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Title: Letting Go
Rating: G
Genre: General
Comments: What?! Kakashi and Iruka in a fic and not doing something yaoi?! Someone call the fanfiction police, I think I just broke a law. A not-quite-drabble of 114 words.


"Does it get easier?"


"This." Kakashi motioned beyond the crowd to the forms on the steps of Hokage's Tower. "…Letting go," he at last confessed.

Iruka reflected while looking up at the boy—now man—he had watched grow up. From the heartless stares of others he rose, changing their hearts one by one, sometimes without realizing. He fought dangerous battles, defeating monsters that lurked inside and out. He put his life in danger for the sake of others.

And they could do nothing but watch.

"No," he answered as the news was heralded. "You just get better at hiding it."

Kakashi nodded as the crowd broke into cheers, honoring their new Hokage.


Words From the Authoress:

FINALLY! A story using Kakashi and Iruka together without either looking at the other's butt. sighs I feel happy.

The Naruto LJ-RP I'm a part of has been hooked on drabbles lately. ...Obviously I got pulled in. P

I like doing them though. They're helping my writing juices get flowing again (they've been sorely lacking lately). I'm hoping that writing these will get my creativity pumped up enough to get back to larger projects. Until then, I hope you bare with me.

Chapters will be listed in the character(s)/pairings involved, even though there is a seperate title for each. While most listed pairs are of the romantic sort, they won't all necessarily be like that. Take the above for an example.

I believe that's all for the moment. Hope you enjoy these!