Renee's note: This is only the prolouge so forgive the shortness. Also, I may not update as much as I want since I'm in the middle of writing my book. This is my first and may very well be my last Stargate SG-1 fanfiction. It's my favorite non-animated television show but it's not too easy a thing to write for. Anyhow, if this sucks feel free to tell me but try and do it in a nicer way then "this sucks! You suck!" Okay? Dedication: For Zen. The first (and current only) real SG-1 fan I'm friends with and not related to.
Inspiration: My own weird thoughts and "The Song Of Wandering Angus" by W.B Yeats, my favourite poet. The line "the silver apples of the moon, the golden apples of the sun" is the bases for the two apple trees and the poem inspires other small parts in the story.
Rating: pg-13

Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter stared at blankly at the computer screen. She had been trying to work out something, but for the life of her she could not remember what. Samantha searched her mind. When she drew another blank she took to staring at the engagement ring on her finger. The ring was the only thing on her mind that day. Her and Pete had set the date and were to be married in April. It was March. With every day the big day drew closer and every day Sams concentration seemed to desolve, she knew that this was very unlike her and tried to concentrate, to be more of her self. She wanted very much to get into the working spirit again but even Samantha Carter couldn't shake off the feeling of dread that one gets before such a big commitment. She couldn't help thinking if it would really work out. So Samantha blocked it all from her mind. Every love related thought...

Sam was standing in a feild of lillies. Two trees stood before her. One Golden apples the other was covered in Silver ones. She approached them. The smell coming from the trees was sweeter then any store bought perfume and she could nearly taste the sweet crisp taste of the apples just by looking upon them. Sam heard a noise and turned. A man stood before her. His face hidden behind a mask, yet he was somehow inviting. He walked to her. held out a basket of the ripest of the apple trees fruit. The man spoke softly to her His voice was strangly familier but she could place who's voice it was. "Taste the apples golden apples of my heart and know the true meaning of my love." As if in a trance Samantha reached out. She took an apple and bit into it. It was better then she had thought. As she chewed the bite of apple and went to take another but a full silver apple was now in it's place. "What just happened?" The man did not answer the question he simply continued to speak. "Taste the silver apples of my soul and know that you have formed it." Sam bit into the silver apple. It didn't have as much flavour as its golden brother but was more juicy and crisp. She opened her mouth to speak but her eyes opened and stared at the computer screen once more.

Now awake Sam tried to think of who the man from her dream could be. After searching her mind for what seemed like hours she settled on the conclusion that he was Pete. Who else would it be? Except... no! It was Pete. She told herself this over and over again until she was sure of it.

Once again sorry about the shortness of it but I normally always do short prolouges. I'll try and have the next chapter up soon!