Be careful of the Hitokiri Battousai


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Chapter 11: Return of Dog-boy

Harry woke up to two children jumping on him.

'Granpa, wake up.' Rea and Ryu said at the same time. Harry gave the two a mock glare.

'Must you wake me up like that?' Harry asked in mock, and slightly true, annoyance. The two grinned mischeviously.

'Yep. Of cause we do.' Harry groaned, remembering his own children while he was raising them. They did exacually the same thing as Ryu and Rea were doing.

'You two are going to be the death of me.' Harry groaned. Whether it was playfully or true, you couldn't tell. Rea giggled, the events of yesterday in the back of her mind.

'Don't be silly granpa, you can't die.' She said, and Ryu lowered his head, shoulders shaking with silent laughter. Soon, the twins were laughing. Harry rolled his eyes in an amused way.

'Honestly you two. I don't see what is so funny.' Harry said over their laughter. That just made them laugh even harder. Muttering about overly hyper-active 7 year olds, Harry got out of bed, and went into the bathroom to get changed.

Later found Harry walking toward the Great Hall, Ryu and Rea following behind him, looking in awe at the portraits. Harry rid a snort when the twins made a comment that the artist that painted the portrats must not have had a sense of humour, because they looked so boring. When they made it to the Great Hall, Harry turned to the twins.

'When we walk into the Hall, I need you to be on your best behavior. If anyone tries anything, don't react. If a hot-tempered red head does anything, tell me and I'll deal with him.' Harry explained. The two nodded.

'We will Granpa.' They said in unison. Harry opened the door, and all conversation stopped. Harry scowled as people turned to look at him,

"Honestly, don't you have anything better to do than stare at me? It's as though I'm an animal in a zoo." He drawled loudly. No one said anything. Then, the Slytherin table burst into laughter. Harry took an exaggerated bow, making the laughter louder. Ryu and Rea looked around, and saw Kagome, tears of laughter in her eyes. Then, Dumbledore stood.

"Calm down, everyone." The Slytherins calmed down, to a few chuckles, and Harry, trailed by Ryu and Rea, made his way to the Slytherin table. Harry sat next to Kagome, and Ryu and Rea sat on Harry's lap, making him chuckle. They began piling food onto Harry's plate and eating it.

'Leave some food for the rest of us.' Harry said dryly. The twins grinned sheepishly, and just finished off what they had. Harry smiled faintly at them, and turned to Kagome.

"So, what's on the agenda today?" Harry asked.

"Well, we've got Transfiguration first, followed by CoMC, then Potions and Divination to finish the day off." She said, mocking one of the snooty waiters (no offense to snooty waiters). Harry snorted

"Oh goody." He said dryly. Kagome chuckled.

'Ne, Granpa. That guy is glaring at us.' Ryu said pointing at the Griffindor table. Harry blinked and looked at the Griffendor table, Sure enough, Weasley was glaring maliciously at them. Harry gave him a dark look, and Weasley paled, and continued eating. Harry muttered in his head about introducing the Griffindor to his sword, and turned back.

'Why was he doing that granpa?' Rea asked curiously. Harry gave her a comforting smile.

'He's just jealous.' Harry said in a half teasing voice. The twins looked at him in confusion.

'Why would he be jealous?' Rea asked, with a frown. Harry smiled reassuringly at her.

'Just because I have a gorgeous girlfriend.' He said with a sneaky look in his eyes. Kagome fought to keep a blush off her face. Ryu and Rea made faces at him.

'Granpa, that's gross.' They said at the same time, then giggled madly. Harry looked amused.

'Loving someone isn't something you should find gross.' He said in an amused voice. The twins made disgusted faces at him again. Harry chuckled, and mussed up their hair. The two scowled at him, which looked cute on their faces. Harry smiled at them, with made them smile.

Harry and Kagome made their way out of the Transfiguration classroom, ready to go to CoMC, the twins following them, bouncing around. As usual for the ex-assassin, the class was boring, since he had the ability to do most of the spells without wand, or words, for decades.

He only went to amuse McGonnigal, and himself. Plus, Kagome was in the class as well, and Ronald Weasley. Ryu and Rea just sat down, and drew in a muggle book that Harry had brought with him.

They walked outside, to where CoMC always took place, and waited for their teacher, Hagrid, to show up. Harry liked the half-giant, he reminded him of one of his allies/friends centuries ago. The large man was one of the most loyal men Harry had met during that era. The class was talking to themselves, the twins were sitting under a nearby tree, so Harry could keep an eye on them in case they ran into the Forbidden Forrest.

Then, their teacher appeared, behind him was a creature Harry never expected to see again. The body of a cheeter, the head of a panther, and the feet of a lion, all black. Commonly known as a Chathion. Harry had came across quite a few of therm in his life, and they all seemed like him. Harry believed it was because he was predator as well, or it was because they knew he couldn't die. Hagrid beamed at the class, who was stepping away from the feline creature.

"'Oo can tell me wha' this is?" He asked, jestering to the Chathion. Harry raised his hand, as well as Hermione Granger.

