Vegeta vs

Vegeta vs. Velveeta

Eh, a weird idea that just came to me one night. Pointless, dumb, but maybe kind of funny.
Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ, any stocks in Velveeta or anything like that, I'm just a poor kid. Heh.

A man in a tuxedo sits behind a desk, obviously arguing with someone about something. A minute later he looks 'to the camera' and puts on an obviously forced smile.
"Hello, and welcome to…eh, some fight. The main…and only…event, Vegeta, from the absurdly overpowered show "Dragon Ball Z" does battle with…eh, a stick of Velveeta cheese…"
Camera moves into a ring where the Saiyan Prince is looking even more annoyed than usual.
"This is absurd! This idiotic "Fanfic" is nothing more than a lousy joke poking fun at my name!"
Someone ringside shouts, "Hey! Think of it like this; it's the only way you'll get a win on your record!"
Said someone was shortly a pile of ash. With a snort Vegeta turned and looked and the harmless looking cheese in the other corner.
"Yeesh, if I'm going to be forced into fighting "Velveeta" it should at least be the company, you know…decent kill-count and all. This is just ridiculous. This isn't going to help me beat up Kakkarot(to)." (ß your choice, for whatever version you watch…heh.)
Suddenly most of the lights go out, the only one still on is a spotlight. Something in front of it casts a shadow on the ring. It's a person, the hair is easy to recognize and soon the individual jumps down to the ring, taking a defensive posture over the cheese.
Making some funny motions they begin a speech, "Hey! You can't waste innocent yummy food! Not when I could eat it! In the name of the munchies, you won't destroy that cheese!"
Vegeta, recognizing the figure went bug-eyed and then developed a vein and sweat-drop as he started to shout, "KAKKAROT(TO) GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT MINI-SKIRT!!!!"
The lights came on, and it was indeed Goku in a Sailor Moon outfit…a sight that blinded about half the people watching.
"Aww…do I have to 'Geta? I like how it…"
Goku never finished his sentence, being blown away by Vegeta's biggest attacks, which for some reason inexplicably for the DBZ-verse fired instantly rather than requiring two episodes of grunting, powering up, and finally firing.
"This is embarrassing" Vegeta snarled under his breath as he walked away grumpily, once a fair distance away he flew off to have a good cry on Bulma's shoulder.
Once he was gone a ref appeared out of no where and proclaimed the Velveeta cheese the winner by default as Vegeta had left the ring.

Ah…geeze this is dumb. *L* Oh well, bring on the flames if you wish.