The last chapter of Bliss, although I've a couple of one-shots planned that are set in the timeline of this story which I should be writing soon. This one's set quite a while after the last chapter, as may be obvious.

Gothichika: the reason why I've updated this one so fast is because I had the whole thing written in a notebook. I wrote it while my bloke was playing on the computer one night. I wanted to write, but had to write in a notebook. So it was just a case of typing it all up and spellchecking it :) Plus I do tend to write pretty fast anyways, once I get an idea and start typing I'm unstoppable LOL :)

And yes, I thought Colette and Lloyd would end up with more than one child, it just seemed right somehow. And as you said they did space them out a bit :)

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Raine smiled. She was very comfortable, and blissfully warm. Thanks, no doubt, to the warm, brown haired angel sleeping beside her.

She was glad he'd settled back into the group well. Hope hadn't been upset when she found out who Kratos really was in relation to her. She'd simply smiled, shrugged and said it was cool because she had an extra grandparent.

She'd expected more of a reaction from Lloyd and Genis when, eventually, they'd told the boys that they wanted to be more than friends. But both of them looked like they were expecting it and had just gone back to their checkers game. Lloyd had looked a little thoughtful, and had had a chat with his father later that evening, Raine presumed about Anna, but he clearly had no objections, especially after talking with Kratos.

It was nice, Raine thought. Both of them had been lost, lonely souls but they'd found comfort in each other. It had taken a while for their relationship to develop, for Kratos to settle things in his head, and for her to get used to the idea of being so close to someone, but it had developed.

She shifted a little as she heard footsteps coming into the bedroom. Lots of them, and small ones.

A young boy's voice was the first of the group to be heard.

"Wake up granddad, shouldn't stay sleeping, s'winter festival," he said. Raine heard Kratos groan quietly as he tried his best to appear asleep. Raine tried not to giggle.

"Uncle Kratos, wake up," a girl's voice this time, Zelos and Sheena's daughter.

"Uncle Kratos is asleep and unavailable right now. Please leave him a message and he'll get back to you," he mumbled, hiding as best he could under the blanket.

Raine heard more movement then Kratos made a loud "yeeeeugh" noise.

"Raaaaaaaaaine," he whined. "they're attacking me with baby-drool covered blankets! No fair!"

Raine laughed, sat up and lifted the youngest child, her silver haired niece, off of Kratos.

"Ba!" she said happily for no apparent reason then started to suckle the corner of her blanket again.

"Go on, wake up," Kero said shyly. He was standing in the doorway with Hope, her hand in his.

"Everyone else is awake," Hope added, and Raine noticed how much she'd grown.

"Go on, I want a story!" the first voice said. More scrambling noises.

"No! Not the hair!" Kratos sighed, sat up properly and pulled his youngest grandchild out of his hair. He really didn't understand why these kids seemed to like climbing onto his shoulders and grabbing his hair, but it HURT when they pulled, why couldn't they understand that, especially when he was only half awake and not feeling up to dealing with them yet.

"Alright, alright, I'm awake. Go on, leave me in peace for five minutes and I'll come and tell you a story," he sighed resignedly.

Raine put her niece down on the floor as the other children cheered then all five of them left to go back into the living room.

"Remind me again why we agreed to spend winter festival staying over at Lloyd and Colette's with this lot?" he asked Raine as he began to get dressed.

"Because being around family's nice, and they need help cooking," she replied, also getting out of bed.

"NO! NO YOU DON'T! You're not cooking!" Kratos had a panicked look on his face.

"Oh alright then spoil sport. I'll keep the kids company then," Raine playfully stuck her tongue out at him and smiled.

Kratos wandered into the living room bleary eyed.

"Coffee, strong, sugar, lots of sugar!" he grunted. Genis was already armed and ready with a mug, he passed it to him.

"Sorry about that," Colette said from where she was curled up with Lloyd by the fireplace, her usual spot. "I tried to stop them waking you, but they insisted as everyone else was awake."

"Ah, s'alright, I'm awake now," he replied, talking a long draught of his coffee.

"So," he said as he sat down in a big, comfey arm chair and let the kids surround him. "Which story do you want?"

"The one with the big tree! The one with the big tree!" various small voices chanted.

"You always ask for that one," Sheena said, looking up from where she was helping Presea with a craft project. Genis and Zelos were sat next to them, still half asleep from the looks on their faces.

"Makes it easier for me, I don't have to think about it as I tell it. I could tell this one backwards," Kratos smiled as he shut his eyes and enjoyed the warmth and peace of the room. He heard Raine enter the living room and sit down near himself and the children. He began.

"Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, before any of you were born, there was a giant tree....."