It's another Ryou angst story from me! This one is short, so it shouldn't take a long time for you guys to read it.

I got this idea when I was thinking about stuff at my lunch time. I can't believe how quickly I wrote it. I think it's pretty decent.


I have a problem.

The problem? Well, it's my yami.

The solution? Get rid of the Millennium Ring, which contains the soul of my yami.

But it isn't that simple.

You see, if I try to throw the Ring in the trash, or dispose of it in any way, he'll just come back. He won't be amused, either. He'll be mad; extremely mad; mad enough to beat me into the next dimension. So, not only am I just clinging on to false hope, I'm also just going to get beaten in the end.

The problem? My yami and the Millennium Ring.

The solution? To destroy the Ring, and my yami with it.

Oh, but I've tried that already. I've tried everything; melting it; blowing it up; everything. But nothing seems to work. And with every failed attempt, he beats me. I go to school, wearing my long sleeved shirts and long pants, passing by people who don't seem to notice that I'm here. In school, I'm a nobody. Nobody cares. Maybe Yugi and his friends notice, but they don't do anything about it.

The problem? My 'friends', the teachers, everybody.

The solution? Go up to them and tell them about my problem.

But, I'm too afraid. I'm afraid about what he'll do to me if he finds out. Because he always finds out... right away. Nobody cares anyway... and I agree with them. Why should they?

So, I just sit there, staring sadly at the groups of people, having fun and laughing all the time. I wish I were them; I wish I could feel the joys of being cared for. I wish someone would understand how I feel, so they can comfort me with their words.

The problem? Well, it's me.

The solution? Rid the world of my presence.

And so, I do.

---The End---

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