Author's note : Hey! There aren't many Baywatch fics is there? Anyway, I hope you like this as we follow the relationships of the lifeguards at the aftermath of the Baywatch Hawaiian reunion. Enjoy!! Note: everyone is still at Hawaii

Caroline was already awake. As usual Eddy was sleeping in again. Soon she had to get up but all she wanted to do was be in the arms of Eddy like she was now. It was only two months ago they had met, but Eddy had already moved in with her.

Just then her cell phone rang. Eddy woke up. Caroline quickly reached for the phone.

"Hello?" Caroline said in to her phone.

"Caroline, I have some news." The voice said.

"Jack? What is it? Good I hope."

"It is. Caroline, ABC wants you to audition for a leading role in 'Big sea dive'!"

"What? Big sea dive? That's one of my favourite shows!" She said with excitement.

"Yes I know. The great thing is you'll be swimming in it too! And they're filming it a couple of lanes away from your apartment. This Friday at ABC studio?"

"Totally! See you on friday!"

Caroline ended the call. Eddy was interested.

"What is it?" Eddy put his arm around her.

"That was Jack. He got me an audition for Big sea dive!"

Caroline went ecstatic.

"Caroline that's great!"

Meanwhile, CJ was relaxing at her beach bar. She saw Lani walk up to her.

"Hey Lani!"

"Hi CJ. I'm just going to go on stage."

"OK then."

Lani stopped and sat by CJ.

"CJ, Wheres Lorenzo?"

"He's visiting his uncle. He'll be back tomorrow."

"Are you sure your OK? You seem lonely. Have you two had a fight?"

"No. Honestly."

CJ brought a big smile on her face.

"Now dance you hot thing!"

Lani laughed and ran up to the stage. She started dancing. Everyone, including CJ, cheered.

On a beach tower was Mitch, JD and Hobie, talking about their loves.

"Now Hobe, you have one fine girl you got on your arm." JD said.

"Summer, yeah, she's great. I think this is the time I'm gonna settle down. And you've done alright for yourself JD. Kekoa is hot."

Mitch chuckled.

"You boys! Try the single life. I have." He said.

"No way. No way! Its less fun." JD said. "I love Kekoa."

"Hey that reminds me. I haven't told Summer I love her yet." Hobie said, scratching his head.

"Do you though?" Mitch asked, looking him in the eye.

"Yeah." Hobie said. "I think I do."

Mitch nodded. They saw a drowning girl from the distance.

"GO!" Mitch yelled and ran down to the sea.

CJ sighed as she got to the top of her stairs. She out the key in the door but it wouldn't move. She stamped her foot. Strangely the door opened. It was Cort! Cort smiled. CJ shivered the same way she had always done the past two months of seeing him.

"What are you doing in my apartment?" CJ asked, with a smile.

"You know why." Cort said, quietly, holding out his hand to help her in.

CJ took his hand and walked in. They stopped to look at each other, closely.

"I... I... Cort. I thought we finished our relationship ten years ago. We've been through this bef-"

Quickly CJ was taken by surprise when Cort passionately kissed her. She couldn't help but kiss him back. CJ put her arm around his neck, deepening the kiss. She pulled back.

"Cort, we can't do this. What bout Lani?"

"We'll talk about it later."

They started kissing again.

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