Spy School

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Chapter Fifthteen

Squall, Yuffie, Cloud and Sephiroth ran through the huge house. Maids and servants gave the all funny looks then went back to work. The four ran into Squall's room. Squall started searching his room will the rest sat on his bed. They had heard the whole conversation between Riku, Sora and the other guys. And it didn't sound good.

"I wonder what happened to Sora?" Cloud asked. The other three gave Cloud a funny look. They had all figures it out from the sounds and everything. Squall went to his wardrobe and started to fling things out of it. 'Must be a blonde moment.' Thought Sephiroth.

"Damnit!" He cussed as he searched in boxes at the bottom. "Aha!" Squall pulled out a box shaped thing out of this wardrobe. He sat on the floor with his legs crossed and worked the machine.

"Is that the tracking device?" Asked Cloud. Squall nodded and a little satellite started to twirl around. The lights flickered on. One red light was shining brightly.

'They're probably close together.' Thought Squall. He smiled a little. Glad that Sora had Riku with him and vice-versa.

"Did you find them?" Sephiroth asked. Squall nodded. The brunette pointed at the red dot. "But that's only one."

"Well they must be close together. Come on lets go get them." Squall stood up.

"You want me to keep check of the dot again?" Asked Yuffie.

"If you don't mind." Yuffie smiled and shook her head. "Okay. Cloud and Sephiroth can you get the car?" The couple nodded and left.

"You're a natural leader Squall." Said Yuffie as the pair left.

"Thanks." Squall smiled at Yuffie. "Erm… Yuffie?"


"After all this is sorted out do you umm… want to go… out sometime?" Squall had a light blush across his cheeks and had looked away.

Yuffie smirk. "Are you asking me on a date?" She said playfully.

"Umm… yeah." The brunette said quietly.

"Sure. I'd love to." Squall was surprised. He wasn't that sure if Yuffie had liked him in that way. But he knew now. He smiled at her and gave her a peck on the lips before running out of the room. Squall run down the corridor and almost hit his dad.

"Sorry." He said quickly.

Laguna stopped. "Why are you in a rush?" He asked his son.

"Sora and Riku have been kidnapped and Sephiroth, Cloud and I are going to save them." Squall was about to run again until he realised something. "Oh by the way if some phones you asking for ransom money, stall them until I phone your mobile phone." With that Squall started running again.

"Okay." Shouted Laguna as Squall went out the door. Squall went outside the house to where Sephiroth and Cloud were standing with the car.

"You want to drive?" Sephiroth asked Squall. Squall nodded and got in to the driver's seat. Sephiroth and Cloud jumped into the back.

"Why can't I drive?" Asked Cloud as he pouted and crossed his arms over his shoulders. Squall looked in the car mirror.

"Because we want to save Riku and Sora without being stopped by the police for speeding." Cloud just continued to pout as Squall started the car in the direction. With one hand he switched on his watch, to hear and speak to Yuffie. "Yuffie?"


"What way should I go?"

"Alright. Take the next… umm, right and go straight down to the end of the street. I'll tell you more then." Squall did as she said. He took the next right and followed the street to the end. It was a dead end, well for cars anyway. Before Squall could say anything Yuffie spoke again. "I know what you're going to say. I know it's a dead end. You all need to get out of the car."

So the three males did as they were told and got out of the car. Yuffie gave them more intrusions that they followed. They found themselves outside three giant warehouses.

"Why do all warehouses looked the same?" Cloud asked.

"To confuse blonde people like you." Said Squall smirking. Cloud pouted and moved closer to Sephiroth.

"He's being nasty to me again." Whispered the blonde so that Squall could just hear. Sephiroth shook his head and took Cloud's hand in his bigger one. Squall walked on ahead while talking to Yuffie. Cloud stuck his tongue out at Squall's back.

"There should be three warehouses in front of you. Take the middle one." Said Yuffie.

"Okay." Squall replied as he walked ahead. Cloud and Sephiroth followed closely behind him.

Once they got to the warehouse Squall tried to open the door. It wouldn't budge. Sephiroth tried the door to. It still wouldn't budge. Then Cloud demanded he try. The blonde hid the handle from the other two's sight then calmly pushed the door open.

Squall looked at Sephiroth. "He picked the lock, didn't he?" Squall asked. Sephiroth nodded and they all walked in. They were careful about guard, but there was none in sight.

"Kind of stupid not having any guards." Said Cloud.

"This bunch is stupid. Did you here the questions they asked? Either criminals are getting dumber or we're getting smarter." Said Sephiroth.

"I like the second idea." Yuffie said from Squall's watch. "Stop!" At the moment Cloud had been half way through a step. He stopped right there and tried to keep his balance. "Squall to your right. They're there." Squall turned to his right and saw an old wooden door.

Squall moved out the way. "Cloud, will you do the honours?"

