Part Four: Claire de Lune

The fierce alpha narrowed his amber eyes at the intruder he was forced to allow in. "Remus Lupin?" Cale asked suspiciously. He gave a test sniff of the new wolf, not liking what he smelled. "The spark shooter?"

Remus nodded, ever inch the submissive male to this alpha. "I am. I arrived last night seeking shelter." He wisely chose not to comment on the derogatory term for a wizard. He'd heard it enough in the past couple of weeks to become completely immune.

Immediately, the other wolves in the pack began to whisper amongst themselves. It wasn't every day that Europe's only wizarding werewolf paid a visit. His name was near legendary as he was allowed what all others were denied. Even the pups and young adults knew who he was. What could he possibly want here? Cale hushed them with a look, not even needing a verbal command. When his pack was silent, the alpha resumed his interrogation.

"It was said you forsake your blood nearly 15 years ago."

Remus knew to what he was referring. During the first war, wolves from all around the country begged him to use his wand, a wand so out of their reach, to liberate them from the Dark Lord's wave of terror and the Ministry's tyranny. Remus, knowing it to be suicidal stupidity to even think of revolt, refused. Since then he had been shunned from his people as a ministry pet and traitor to all wolves.

"I did what I felt was right and I do not regret it," Remus told Cale with strength and conviction in his voice. When dealing with wolves such as he, he could not show any weakness or hesitation. "But I come now with a message."

"From the Ministry?" the alpha sneered, obviously not so forgiving. He remembered those dark times and did not enjoy this pampered and domesticated wolf speaking to him like any other sparkshooter would. So self-righteous and proud…

"From Albus Dumbledore who has always been our greatest supporter," Remus shook his head. "It is he who let me have a wand and cauldron. And it is he who fights for wolves constantly against the Ministry and the Dark Lord. You know this." If there was a human alive or dead who the packs would listen to, it would be Dumbledore.

"What is your message?" Cale crossed his arms. He was obviously displeased at having to hear the wolf out, but not willing to risk missing something of consequence.

"Fight with us against the Dark Lord's forces. We are not the only non-humans to join the cause. We have a number of centaurs, giants, elves… things will be different for us this time in our victory. Dumbledore has promised our freedom and he does not promise things lightly." He looked around, speaking more to the pack than the alpha who was not likely to budge. So he was stretching the truth a little bit; they needed this alliance. "Equal rights. Schooling in magic and potions. Every freedom we've wanted for so long is finally at hand. But it cannot happen until the Dark Lord is defeated. And Dumbledore acknowledges the fact that there will be no victory without the strength of the wolf packs." A little flattery never hurt. Alphas were notorious for their vanity.

"You have your freedom," Cale hissed, amber eyes narrowing dangerously, not falling for a word of it. "What good are the promises of a spark-shooter, human or wolf? Promises we've all heard before. You would have us all as domesticated as you."

Remus watched helplessly as whatever doubt that rose in the pack's eyes disappeared again. They would follow their alpha; it was the way it was done. Cale protected them from enemies and they owed him their loyalty. Yet they weren't mindless animals, they were human too. He had to make them see to reason despite any instincts barring the way. "But we have the Boy Who Lived. He also…"

"The pup is dead," the alpha told him harshly. "We've all heard about his supposed kindness extending to all breeds of magical creatures. But a dead pup can do nothing for us."

"Harry isn't dead," the wizard snapped, growing angry at those words obviously aimed to hurt him or make him leave. "Why did you say that?"

Cale looked furious at the very suggestion that he was lying. First this sparkshooter comes in with his pride and his pretty words. Now he insults the very alpha of the pack he is trying to win over! "I said it because it is true." He reached over to the counter where the Daily Prophet from that day rested. "Even we low-class wolves keep up with the times. Or didn't you know we are so advanced that we know how to read?"

Remus snatched it from his hands, anger quickly turning into a deep cold pit of fear. It was not true. It could not be true. It was impossible. "No one knows where he lives," the wolf insisted as he scanned the panic-stricken article that spoke of dragons and Death Eaters.

