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CHAPTER 6 - The Game Ends

Spin, spin, spin...

Bottle points to...



Shuichi cowered in fear. He gulped and reached out a trembling hand towards the cards. Please!! Give me Yuki!!


Shuichi blinked and stared.

"Ne... Hiro?"

"...Nani?" Hiro blinked and stared too.

"Is that your name?"

"... Hi-ro... I guess that IS my name..."

"Are you sure?"


"So that means..."

"... We have to kiss, Shuichi..."

Shuichi let the card slipped through his fingers. His head was spinning so badly. "Good grief, eh?"

"... yup. It's 'oh-my-god'."

They turned to face each other and made a face.

"I never thought this day would arrive, Shuichi."

"Me too."

And at last, they moved in for a quick kiss, just a light peck on each other's lips.

Everyone witnessed their exchange in amusement, even Yuki. Well, Hiro had Ayaka, so there isn't any reason to be worried... or jealous... right?

Spin, spin, spin...

Bottle points to...


Shuichi scratched his head in frustration. "Why is it always me?!" He pointed to a card. "This one!"


Shuichi's eyes widened in surprise.

Suguru, who had been sitting quietly and feeling glad that he hadn't needed to kiss anyone so far, jumped in shock. "It can't be!! I... Shindou-san?! NOOOO!!"

"What are you so worried about, Fujisaki?" Hiro teased. "Oh... don't tell me that this is your first kiss? Hahahahaha!! Don't worry, Shuichi should be quite an expert at kissing by now!"


Two huge lumps appeared on Hiro's head, caused by Suguru and Shuichi, who were both red in the face.

"Hahaha!! Right... well, get it over and done with quickly then!" Hiro rubbed his head in pain.

Surprisingly, Shuichi reached out across Hiro and pulled Suguru forcefully towards himself, determination set I his face. "I AM good at this."

He wet his lips and pressed them against Suguru's, held there for a moment, before releasing the poor, stunned guy free. "There!" Shuichi exclaimed proudly.

Suguru shook uncontrollably, cupped his hands over his mouth, stood up and ran AS FAST AS HE COULD towards the bathroom. The next minute, sounds of someone retching could be heard.

"I may be wrong to say that you're good..." Hiro chuckled and then doubled up with laughter.

"That IDIOT!! What did he mean by that?!" Shuichi slammed his fists onto the floor. "I'll get him for that!!"

"Baka." Yuki lit a cigarette.

"Hmph!" Shuichi spun the bottle again.

Spin, spin, spin...

Bottle points now to...



"AGIN??" Shuichi yelled at the top of his voice, about to lose control of himself. "WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!"

Tatsuha laughed. "Hey, maybe you should pick me again... I'll teach you how to be good at kissing if aniki can't..."

Yuki glared daggers at Tatsuha.

"I wanna kiss Shuichi again too!" Ryuichi bobbed up and down enthusiastically.

Yuki glared icily at Ryuichi.

"I'll pick this!" Shuichi turned over a card.


His jaw fell WIDE open. I'm dead...

Yuki's eyes widened in surprise, and he dropped his cigarette.

"Oh? Shindou-san... I see that you have chosen me." Tohma got up and walked towards Shuichi.

"Yuki... help..." Shuichi whispered weakly.

Yuki raised his eyebrow. "Why? How?"

Shuichi began backing away from the approaching Tohma. "Eto... Seguchi-san? Maybe we should forget this... ha... haha..."

"Ahh... but we must play by the rules..." Tohma knelt down and lifted Shuichi's chin, forcing Shuichi to face him. "Let's see how 'good' you are..." He turned and smiled at Yuki. "Ne? Eiri-san?"

Yuki gritted his teeth in annoyance, worry and jealousy.

Tohma's smile widened. He turned back to the trembling Shuichi, placed his hands on both of Shuichi's cheeks. They locked lips. And Tohma refused to set Shuichi free so easily. Deeper and deeper they kissed, longer and longer he held. Until he had Shuichi lying on the floor beneath him.

