Well, I finished my pre-game fic, so I decided to work on a post-game one :) As you'd probably expect it's fluff, because that's what I love to write :) And it's the usual pairing of Lloyd and Colette. Later on there's some others as well, but the main focus of the first part's Lloyd and Colette. Yeap, it's a multi-chapter fic :)

Set after the journey to collect all the expheres is completed, Colette went with Lloyd on the journey.

WARNING: Adult situations are hinted at, but there's nothing more explicit than kissing that's written about in any detail here. Just thought I'd warn you.

Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own Tales of Symphonia. Namco do I believe. I do, however, have a bunch of ideas which I've enjoyed writing down and hope you enjoy reading :)

Lloyd woke up as he heard his name being called by a familiar voice.

"Sheena?" he blinked groggily, he saw it was her. "Morning," he said, puzzled as to why the summoner was here. He was, in fact, completely disorientated and very tired.

"I know we could have probably let you two sleep all day, but I thought you'd better have something to eat. I left Zelos sleeping for now, he'd only get in the way while I'm cooking. I'll go make you two some breakfast, OK?" she smiled.

"Sure," Lloyd yawned as he began to wake up properly. Sheena was right, he felt like he could sleep for a week. He and Colette had left on a journey to end their quest and round up all the expheres pretty much straight after the tree had been named. Then, when that'd been finished, they'd returned to Iselia.

Their friends had been gathered there, ready for a happy reunion. And what a reunion it had been! Word had spread that he and Colette had gotten engaged while on their journey. Their friends, convinced it was a great plan, had insisted that the pair got married while they were all together so no one missed the wedding.

Neither of them had minded, they'd planned to get married when they'd gotten back home, it just would have been nice to have the chance to take a nap before being rushed off to deal with wedding plans.

How he and Colette had had any energy left for what they'd done last night he didn't know. But just the thought of it made a little shudder of pleasure run across his body. He grinned an enormous grin, blushed deeply and glomped Colette, who was curled up asleep, naked, in his lap.

He blushed some more as the young woman nuzzled him sleepily and yawned.

"Good morning Lloyd," she smiled up at him, her bright blue eyes filled with love.

"Good morning," he smiled happily and kissed her. "Sheena's cooking us breakfast, want a shower before it's ready?" he yawned.

"Morning Sheena!" Colette yelled in the direction of the kitchen.

"Hello lazy lump!" Sheena yelled back in a friendly tone.

"Mmmm, shower," Colette said quietly and nodded.

"Alright then," Lloyd smiled. He cuddled Colette close to him and she clutched the large blanket they'd slept under last night around them. Lloyd was glad they'd pulled that over themselves before they had fallen asleep in the comfey armchair, it would have been embarrassing if Sheena had walked in on them both stark naked.

He liked that blanket. He and Colette had picked it out one year when they'd saved up all their birthday and new years money. They'd both saved up so they could buy a really nice blanket to keep them warm on chilly nights when they camped out in Lloyd's back yard.

It was, Lloyd thought as Colette dropped it on the bathroom floor, the first thing they'd bought together. It was amazing it was still in one piece, it'd been all over two worlds with them.

If Sheena noticed the pair had taken longer than they ought to have in the shower she didn't say anything. She'd cooked an awful lot of food.

"I take it the others are coming over later then?" Lloyd smiled.

"House warming breakfast," Sheena nodded.

"YAY!" Colette grinned and dug into a slice of toast.

"Nice place you guys have here," Sheena smiled. Colette nodded and blushed.

"We're so lucky," she said.

"We don't deserve it," Lloyd blushed and scratched the back of his neck, embarrassed.

"Ah, you do," Sheena smiled. She was glad the pair had a nice place of their own their friends had had a hand in helping to build. It seemed right somehow. And besides, she smiled, it meant they'd had an excuse to spend more time together.

"Nice?" Sheena asked, gesturing to the food.

"Thanks," the couple grinned at her.

"I hadn't realised how hungry I was," Lloyd said.

"See, aren't you glad I came round and woke you up?" Sheena smiled. Colette nodded happily, wolfing down food with a content expression on her face.

When they'd eaten their fill the three of them went into the living room to wait for the others.

"Bet you've not had your hair up for a while," Sheena said to Colette.

"Nope, not really had the chance," Colette replied.

"How about we put your hair up in braids then?" Sheena offered with a smile.

"That'd be nice," Colette nodded. She fetched some ribbons and a hairbrush and Sheena tried to teach Lloyd how to braid Colette's hair. It was something he had been able to do a while ago, but was out of practice. It took a while as Lloyd couldn't quite get the hang of it to start with and they'd had to keep brushing Colette's hair out. But the small blonde hadn't minded a bit, she loved the feeling of having her hair played with, especially when Lloyd did it. He had a way of playing with her hair that made her feel so relaxed. She sighed, absolutely content.

"There," Sheena smiled, tweaking a ribbon so it was just so.

"That looks lovely," Lloyd said softly, nuzzling his wife lovingly.

Wife. Funny to think he could call Colette that now. It made him feel terribly warm and fuzzy inside, it was a wonderful feeling.

"Morning!" Zelos burst through the door. He spotted Lloyd and Colette kneeling facing each other, their hands intertwined and Colette's head resting on Lloyd's shoulder.

"Awwwww, you two are so cute!" he said, grabbing them both in a hug. It was a rather tight hug, and Sheena didn't like the colour Lloyd and Colette were turning.

