Be careful of the Hitokiri Battousai

Summary: Harry is a Hitokiri and has turned immortal by Voldemort (who Harry killed soon after). Harry then goes to Hogwarts and meets Kagome there. Kagome then finds out who and what Harry is and realises the power inside him. Other stuff happens and yea. ENJOY. They are in their 6th year.

Rated: PG

Pairing: Harry and Kagome

Category: Romance/Drama

Chapter 1: Immortal and realisation

A figure was watching out for any signs of danger. This figure was known as THE Hitokiri Battousai, or in other words Harry Potter. A man told him that a creature with powers was after him for some reason. After he told him that, Harry killed him. He felt something coming his way. He averts his attention to that direction, and saw a cloaked figure. He narrowed his eyes and put a hand on his sword, just in case. "Battousai, I presume, or should I say Harry Potter?" Harry narrowed his eyes, and with a cold voice he said "Who, or what, are you, and what do you want with me?" The man chuckled "I am Lord Voldemort, and YOU have to join me, or you'll die right here." Harry almost laughed at this. "You not only want me to join you, AND if I refuse, you'll kill me. As if I would be killed by someone like you?" Harry's voice was extreamly cold. Voldemort got angry, took his want out, and aimed it at Harry. Harry only raised an eyebrow at that. "OK then, what on earth is THAT?" He said, refering to the wand. "THIS is what I will kill you with, unless you join me." Harry looked at it weirdly. "Don't make me laugh. That is ridiculous, absolutly ridiculous. I will never join up with someone as weak as you, as well as that strange odour." Voldmort narrowed his eyes and aimed it at Harry's heart and yelled out "Avada Kedavra." Instantly a green light came out his wand. Harry knew that this green light could kill him, so using his god like speed, he jumped out of it's way, and landed on a nearby rock. Voldemort looked wide-eyed at him, because he dodged the killing curse with great speed. He clenched his fist and said "Daelom magikam." He meant to say 'Daelom magikan', but it was different. This time a clear light came out the wand. He had no idea where it was, so when it actually hit Harry, Harry actually clenched his fist, and closed his eyes. 'How dare he do this to me! He must die right now.' Harry was thinking with anger. Voldemort just stood there looking. When it all went, Harry opened his eyes and glared at Voldemort. He put one hand on the sword, and speed at Voldmort's direction. Once he got close enough he did batou-jutsu, killing him with one blow. His blood got on his face and he just flicked it off. He looked at the sword and saw the most unusual thing. Black blood. He slashed his sword and it hit nothing, cleaning it of the blood. He set off somewhere else, away from the unusual scene that had just happened. He thought about that strange thing he did back then. What was it?

10 years had past since Harry killed Voldemort. The one with the strange powers and bad odour. He chuckled about that line line he had told him about his bad odour. He had noticed that he hadn't seemed to age all. Anyone who said to him that he hasn't grew at all, he would either glare at them with immense coldness, or kill them, all those who had the guts to tell him that. The only thing that had actually changed, was his knowledge. For that was only thing that could change, his appearence had not changed at all, he somehow knew it had to do with that thing Voldemort said. The words 'Daelom magikam'. The thing that also baffled him was the green light that came from the thing that he was holding, and the words he said. 'Avada kedavera'. He frowned to himself, causing everyone around him to back away. 'What did those words mean?' he thought to himself. He just dismissed those thoughts. He thought for a minute, what if he won't age for years to come? He couldn't stand it. He took a giant leap and landed on a roof. He jumped away to somewhere far away form the village. When he found a good spot, he took his blade out and pressed it into his chest. He widened his eyes, not because it hurt for he couldn't feel a thing, it's because no blood came out of the new wound. He wondered about this, could it be because of that thing Voldemort did? Yes, that had to be it. HE heard about this. He thought for a minute. Realisation came quickly to him. IMMORTALITY. That's it, he was now immortal because of Voldemort. He decided that this wasn't as bad as it sounded. Though he couldn't see his ex-wife, Susana ever again. She was dead because of him. He sighed and set off to nowhere.

A/N: I hope that this chapter was alright. Kagome gets introduced in the next chapter. See ya then.