Hey guys... This is my first Gravi fic. Haha... Just fell in love with Gravitation recently. Oh... Yuki's so good-looking!!!! I wanna eat him up!

But, well, Yuki belongs too Shu. YukixShu forever!!! I really grew to admire Shuichi's unconditional love for Yuki. And the fact that he never gives up!

Anyway, hope this fic works out...

DISCLAIMER: Gravitation does not belong to me. It belongs too Murakami-sensei


CHAPTER 1 – Introduction

It was a Friday night and somehow, all or most of the guys were gathered at Yuki's apartment watching a horror movie. (Shuichi, Yuki, Hiro, Suguru, K, Sakano, Tohma, Tatsuha, and Ryuichi.) Well, it was supposed to be a horror movie. Only that the horror graphics weren't scary enough to even freak Shuichi and Ryuichi a little. Almost everyone was dozing off by now, with the hall lights dimmed.

God... I don't even know why I agreed to this... Yuki looked to his left, where a certain pink hair boy was leaning against him. It must be the baka's fault...

He sighed.

All of a sudden, the TV turned black, causing everyone to jump.

"GHOST!!!!" Shuichi screamed and hugged Yuki tightly, burying his face in Yuki's chest.

Ryuichi screamed too, while K whipped out his gun.

"Please..." Tatsuha began sarcastically. "I was the one who switched the TV off."

"Why?" Hiro asked, yawning.

"'Cos it's boring."

"But there isn't anything else to do..."

"Then get your ass out of my house. Everyone." Yuki cut in with a cold glare, Shuichi still hugging him.

"Aww... don't be like that, aniki. I know you wanna have some time alone with your lover, but it's fun to hold a gathering like this once in a while..." Tatsuha grinned.

Yuki growled in annoyance.

"So what do you suggest we do?" Tohma asked in amusement.

Tatsuha's grin widened. "Let's play a game." He glanced at Ryuichi. "A kissing game."

Ok... there's the intro. Next up... The Rules...