Ben rolled over in bed, tired. He'd found it hard to sleep last night. The fact that they were leaving for the airport the next morning didn't help at all. How would he survive? How long had Susan said? Two, three weeks? Either way, it would be difficult to manage...

He'd managed to get himself sorted out eventually, stumbling downstairs at two in the morning to get some asprin. Why was the medicine cupboard full of abandonded Coco pops? Nick had only been here a day.

Ben yawned, and the alarm went off. He opened his eyes and nearly had a heart attack.

"Morning, Dad," said Nick happily, sitting back at the foot of the bed, hugging a box of cornflakes.

His father tried to stop himself from growling. "I don't need you to wake me up," he settled with saying, trying to resist strangling Nick and sqeezing tthe pillow instead. "The alarm was enough, so GET OFF!" These last words were accompanied by a kick in the direction of his son, who jumped off, sending cornflakes flying everywhere.

Honestly. How had he and Susan created... that? The other two were all right. The only explaination was that Susuan had been having an affair. The thought relaxed Ben slightly. Either that or he'd been having an off night.

Downstairs, the family was crowded in the living room.

"Are you sure you don't want me to whip something up?" Susan was asking.

"No thanks," Nick said, turning the cornflakes box upside down to coax out any last remaining crumbs.

"Really mum, we're fine," Michael insisted quickly.

Janey shook her head, Kenzo clamped in her arm safely. "Where's Abi?" she asked. "Or is she not coming?"

"No, she's upstairs gathering the last few items together," Susan said calmly.

Ben sat himself on the sofa. "Why did you set my alarm for five thirty?" he asked.

"Because I knew it would take you an hour to get up," his wife replied cheerily. "And you're here now. Should I fry something for you?"

"How about Nick?"

"Honestly, dad," Michael said. "We've got to put up with him too."

Ben sighed. "But are you responsable for him?" Without waiting for an answer, he got up and walked out to the car. "I'm going to go and sit in the car," he announced loudly. "My last final minute of freedom."

He stopped and looked around through the selection of coats and hats piled by the door. "What the-? Susan!" he said. "I can't find my passport!... well, have fun without me."

"Got it here, dad," Nick said, holding up a small red book above his head.

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