Suguru, who had just returned to the scene, saw this and immediately rushed back to the washroom to continue what he had been doing.

Everyone was completely stunned watching Tohma.

But a hand grabbed Tohma by his shoulder and he was pulled back roughly, away from Shuichi. Yuki wore a look of loathing, jealousy and anger.

"Don't touch him." Yuki ordered quietly, yet there was a dangerous undertone to it.

Tohma blinked in surprise, then smiled knowingly and complied. "I'm sorry."

Shuichi still laid there in shock, unmoving.

"Get up and spin the bottle." Yuki shot him an accusing look. Am I actually feeling betrayed? Stupid!

Shuichi cringed at Yuki's seemingly uncaring voice. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he crawled pathetically to the bottle and spun it.

Spin, spin, spin...

Bottle points to...



Shuichi began wailing and bawling like a baby by now, banging his hands and his head on the cold, hard floor repeatedly. "Why ME?! Why?! WHY??"

By this time, he had completely given up on himself, given up on the game, no longer caring whom he was going to kiss next. He had lost himself totally. Mechanically, he reached for the nearest card and flipped it over. As he did so, he squeezed his eyes shut and cried: "whoever it is, I don't care! Just get it done quickly!"

Silence prevailed.

Suddenly, a warm hand grabbed his chin and lifted it up. Soft lips crushed against Shuichi's. Shuichi stiffened, his eyes still closed. Something felt different. He started to move away, but the hand held him there forcefully.

What?! I can't believe this! Let go of me!

Shuichi opened his eyes, ready to push the rude kisser away. His eyes widened in shock.

Blond locks fell sexily over Yuki's forehead as he kissed Shuichi passionately, and... hungrily.


With that realization in his mind, Shuichi started kissing Yuki back madly. His hands flew up and wound round Yuki's neck. It was no longer a quick kiss that Shuichi had hastily asked for earlier.

Shuichi parted his lips slightly to let Yuki's tongue in. Warm, wet tongues met and slid over each other gently. Yuki started ran his other hand down Shuichi's spine, causing Shuichi to shudder but kiss back harder. Shuichi slipped his right hand down over Yuki's chest, feeling his heartbeat. It was as if the whole world had disappeared.

At last, they broke away when they were helplessly out of breath. Realizing that they had kissed so passionately in front of everyone (including Suguru), Shuichi blushed furiously, while Yuki muttered a curse, ran his hand backwards through his hair, lit another cigarette, trying to act as if nothing had happened.

Everyone stared agape, dumbfounded at the outward display of affection.

"Whoa... that's really hot..." Hiro mumbled, still in shock.

"Yeah!" Tatsuha started to laugh. "My, my... aniki. You totally lost it back then! Guess that shows how much you were hungering for Shuichi. HAHAHAHAHA!!"

A vein on Yuki's forhead twitched. He shook silently with anger before finally exploding. "OUT!! All of you get out right NOW!!" And with that, he grabbed Tatsuha by the back of his collar, strode to the door, opened it, and flung Tatsuha out.


Nobody wanted to mess with an extremely mad Yuki, so everyone scrambled out. Yuki slammed the door close.

"Yuki... are you angry with me?" Shuichi asked meekly and hung his head down low.

"It was YOU who invited them over, YOU who wanted to play that stupid game, YOU who gave everyone a chance to kiss you." Shuichi cringed and lowered his head more and more after each of the 'YOU's.

"How can I not be angry, especially at that LAST part?!"

Eh? The last part?

"The last part? I... gave everybody... a chance to... kiss me..." Realization dawned on Shuichi and he looked up to see Yuki already unbuttoning his shirt.

Yuki smirked. "You'll have to make it up to me for that..."

Shuichi smiled. "Yuki..."

And so, lips met again, this time with their warm bodies skin to skin, as they lay entangled in the arms of each other.

Well, the rest of it? You know... it's just like any other hot, sexy night they shared.

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