"'Arry." He said. Granger gave Harry an evil look.

"They're known as the Chathion. They are extreamly agile, fast, and could kill in a flash." Harry explained, then grinned. "They're also very protective of their young, since they only give birth once in their life, usually to a litter of at least 6. They are also resistant to most spells, and if you can gain the trust of them, they will protect you like their offspring." Harry said calmly.

To the astonishment of the class, he walked over to the Chathion, and extended his hand. The feline smelt his hand, then nudged it with it's head. Harry smiled, and began patting their head. The class was in shock when they heard loud purring coming from the feline.

"You're just a sweety aren't you? You're a preety girl." Harry cooed, and hugged the feline, and to the disbelief of the class, and Hagrid,. the Chathion didn't attack him. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it. Harry gave her a rub beneath the ear, and stepped away. She whinned at the loss, but sat down. Everyone stared at him in shock, and Harry grinned at them.

Ron Weasley sneered at him, and walked over to the Chathion, intending to show the class that he, too, could gain the feline's trust. Instead of being allowed to pat her, the Chathion growled at the red head threateningly. Weasley took a step back, a look of fear on his face. Then, a blur passed him from behind, and stopped at the Chathion's side, gently patting her head. Weasley fell backwards at the sight of Harry Potter soothing the agitated Chathion, his eyes wide. The class gaped as Harry rubbed her head, muttering soothing words in her ear. They saw the feline calming down, though she was staring intently at Weasley.

"That, is why you should approach a Chathion with pride and cockiness. Neither should you approach one in fear. They can smell your emotions, so you should be calm and collected." Harry explained, the Chathion with her head in his lap, eyes closed in contentment. Harry shot Weasley a glare of distaste.

"You thought you were better than everyone else, she could smell it on you, so she showed you that you weren't better than everyone. Besides, I don't think she likes your scent." Harry said harshly. Weasley gathered his last bit of pride, and stood up, brushing himself off, and held his head high. Harry raised an eyebrow at him, though he was sitting Japanese style, and Weasley was standing.

"You're blocking my sunlight." Harry said calmly, causing riotous laughter from his fellow Slytherins, and glares from the Griffindors. Weasley turned a nice shade of red, and stormed toward him fellow Griffindors. Harry rubbed the head on his lap, and gently moved it. The Chathion sat up, rubbing Harry's cheek, and let him get up. Harry then began walking back to his classmates, when the twins ran pass him, toward the Chathion who was watching them with interest.

'Ryu, Rea.' He said with a warning voice. They stopped, and turned to him with eager looks on their faces. Harry smiled softly, and walked toward them, letting them pat the Chathion, who enjoyed the attention from the twins who smelt so much like Harry. Either than that, the class went on without any problems. However, during the lesson, Harry could sense someone watching he and Kagome. Harry had been on alert in case whoever it was attacked. Harry knew he protect himself, but wasn't sure Kagome could from a sneak attack.

Luckily, whoever it was didn't attack them, but chose to watch Harry with so much loathing that Harry could smell it. It wasn't until the end of the class, when most of the Griffindors were inside, and onlty a few Slytherins remained, that the person decided to attack. Harry could sense when they were close enough to hurt him, and brought his katana up, sheilding himself from claws. He was only mildly shocked when he saw that the person had ears on the top of their head, and their eyes were red with anger.

'Ryu, Rea, stay where you are.' Harry said calmly, when he saw the twins were about to come closer. Everything was silent. Until.

'Osuwari.' Kagome snarled. Harry then noticed a rosary necklace around the person's neck when it glowed. Then, face met earth in a very hurtful way. Harry then looked at his girlfriend, and saw that her eyes were glowing with anger, and her hair was gently swaying as though there was a wind.

'Inuyasha.' She spat angrily. Harry turned to look at the half-demon who had managed to get up, though remained sitting.

'Wench, why did you have to... do... that?' He said, trailing off when he noticed the anger in her eyes. Harry glared at him

'Mind your language, there are children nearby.' Harry said, sounding very much like a disapproving father. Inuyasha glared at him angrily.

'For your information ningen, I am 148.' He snapped. Harry sneered

'And I am over 250 years old. So, watch your language around children.' Harry replyed, and kept his sword in hand. Inuyasha looked at Kagome, who walked to Harry, who wrapped his arms around her protectively, daring Inuyasha to try and attack. Said Hanyo glowered at Harry, mostly in jealousy, and clenched, and unclenched, his hand.

'I challenge you to a sword fight.' Inuyasha spat at him. Harry whispered something in Kagome's ear, who then broke away, and stood at the side, next to the twins.

'Very well, lets see what you've got dog-boy.' Harry said tauntingly. The half demon growled at him, and attacked. Harry waited for him to be almost at him, and slashed at him, drawing blood. Inuyasha stared at Harry in shock.

'I was once an assassin in the wars. Of cause I know how to sword fight.' Harry said coldly, and ran toward him, preparing to attack. Inuyasha came to his senses and took out his katana, and their swords hit.

