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Chapter Seven

Legolas sat apon an unfamiliar pony as Glorfindle enter the stables. All the young elflins that were to go on the trip had gatherd. Legolas, after chosing his new pony, had mounted by himself and was axiously rubbing her neck. He could not wait to leave. He had rarely gone far from his home. It made him fell grown up. He was not only excited, but scared as well. He could not forget the events that had forced his father to bring hom here. 'What if something goes wrong?' That one thought constantly ran through his mind. 'Ada said Rivendale was safer than home. And Glorfy will be with us.'

He walked his pony towards the front of the group as Glorfindle doubled checked everyones gear and baggage. Five others of Glorfindles top guards were to occopany them.

"Alright. Remember, though the scouts have spotted nothing in the area we are heading, danger could still find us. Always stay in groups of three or four. If you cannot follow the rules I have set I will have a gaurd take you back Home. Is that understood?"

All of the elflins yelled, "YES SIR." and they headed out.


They rode for hours, the trees they passed started to grow denser, blocking the sun's rays. Legolas took in the smell with deep breaths. He had missed the trees of his homeland. He had spent many a hour amoung their bows. It was almost as if he had teleported back to Greenwood, before it had turned evil. His father would take turns on guard, his mother would sing as they strode. A tear fell down his check. He missed her so much.

"Keep a sharp lookout for trouble." Glorfindle yelled back to them. It was drawing near dark. They would camp in a few minutes. Scouts had been sent ahead to secure their preapproved campsite.

Legolas felt an arm on his shoulder. "Are you okay mellon?"

"I am fine Dan. It just that the trees remind me of home." The wind blew and few leaves fell around them.

Each elflin was be given a task. Legolas was to go fetch water with the twins to help prepare dinner. Some of the elflings set up tents and others found logs for wood. No one strayed to far from camp. Soon a nice fire was blazing with happy elflins all around. They roasted meat and ate the lembus bread.

Legolas was growing nervous. He didn't like the dark. It reminded him of the evil in his home forest. He wished for bed, for the sooner he went to bed the sooner it would be morning. A few yawns escaped from some elflins and Glorfindle oreder them to bed. Tomorrow they would travel a bit further into the woods.

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