"Zelos, honey, there's food in the kitchen if you want some," she said quickly.

"FOOD! I'm starving! YAY!" the red-head dropped the newly weds and dashed into the kitchen.

"Sorry about that," Sheena sweatdropped.

"S'alright," Colette said, her normal colour returning as she snuggled into Lloyds lap and he hugged her.

"So, what you guys up to?" Zelos asked, returning from the kitchen. Sheena groaned and didn't want to know exactly what he'd piled into his toast sandwich, it looked revolting.

"Nothing much," Lloyd yawned, still a little tired.

"Bet you had fun last night you two, how was it?" he winked at the couple. Colette blushed an amazingly bright shade of red as Lloyd went a similar colour.

"Nuh, none of your business!" he spluttered.

"Where's Raine's paper fan when you need it?" Sheena sighed, looking around for a suitable substitute. She grabbed a cloth table mat and rolled it up. Not nearly as good, but it would get the point across. She leapt up with a glint in her eye and Zelos yelped, dumping his plate on a table and running.

"You know the odd thing?" Colette said thoughtfully, ignoring the ensuing noise and general chaos the human tornadoes were making. "I think they actually enjoy that."

"Odd," Lloyd said and yawned.

"Meh," Colette responded, pinching a slice of toast from Zelos's plate. She and Lloyd turned to the door as someone knocked on it.

"Come in, it's open," Lloyd yelled over the noise of an attacking Sheena.

Genis stuck his head around the door.

"Some things never change!" he laughed as he spotted Sheena proving that the table mat could, indeed, be used as a weapon.

He had, both Lloyd and Colette noticed, as had Presea who followed him through the door. Both had grown taller and lost some of their childish looks. Genis, certainly, looked more adult, his elvish features clearer, appearing more handsome than cute now.

"There's food in the kitchen, help yourselves," Colette yawned. She'd caught the yawn from Lloyd, the damn things were infectious.

Raine arrived as Genis and Presea returned from the kitchen. She spotted Zelos rubbing his head and muttering.

"Usual?" she asked Sheena. The summoner nodded. Raine grinned and whapped the Tethe'alla ex-Chosen with her fan.

"Heeeeeey, what was that for?" he asked. Raine looked over at Sheena.

"Asking Lloyd and Colette a very rude question he had no right to ask," she explained. Raine whacked Zelos again one more time for good measure then headed for the kitchen. Her brother had gestured to his plate and then the kitchen to save someone explaining again.

"Regal not around any more?" Lloyd asked.

"He had to head back to deal with some company stuff. He said to say congratulations to you guys again though," Presea said.

"Anyone would think that lot were babies, not being able to cope without him for more than a few days," Raine scoffed over a mug of tea.

Everyone settled down comfortably and began chatting. Poor Lloyd and Colette, who were still, understandably, tired from their journey, kept getting pestered for stories of what they'd been up to as their friends hadn't had a chance to hear about many of the pair's adventures.

Sheena noticed the couple looking tired and spoke up.

"You know what I've not done in the longest time? Played a good game of cards," she said.

"That was random," Genis sweatdropped.

"Trust you to think of cards," Zelos rolled his eyes, but he dug around in his pockets until he found a deck of cards. Lloyd grabbed the traditional chips the group used when they played card games, hard boiled sweets, and someone found Zelos a stupid hat to wear as dealer.

The game continued peacefully for a while until it was, once again, Colette's turn to choose if she wanted more cards or not. They were playing pontoon.

"Hit," she yawned. Zelos gave her an odd look but passed her another card.

"Hit," she said again, her eyelids drooping. Zelos, again, pulled a face but gave her a card.

"Hit," another yawn. This time Raine interrupted.

"Colette, dear, you've got thirty six there, I don't think you really want another card now do you?" the half-elf said in a kindly tone.

"That's nice," the small angel yawned and zonked out, slumping against Lloyd in the cozy chair they were sharing. He sweatdropped.

"Colette? Colette?" he asked softly. No response what-so-ever.

"Bless," Sheena smiled. Lloyd moved Colette's pile of sweets to one side so they could continue playing. Sheena noticed, however, that he looked about ready to fall asleep himself. After a few more rounds she stretched.

"This is lovely, but that lot at Mizuho'll be wondering where I've gotten to," she said. "It's been wonderful seeing you all! Please come and visit soon." She smiled, hugging all her friends. She ruffled Colette's hair, not wanting to disturb the sleeping girl, then said congratulations to her and Lloyd once again and left with Zelos by her side.

The others left shortly afterwards, saying they'd pop round tomorrow to say hi.

As he made his way down the path waving Genis smiled, it was nice to know Colette and Lloyd were just a short walk down the road again. He'd missed them, even though he'd been busy travelling himself.

Lloyd shut the door and yawned a deep, sleepy yawn. He carefully picked Colette up out of the chair and gazed lovingly at her as he carried her into the bedroom.

The dishes could wait until tomorrow. They should go and see Colette's parents and Dirk tomorrow as well he thought. They'd not come by to say hello because they'd wanted to give the visiting friends time to catch up with Colette and Lloyd.

He woke Colette up enough to help her out of her day clothes and into a nightshirt. Just before he got into bed beside her he grabbed the blanket from where Colette had dropped it earlier, folded it neatly and put it on the end of the bed.

There, he thought as he snuggled into bed with his wife, ohhhh, that word and an attack of the warm fuzzies again, now this was officially home.