Steel clashed with steel, and the two swipped the other, though Harry dodged every slash. Inuyasha had several injuries, which didn't stop him at all. They broke away, neither showing tiredness, or any emotions. The two circled each other, faguely noticing people coming over. Harry didn't have any emotion on his face, or in his eyes, while Inuyasha had anger in his eyes.

'You're letting your emotions control you.' Harry said, then rushed toward him with astonishing speed. Inuyasha just managed to block the attack, when Harry brought the sword down, and sliced at his chest. Blood began swelling at the wound, and the hanyo slashed at Harry, who received a small diagonal cut on his cheek.

Harry took no notice of it, and continued with his assult. Soon enough, Harry had Inuyasha on his back, the katana pressed against his throat. The crowd that had gathered stared at Harry in awe and slight fear.

'Had enough?' Harry asked with a mockinly pleasant voice, ignoring the crowd around them. Inuyasha growled menacingly, but didn't move incase the blade 'accidentally' slit his throat. Harry stared at him with merciless eyes, inwardly daring him to try something. There was silence, until a loud voice appeared just outside the crowd.

"MR.POTTER!" He voice of Mcgonigal shouted. Harry had the urge to groan loudly. Just his luck that Mcgonigal, of all people, would see him. He didn't take his eyes off his opponent, even when Mcgonigal burst into the clearing. Mcgonigal gave a horrified gasp when she saw Inuyasha on his back with Harry's sword at his throat. She also saw the multiple wounds on his body, and immediantly assumed Harry attacked him first.

"Mr. Potter, never in my years have I ever seen just behavior. It's disgraceful, uncouth... put that weapon down." Mcgonigal ranted, but stopped when Harry turned his merciless eyes to her, gripping the sword tightly with his right hand. Harry just ignored his fallen opponent in favour of moving his sword,.and moved away to clean it Mcgonigal took a step toward the hanyo, who growled threateningly at her. Mcgonigal took a shocked step back.

"He just has a wounded pride from being defeated by a human." Kagome said, glaring at Inuyasha.

'Bitch.' Inuysha snapped at her. Harry looked up from cleaning his sword, to pin the half-demon with a glare

'Watch your language dog-boy, or I'll have to teach you a lesson.' Harry said with an annoyed voice.

'Feh, as if you can teach anyone anything.' He replyed angrily.

'I've taught thousands of people, a good amount were children.' Harry replyed cooly. Inuyasha snarled at him, to the shock of everyone.

'Did you lead them to their deaths? Did you cause them to die?' He asked mockingly, knowing it would be a weak spot. He was right, but when Harry's eyes when cold, the eyes of a killer, Inuyasha began to wonder if saying that was a good idea.

'For your information, Hanyo, they agreed to do it, they agreed to put their lives on the line for their families, and their freedom. I never made them fight, they agreed to.' Harry hissed, and gracefully stood, sheathing his sword, and walked into the Forbidden Forrest to blow off some steam, and keep his killer side at bay.

Everyone was staring wide-eyed at the spot Harry was.

'What the hell just happened?' was the question in everyone's mind. Mcgonigal stared at the forrest in disbelief. She couldn't believe that somone, a student, went into the Forbidden Forrest on their own. Kagome stared at the forrest with an unreadable emotion in her eyes. But, when she turned to Inuyasha, hatred burned in her eyes.

'Osuwari.' She spat, and he was pyuched into the ground. Then, she stalked toward him, a light wind blowing her hair back. She grabbed him by the back of his top, and dragged him away from the group. When they were as far from the group, Kagome turned to the hanyo.

'You baka, how dare you say that to him. Aren't you supposed to be with your beloved Kikyo?' Kagome hissed angrily at him. Inuyasha scoffed.

'Feh, stupid wench. I'm here to drag your arse back to the Well, so I can go back to my own life, and not listen to annoying gi..' Inuyasha began with a high and mighty voice, until Kagome slapped him really hard.

'You self centered bastard, I'm not going anywhere with you, I despise you, and I'm quite happy here.' Kagome seethed. Inuyasha blinked stupidly for a few seconds, before collecting himself.

'I don't care, you're coming with me.' With that, he grabbed her arm, and began dragging her off, when he noticed that he couldn't. Annoyed, he tried pulling harder, only to get a chill down his back. He turned around, and saw Kagome giving him the coldest look he had ever received, even from Sesshoumarru, his full-demon half-brother.

'Inuyasha.' Kagome said with a frosty voice. She pulled out her wand, and pointed it at him.

"Expelliamus." She spat, and the hanyo found himself flying through the air. Kagome snifed coldly at him, span around, and walked toward the group, to make sure the twins were safe. Inuyasha managed to get up, and rubbed his head

'Wench, how dare she do that.' He muttered, and went into the forrest. What he didn't realise, was that somone was watching the whole thing. Someone, in the form of a large black dog. This person had been watching the entire thing, from the CoMC lesson. This person had thousands of questions to ask, but wasn't able to. As this person disappeared into the forrest, they swore to find out what was happening. Even if they had to revela thier identity, they would.

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