to stand by her side. She sensed Shamirin power from them, power that Kimberly and Tommy did not have yet. "You are the other Rangers, aren't you? Jason Lee Scott, Zachary Taylor, Trini Kwan, Rocky DeSantos, Katherine Hilliard, Adam Park, Aisha Campbell, and Tanya Sloan. But you have power . . . humans don't have that sort of power."

"It came from an old Shamirin Mage," Aisha whispered, despair unexpectedly lacing her voice. "He decided that his powers would be safer with us, after what happened. We can't tell you what happened, Majesty, but afterwards we asked Kimberly and Tommy if we could come with them. After all we've been through together, we couldn't let them leave for a new life alone. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not! I would have invited all of you, but I didn't have the power to turn all of you into Shamirii. But the power you two hold, Jason and Katherine, is not the same as the power from the old Mage." She turned to the Warrior-Seer dressed in fiery red and his Midwife-Empath partner clad in dark pink. "Warrior-Seer? Baliree, isn't your oldest half sister a Warrior with Seer tendencies? And you are a Diplomat-Empath, your mother a true Midwife. You and your sister gave them their powers, didn't you?"

Baliree smiled, wrapping an arm around her fiancée's waist. "I told them that Tariile and I had enough power for two Mages. We had to stop off on Nariit Minor so I could get the cuff for Alina, and Tarii was home for once. Ergo, two more Mages. All you have to do is pass power onto Kimberly and Tommy."

"Not yet. I have decided to wait until the wedding. However, it is not yet completely planned, the entrance of Kayoohthrifiiv into the Alliance tying up most of my advisors."

"Kayoohthrifiiv?" Tommy raised one eyebrow, trying to decipher the queen's lilting accent. "Do you mean KO-35, Andros's planet?"

"I suppose that is how your people would say it. Andros . . . the Ranger? I believe he was named Ambassador to the Royal Court at the signing. I'm glad that a former Ranger was chosen; I know that I can trust him. Now, all ten of you need to come with me and help me get ready for the biggest and most beautiful wedding this Alliance has ever seen. All of the Royals and Ambassadors will be there, and there will be dozens of live holo-feeds to every planet in the Alliance. It will be magnificent." Anarii wrapped one arm around Kimberly and the other around Tommy as she led the pair deeper into the palace, their friends following.

As soon as the group was gone, Baliree waved her hand, turning the holo-reader to face her as she rearranged the messages by Region and sent most of them to the Duchesses. The Queen was too busy to deal with such common matters. After all of the messages were sent away, only one was left. Aquitar had applied to join the Alliance. Alina read the message over her future wife's shoulder. "Aquitar? Why now, all of a sudden? Bali love, I thought that they turned down our offer five times already. I wonder what changed."

"What else? They heard about our new princess. Billy Cranston was one of the first five Power Rangers."

"Ah. I will send the royals of Aquitar an invitation to the wedding, then. I would not break up such old and dear friends." Alina quickly drafted the message and sent it, letting the computer sign for Queen Anarii and Duchess Baliree. She turned the holo-unit off, putting the system in standby, and turned to face her fiancée. "Bali, love, what shall we do now? It will be a week until the wedding, at the least, more if Anarii decides to travel to Aquitar to admit them into the Alliance."

Baliree took Alina's delicate hand and kissed it gently. "I can think of a few good ways to spend the time, beloved. You and I have a Joining of our own to plan. What kind of wedding did you want?"

"Just a simple ceremony with our families. I don't need all of the formalities that Tommy and Kimberly's wedding requires. All I need is you."

Baliree descended from the throne, leading Alina out of the huge room and toward her room in the palace, ignoring the servants and guards they passed along the way. "So sweet, alahrah. I think we can invite our families, the queen, and the new Mages. Is there anyone else, beloved?"

"No. But, I want to visit somewhere first. Come with me, please."

"I would follow you anywhere."

"Alina ni'Tayiessru? Lady, I did not expect to see you. Doctor ni'Miyaferrh is busy, but she will be available in just a moment."

Alina nodded at the nurse, leading Baliree to one of the small couches in the waiting room. The hospital was large and well-furnished, its prosperity due to its reputation and the fact that it boasted one of the most powerful Medic-Midwife Mages in the Alliance. Baliree looked around, having changed into simpler clothes so that she would not be recognized, fingers twined with Alina's. "Why are we here, Alina?"

"You'll see when Rimiara finishes with her patient. She always has time for me. She considers me her special case, since my mothers were the first women she helped have a child. She perfected a procedure that tended to burn out the birth mother or render the child completely magic-less, and now lesbian couples of many different races throughout the Alliance can have the children they always wanted."

"I see. Why are we here?"

"You'll see, my love."

"Alina! There you are, child!" A smiling woman with silvery blonde hair entered the waiting area, hugging Alina and smiling at Baliree. She only looked to be one hundred years old, though Bali knew that she was more than three centuries old. "And what is this? An ear cuff? Alina! How wonderful! Is this the lucky woman?"

"Of course. Rimiara ni'Miyaferrh, meet Baliree ni'Kijarifaule, my fiancée."

"Baliree ni'Kijarifaule? Duchess of Azareth Region? Wow, Alina. Congratulations." Rimiara smiled and bowed to Baliree, gently steering the pair into the nearest examination room. "So, Alina, what brings the two of you here?"

"I . . . we . . . we've been talking off and on about getting married and having a family, and since we're going to get married very soon, I want to start that family."

"Alahrah? Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

Alina nodded. "Bali, I want to have your baby. And Rimiara is the best woman to help with that. If . . . if you want to."

Baliree smiled and leaned down, kissing her lover. "Of course I want to. Our child, the truest proof of our love? But you have to promise that you'll never go scouting again among the primitive races. I worry so when you're out there and I cannot contact you."

"I promise, Alahrhaah. I'll never leave your side again."

Rimiara smiled and held out her hand. "Then we had better get started on that girl, hm? Come on, Alina; let's get you pregnant."

"That's not something you hear everyday."

To be continued