The alpha crossed his arms over a barreled chest. Steel gray eyes narrowed as he glared at the wizard. "That isn't what your Minister says. Keep reading."

So he did. As he read on, Remus became more and more certain that the Daily Prophet only jumped to a hasty conclusion. But then he saw it…

'Minister Fudge released earlier today the names of the people the Boy Who Lived resided with. And it was confirmed on the evening of the attack that the destroyed Dursley house was indeed young Mr. Potter's. While no body has yet been recovered, Aurors at the scene…'

"Obviously someone knew where the pup lived," Cale put in when Remus folded up the paper, face slightly paler than before. "Why else bring in a dozen Death Eaters and two Russian Redbacks?"

"There is no body," Remus stated, creasing the final fold deftly. His heartbeat slowed to a normal pattern as he forced himself to calm. "There is no proof. There are… people I know who would have gotten him out in time. Harry is alive."

"You sound so certain," Anna murmured, amazed at his conviction. The Remus she remembered was always shy and hesitant.

"I am," he said with confidence, though his pack-sister could see the worry still tinting his eyes. "I would know if he weren't."

Cale was less than impressed. More pretty words and foolish sentiments. "You talk like that pup is your own," he scoffed. "That spark-shooter is that important to you? To your cause?"

"It's complicated," the other werewolf snapped, growing ever more frustrated with the disgruntled alpha and his pack. He certainly didn't miss being just like them so many years ago. "Harry… He's the closest thing to a pup I'll ever have."

"Yet he doesn't see you as a father?" Now the alpha was just mocking him.

"Like I said, it's complicated." Remus struggled to find a term they, and he, would understand. "I… I'm pack. A mentor. Beyond that, I don't know."

Anna nodded her understanding. "You have to leave, don't you?"

The wizarding wolf nodded, seeing her displeasure. "My mission was to recruit wolves to the cause and this was one of the last safehouses I had to visit. I know Harry's alright, but…"

"But you have to be sure," Anna finished. They had just found each other again and now he had to leave. Leave her for his sparkshooting friends. He certainly had changed, hadn't he?

"And I should have been back long ago." His left shoulder twinged where last week's wound was still healing. The pack in the east had been far less gentle than even the volatile Cale on a full moon. "Certain things delayed me." His pack sister reached out to embrace him as he readied himself to leave, Cale forgotten to them both. It was just as well for the alpha had lost interest in the legendary werewolf, wishing him gone from his pack. The less exposure his pack had with the wizarding world, the safer they all would be.

"Don't leave us behind again, Rem," she whispered in his ear.

Remus smiled ruefully. "I doubt you'd let me if I tried." He doubted Dumbledore would let him either. Not with the strength an alliance would give them. He knew that the possibility of a wolf army in Northern London promised him plenty of work in the near future. But as Remus took his leave of the Morrison pack, he knew he had to visit home first. There was no doubt that Harry was tucked safely away by the Order, but… some part of him would not rest easy until he saw it for himself.

What he told Cale was the truth. Whether the boy knew it or not, he was pack to Remus. A pup under his full protection. Not many could claim that as he and the wolf personality in him took the matter of his devotion very seriously. And so until both Remus and Moony saw their pup, breathed in his scent, the mission would have to be put on hold. He'd been gone too long already so did not feel too guilty at coming back.

The bright light of the morning sun nearly blinded him as he stepped outside. The morning after a full moon was nearly as bad as the transformation itself sometimes. His senses went haywire, still caught between the supernatural strength of the wolf and the only slightly increased senses of his human form. And he knew that going into Grimmauld Place would be most trying on his body. All those scents and sounds of so many could easily make him pass out if he wasn't careful. It wouldn't be the first time he'd been overwhelmed; his schooldays had been notorious for intense migraines for days after a full moon.

Finding his wand was easy enough once he became accustomed to the harsh light. Since most wolves were nervous with a wand around, especially right after a full moon when they were most vulnerable, he had elected to leave it outside safely hidden under a root rather than enter with it in his jaws. It had been bad enough last night with only his scent marking him as strange. Throw in a wand as well and Cale would have most likely ripped him apart. Literally.