Cloud smiled and walked over to the door. "Certainly." Cloud took out a piece of metal, which used to be a paperclip. He put it in the lock and moved it about. He heard a little click and opened the door.

Riku and Sora were sitting on the floor hugging. Riku didn't have his top on. "Been getting some while being locked in here, huh Riku?" Said Sephiroth playfully. Riku growled a little and grabbed his top and put it on.

"Ready to go home?" Squall asked. Riku and Sora nodded. Riku picked Sora up and carried him bridal style.

"Thank you." Whispered Sora, as he wrapped his arms around Riku's neck.

"It's no problem. I don't want you to hurt any more than you do." Riku kissed Sora's temple. Squall lead the way out. Sephiroth and Cloud walked behind Sora and Riku to make sure no one was following them. Lucky for the group these criminals didn't come after them. When they were out of the building Squall phoned his dad and told him everything was fine now and not to pay any money.

The five walked back to the car and got in. Riku sat in the back with Sra on his lap. Sephiroth sat next to them and Cloud sat beside Squall, who was driving. Cloud turned in his seat. "So what happened in there?" He asked. Everyone in the car went silent. Cloud looked around. "What's I say?"

"We'll tell you when we get back, okay?" Said Yuffie.

Cloud nodded. "Okay."

Once the group got back home Riku carried Sora into the house and straight up into they're room. He carefully put Sora on the bed. "Are you still sore?" Riku asked concerned.

Sora nodded. "A little bit."

Riku sat down next to Sora on the bed. "I did promise to make it better." Smiled Riku.

Sora narrowed his eyes a little. "How?"

Riku's smile turned into a smirk. "Well you'll need to take off your clothes."

Sora crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm not having sex."

Riku chuckled. "I promise you it's not sex. Do you trust me?" Sora nodded and Riku smiled lovingly. Slowly Sora removed his top and blush a little. He was sort of embarrassed about being naked in front of Riku. He had done it before but that time Riku wasn't really awake.

Riku noticed Sora's nervousness. "If you want I can take my clothes off too?"

"I thought you said it wasn't sex?"

"It isn't. But if it makes you feel more comfortable then I will." Sora nodded. If Sora had felt uncomfortable before he was even more so after Riku took off his own top. Riku was muscular but lean. Sora felt inadequate with his skinny build. "Sora?"

Sora lowered his gaze. "I know you love me, but how can you? I don't even think I'm that great."

"But I think you're amazing."

"But I'm so skinny and you're so…" Sora looked at Riku's chest and blushed.

Riku smiled softly at Sora and moved closer to him. "I like your body, Sora. But I love your personality more." Riku lifted up Sora's chin. "I love your eyes and how they shine. And your smile." Riku kissed Sora gently. When Riku moved back his expression changed from lovely to cheery. "Now if we delay much longer I won't be able to put plan 'Make Sora Fell Better' into action."

"So what are you going to do that needs me to take my clothes off?"

"Have you ever heard of a rim job?" Sora shook his head. "Well that. Just relax and let me do all the work."

Sora nodded and with his confidence boost he unzipped his trouser, and with Riku's help, got them off. With Riku's help again he took off his boxers. Riku took off his own trousers and boxers. "Can you lie on your stomach please?" Sora rolled on to his front. He was pretty relaxed now. He trusted Riku and knew that the silver haired boy wouldn't hurt him. As Sora rested his head on his arms he didn't notice Riku's funny facial expressions.

'Sephiroth better not be lying about this. I don't want to hurt Sora and I've never done this before. If Sephiroth is lying, I'm going to make sure that he pays.' Thought Riku. Riku shook himself and tried to relax. Riku just looked at the brunette for a moment. Sora was completely relaxed with his head on his arms and his eyes closed over. Riku admired the trust Sora had in him.

A smirk grew on Riku's hansom face. He leaned down and licked Sora's left bum cheek all the way up to the brunette's neck. Riku did the same to the other side of Sora's spine. The brunette moaned a bit. "Riku…"

Riku licked his lips. Sora tasted really nice. Riku lowered his head and kissed Sora's bum. The silver haired boy put both his hands on Sora's bum and moved the cheeks apart so he could see Sora's opening. Riku licked at Sora's opening and a few times thrust his tongue into Sora. Riku was pleased about the moans and cute noises that Sora was making.

"Mmm! Riku!"

Sora was wriggling out on the bed. His fist full of bed covers. It just felt so good. Okay so maybe sex was sounding better to Sora. Each time Riku thrust his tongue in Sora was sent closer on a high. The brunette wanted more and he moved back a bit so he was closer to Riku.

Riku smirked to himself as Sora moved closer. Riku moved away and put two fingers into his mouth and coated them with saliva. He leaned down on Sora and he kissed the boy's neck. He inserted one finger into Sora's tight opening. He inserted his second finger while his he left love bites on Sora's neck.

"Mmnah!" Moaned Sora. "Riku!"

