Author's Note: She's finished! YAY! Let me know if you like. I don't know...maybe I'll write a sequel. Maybe I won't. I've got another story in the planning stages, but it's a lot more serious and a lot different. I'm kind of stretching my literary wings here and going in every direction. Hope you enjoyed Diaries of a Rebellious Stormtrooper! :-D

Chapter 17: Yub Yub for the Future!

Dear Diary,

The Ewok's party was just awesome. I can't actually remember the last time I went to a real party. I think it was way back in my university days. Come to think of was the New Year's Fete when the lovely woman watching me writing this down was doing the Bantha Shuffle with a lampshade on her head. OW! Thanks, Commander.

I got to the party pretty early while the sun was still low in the sky. The Ewoks had gone all out in their own little primitive way. There was lots of food and music and everyone was in a terrific mood. In fact, ours was one of several celebrations reputed to be going on around the galaxy. As soon as the Death Star exploded the Rebels sent the word out to the Core planets and I'm sure they're all celebrating there, too.

Closer to dusk we let off some fireworks and I whooped and cheered at the sight of the X-wings doing victory runs through the skies. Shortly after that the squadron landed nearby and I wandered over to meet them. It was Rogue Squadron! My old buddy Wedge was just jumping down from his ship as I came over. "Eugene!" he exclaimed in surprise. "You're alive? I thought you were dead!" He gave me a bear hug.

"Sure am, Wedge," I replied and waved to the other Rogues, some of whom I knew and some whom I didn't. "Hi, Janson!" I called at Wes.

"DUDE!" he hollered at me. "You're still around?! You are so hard to kill off!"

Wedge and I busted up laughing. "You still want to fly with us?" Wedge asked as we headed back to the party behind the others. "We lost some pilots in the battle," he said sorrowfully. "We could use a good pilot like you."

"I don't know," I replied. "I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing now that the Empire's fallen. I don't know if I'll go back to Microastronomy or flying. I guess I'll have to see where the Alliance needs me."

He nodded. "Well, the offer stands open," he said. "Just let me know." By that time we'd reached the party and just about everyone was there, except Luke. The Ewoks had started up some kind of crazy victory song. I didn't understand a word of it, but it was really energetic and had the repeating phrase "Yub Yub." That's what the little Ewok who'd jumped on the back of my speeder had yelled. Huh...I wandered over to Threepio. "Hey, Threepio," I said. "What does 'yub yub' mean?"

Threepio replied, "The repetitious phrase 'yub yub' in the Ewok dialect does not have a direct translation, Master Dyson. It is a sort of exclamation expressing great joy or excitement. The closest equivalent in Basic would be 'hooray' or, please forgive the vernacular, 'whoopee'".

I grinned. "That makes sense," I said. "Thanks, Threepio."

He bowed slightly, obviously pleased that someone had utilized his translation programming for once. "You are most welcome, sir."

I walked over to where Han was. He was trying to peel a very excited Ewok off his leg without much success. "Hey, Eugene, can you help me?" he asked. "This little guy attached himself ten minutes ago and now he won't get off!"

"Um...ok....yub yub!" I hollered at the Ewok.

"YUB YUB!" it bellowed back and left Han's leg only to head for mine. I stepped aside and it crashed into a table filled with Stormtrooper helmets that were serving as half trophies of war and half musical instrument. "Oops, sorry!" I said and turned to Han. "Where's Luke?" I asked. It had occurred to me that I hadn't seen him at all during the battle. "Didn't he come with you guys or did he fly in the battle?"

He looked grim. "Luke came with us on the strike team, but he had to take care of some unpleasant business with Vader," he replied. "I'm sure he'll be here soon. Even Luke wouldn't miss a shindig like this."

"What the heck is Vader's fascination with Luke, anyway?" I asked, confused. "I swear, ever since Yavin he's been chasing him all over the damn galaxy and back."

"Vader is Luke's father," Han answered. "And Leia's his sister."

"And I'm Chewie's great-uncle," I retorted.

There was a familiar bellowing sound behind me and suddenly two hairy arms appeared and I found myself hanging upside-down and staring into a Wookie face. "Hiya, Chewbacca!" I said. Chewie roared again and Han translated. "He says you can't be his great-uncle because his great-uncle is a lot taller and hairier and has a flatulence problem."

"You haven't smelled me after a plate of greasy nerfburgers," I replied. Chewie chuffed a laugh and barked something to Han.

"He says you owe him a game of Sabaac," Han chuckled.

I looked at the Wookie. "Now way," I replied. "Everything I own is on one of those Star Destroyers, except for my diary."

Chewie barked something else. "He says he'll postpone the game until you're back on your feet."

"That's mighty nice of him," I replied as Chewie turned me right-side up and set me down, bellowing.

"You're back on your feet," Han translated.

"Har har, very funny," I told the amused Wookie. "Now if you'll excuse me, there's a lady that I must attend to."

Evelyn had been standing off to the side and watching the whole exchange with a look of amusement on her face. "Playing with Wookies?" she asked as I came over to her, trying to straighten my messed up hair. We headed off to a quieter and secluded part of the Ewok's celebration.

"Why not?" I replied. "They make great friends as long as you stay on their good side."

She chuckled and then her face turned more somber. "Eugene, about that kiss earlier..."

I turned a little red and raised my hand to stop her. "I realize that was completely out-of-line and I'm really sorry," I apologized. "It happened on impulse, but I promise you that it won't ever happen again." I looked away, embarrassed.

"Apology accepted...but who says I was asking you for one?"

I turned back around, my jaw hitting the floor. "Eugene, from the moment your lips touched mine I knew that you missed me just as much as I missed you and that our feelings were mutual."

" do love me?" I asked, shocked.

She smiled and moved closer, wrapping her arms around me. "Oh yes," she murmured. "And now that the Empire is gone we don't have to worry about running or hiding from them anymore. Our lives are going to a lot better now and personally I'd like nothing more than to share my life with you."

"I'd like that, too," I replied as I kissed her.

A couple of moments later I heard someone clearing their throat and looked up to see Luke standing there, grinning from ear to ear. "I heard you were around, Eugene," he said. "I came looking for you. Sorry if I interrupted..."

"It's alright, Luke," Evelyn answered as she pulled out of my arms but slid her hand into mine. "We should probably be getting back to the celebration."

Luke and I exchanged a slap on the back and together we all walked back to the party and into our futures.