Remus grimaced as he bent down to retrieve the precious wand. His injuries were being rather persistent. Perhaps a trip back to headquarters really wasn't a bad idea. A soft bed and warm food would go a long way in healing what should have been done days ago. He looked back at the safehouse, seeing his sister watch from the window. He promised to himself never to leave the wolves behind again, no matter the outcome. For as much as he tried to convince himself, he was not human. And he needed to be around others like him if he ever hoped to retain his sanity in these insane times. Thinking back to Cale and his pack, however, alerted Remus to the possible dangers of returning to a more feral mindset. He could never be the way that wolf was, but if he was to gain his support, he would have to learn to think like him.


Breakfast was served with little fanfare that morning. Those who had had the patience for the Dursleys' whining the previous evening had run out of it long ago. Now only a grumpy atmosphere filled a once vibrant room. Vernon had taken it upon himself to let everyone know just how badly he had slept. While Petunia remained as quiet as the night previous, looking into her oatmeal as though it was foul slop, she did nothing to stop her loud husband. Dudley, for once, was silent as a dormouse, choosing to stuff his face with Mrs. Weasley's excellent cooking, witch or no witch.

Harry gave no indication that he was even aware of his relatives' presence. All he could do for the moment was stare at the clock on the far wall. Every minute that went by was a minute without any word from Tonks and Remus. Anything could be happening to them and the Order was still too nervous after last spring to go after them.

Would more people die because of his great stupidity?

A thought drifted into his mind. A mere fledgling of one, but it was still there. The only reason Sirius and the others were hurt, why the Order was too scared to go after their fallen members, was because it was he they were worried about. For him, they would leave the safety of Grimmauld House. But not for Tonks or Remus. Sirius came after him last spring. Not Hermione or Ron or Luna or Neville or any of the others. For him. Because his godfather wanted him safe. How could he prevent that from happening again?

"Hey, Harry," Ron greeted as he stumbled into the kitchen. His red hair was tousled more than usual, and he blearily peered around in search of caffeine.

"Morning, Ron," Harry returned, casting away his disturbed thoughts.

"Morning," Hermione echoed passing him a hot mug of coffee which the boy accepted gratefully. "Sleep well?"

"Er, not so good." Ron's brown eyes flitted momentarily to Dudley who was downing his fifth pancake with no sign of stopping any time soon. Harry had to stifle a good chuckle at his best friend's discomfort. His cousin could snore up quite a storm when he wished, and last night had not been one of his better ones. Harry was long used to it by now, but his friend couldn't have known that trying to sleep in the same room as Dudley was like trying to sleep in a train station. "And you," he cast accusing eyes toward the amused boy who watched. "Where did you go last night? I woke up and you weren't there."

Harry flushed at being caught. He knew Ron was probably sorer at the fact that he hadn't been taken along rather than Harry's actual absence. Running the options through his mind, the boy wondered what to say. No doubt everyone would be vastly interested in his find behind the gargoyles' door, but for some reason he wanted to keep it to himself for the moment. It was a secret that, for now, that he wanted to stay secret.

"Oh," he tried to wave it off as though it were nothing. "I couldn't sleep so I just wandered around a bit."

Mrs. Weasley stared hard at him, having heard the boys talking. Her mother instincts kicked in, granting her the ability to pick up on the slightest hints of something amiss. "Where did you go?" she asked, voice just as light as ever, but her chocolate eyes boring into his. Harry shifted under her gaze, knowing now for the first time what it was to be given the 'look.' The one only a mother was capable of. Ginny giggled nervously next to him at the expression on his face, glad that she wasn't the one being looked at like that.

"Just around the house," he assured her. He wasn't stupid, even he knew better than to wander out of doors the day after he had nearly been a dragon's lunch. She was probably worried he had gone out to find Tonks or Remus. Did he really have that big of a reputation as a 'hero-playing prat?'

