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Chapter 1

A month had passed since Mamoru found out about the powers of Sailor Earth, and he still hadn't tested them yet. Suddenly, he sensed Usagi was in trouble.

"Golden Crystal Power!" (a/n: don't ask.)

He rushed to find her, ready to test his new powers. When he found her, he saw a new Negaverse creep, named Koiniosite (a/n: pronounced kow-ee-nyo-site), holding her in a headlock. None of the other scouts were there.

"Back off, jerk! Leave her alone!" Mamoru said, preparing to use a powerful attack if Koiniosite didn't listen.

"Who do you think you are? You can't stop me!" Koiniosite said.

"Oh, really? We'll see about that! Earthquake Destruction!" Mamoru said. A huge earthquake struck, but it only affected Koiniosite.

"Wow. Thanks," Usagi said, walking up to him.

"Hey. You ok?" Mamoru said.

"Yeah," she said, moving even closer to him. He put his arm around her and hugged her close, then kissed her forehead.

"huh. Dumbass idiot over there is getting up. I'd better handle this," Mamoru said, preparing to attack the severely bruised, beaten, and bloody Koiniosite again.

"Wait. I'll handle this," Usagi said. "uh, slight problem."

"Yeah…" Mamoru said.

"He, uh, he looks pissed… and he's reaching into his jacket for something… I'm guessing…" Usagi said.



Koiniosite pulled out a 44 shotgun.

"oh, shit," Mamoru said.