Riku's other hand found it's way around Sora waist to Sora's ever growing erection. Riku was happy that Sora was enjoying himself. Riku stroked the brunette's member in time with his finger thrusts.

"Please Riku…"

"Please what?" Whispered Riku into Sora's ear.

"Take me."

Riku smirked. "I thought you didn't want sex?"

"I changed my mind!"

Riku smiled widely. "Okay dokie." Riku flipped Sora over so that the brunette was on his back. Riku leaned over Sora and nibbled the boy's ear. Meanwhile Riku pulled open the bedside drawer and searched for the lube. He knew Sora was probably lubricated enough but he just wanted to make such that he didn't hurt Sora. Riku found it and took it out of the drawer and set it on the bed next to Sora. Riku moved back to admire Sora. The brunette's eyes were half open, his cheeks were flushed. There was a love bite right at the nape of his neck. Sora mouth was hanging open ready to be claimed. Riku was about to claim it when there was a knock at the door.

"Sora? You there?" Came Cloud's voice.

"Did you lock the door?" Asked Sora quietly. Riku eyes widened and he ran to the door just as Cloud was about to open it. Riku slammed it shut and locked it.

"Oh I see. You two are getting busy, aren't you?" Said Cloud in a sultry voice. Riku leaned against the door and sighed. At this moment he really did want Cloud to go. Riku looked over at Sora. He was lying on the bed totally open and ready. His whole body was flushed and there was a look of longing in his slightly glazed blue eyes. Sora's arousal was in plain sight. Riku guessed that Sora wanted release after all the teasing he did.

"You're right Cloud we are kind of busy at the moment so could you…"

"Alright I'll go. Just don't fuck Sora too hard, okay Riku?"

Riku wanted to say 'that's up to Sora' but he had a feeling if he said that Cloud wouldn't go away so quickly. "Okay I won't."

"Good boy. Oh Sora I hope you feel better."

"Thanks." Shouted Sora from the bed. Riku heard footsteps moving away from the door. Riku ran back to the bed.

"Now where were we?" Riku licked Sora's neck. Riku grabbed the lube and took the top off. He put a big dollop on his hands and spread it on his erection. The silver haired boy put some on his two fingers then flung the tube over his shoulder. Riku slowly inserted one finger into the younger boy. Sora moaned softly and wrapped his arms around Riku's neck. Sora pulled Riku into a kiss while Riku inserted his second finger. Riku scissor his fingers while his tongue battled against Sora's.

Riku removed his fingers. "Riku please…" Whimpered Sora. Riku looked at his lustful lover. The older boy moved Sora legs apart and put his hands on the brunette's waist. Riku position himself at Sora's entrance.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Riku asked as he teased Sora. The brunette nodded his head furiously. Riku slowly entered Sora while keeping a firm hold on Sora's hips. Riku kissed Sora hungrily as he push himself all the way to the hilt. Sora moaned into the kiss. Riku moved out and back in again, thrusting slowly. Sora eagerly lifted his hips to meet Riku's thrusts.

"Harder!" Moaned Sora loudly. Riku thrust harder and leaned down to kiss Sora's exposed neck. Sora wrapped his slim legs around Riku's waist, and tightened his grip each time Riku thrust in.

"Sora!" Moaned Riku into Sora's neck. Riku intertwined his finger with Sora's and put the brunette's arms above his head. Riku kissed Sora hungrily and Sora kissed back just as hungrily. Sora's back arched and he came, spilling his seed all over his and Riku's stomachs. Riku bit his lip as Sora's insides clenched around his length. With a strangled moan, Riku came inside his lover.

Riku removed himself from the younger boy and lay beside him. Sora sighed happily and curled up to Riku. "You're a sex junkie." Riku said tiredly.

Sora shook his head. "No. I'm a Riku junkie…" He said sleepily.

Cloud walked happily down the corridor to his and Sephiroth's room. He opened the door and walked in. "Guess what?" He said as he closed the door behind him.


"Riku and Sora are at it again. And I just saw Squall going into Yuffie's room. And also I saw the head butler, you know the one with darker skin, well he went into Laguna's room. I know that sounds normal but I listened in for and believe me what I heard wasn't the normal butler and master thing. Well it could have been if Laguna was into that sort of fetish thing." Cloud cocked his head. "Are you okay Sephy?" Sephiroth pulled Cloud into a tight hug. "Sephy what is it?"

Sephiroth pulled away and looked Cloud deep in the eyes. "Will you marry me?" Cloud was… stunned. Sephiroth was a bit worried about the reaction. He quickly pulled out a ring box from his pocket and opened it. "I know this is a bit sudden and I know it won't be like a real wedding. But it is legal and… I love you." Sephiroth looked down at the simple but elegant ring.


Sephiroth's head shot up. "What?"

Cloud smiled. "I said yes." Cloud hugged Sephiroth and kissed him.


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