She nodded in obvious relief, but still not fully satisfied. There was something he wasn't telling her. "Come now, Harry, there are still dangerous things in this house. I wouldn't wander again until we clean the whole place out."

"Grimmauld Manor is mine now," he gently reminded her, breaking eye contact. "It recognizes itself as mine. It won't hurt me."

"Don't be too sure," Hermione piped in, taking the elder woman's side. "Who knows what could be in here still. Remember what sort of things we found last year?"

"What sort of things?" Petunia finally spoke up. Her eyes narrowed, unwilling to remain in a possibly dangerous house. She did not leave a death trap only to stay in another.

"Oh it's nothing, Aunt Petunia" Harry assured his paranoid aunt. "Really." His emerald eyes met Hermione's, begging her silently not to say any more. It was going to be hard enough dealing with his now homeless relatives without adding fear to the equation.

The 16 year old girl took the hint and agreed with him if only for the sake of the nervous Muggles nearby. Having three panicky Dursleys in this house were three too many. It was bad enough they weren't able to leave the house for the moment until situations settled themselves. The attack was still too fresh to risk anything. Better to have them stay here as willingly and quietly as possible

"Say, Harry," Fred asked from where he was seated. Next to him, asleep in his eggs and bacon, was George who was currently having his hair changing colors courtesy of his twin. "I don't suppose you've seen a missing pair of…"

The sound of a door opening and closing suddenly made the room fall silent. Everyone was accounted for with the exception of their two wayward members. No one should be coming in. Moody sprang up from his seat, wand in hand before anyone could think to stop him. He marched upstairs into the living room to greet the sudden intruder hoping for the best, but always prepared for the absolute worst. When no sound of explosions came, everyone gradually returned to their meals, assuming it was a false alarm. The only one not affected by this event was a very satiated Dudley Dursley who was leaning back in his stool looking very much like a content one-ton cat.

Moody clomped back down the stairs, the visitor in tow. Harry's ears picked up the soft voice of one who he had missed for over two weeks now. He stood up quickly, watching the door open in anxiety, ignoring the questioning looks of those around him.

Remus walked stiffly behind the ex-Auror, still getting over his fright of being pounced upon by the paranoid Moody. And now his wounds throbbed painfully from his quick reflexes used at the door. The werewolf was glad he decided to return when he did, concern for Harry aside. He didn't think he would be able to last one more safehouse after last night's full moon. Mind still closely melded with the wolf, all he wanted was to check on Harry, get some food in his stomach, and sleep the sleep of the dead. In that order. All other concerns could wait. For once he agreed entirely with his instinct's dictation.

Entering the kitchen fully, he was rudely reminded of why he hated the day after full moons so very much. The wounds he could deal with, his lupine mind he could reason with, but the strength of his senses were now to the point where it was damn painful. The scents of everyone assaulted him at once, making his eyes water from its intensity. Everyone started talking at full volume as someone, Molly he realized, rushed up to him. He thought he would pass out if it got any louder, and thank Merlin there wasn't nearly as much light as there was outside.

Blearily he searched the room, trying to find what his nose already told him was there. Harry was just standing at the other end of the room, looking at him with pained eyes as Lupin was ushered to a nearby stool and handed some tea. But there seemed to be no wound on the child and Remus was thankful to the Order for protecting him. His scent was distressed, and the werewolf was too miserable at the moment to determine why.

"Oh my," breathed Molly as she looked Remus over. He appeared to be in so much pain, but he wouldn't answer when she spoke to him. Eyes glazed over, the wolf sat hunched in the stool looking for all the world like a sick child. "Remus, what's wrong?" she tried again, hoping he would answer her this time.

He mumbled something too soft for her to hear.

"What was that?"

"Get them out," he muttered.

Not understanding this odd request, she nevertheless turned around to face the excited group of people. "I want everyone out," she ordered leaving no room for question. "Move along now. Can't you see he doesn't need you all crowding him?"

Glaring at the woman with mutiny in their eyes, everyone obeyed nonetheless. They wanted to talk to their newly arrived werewolf, find out where he had been and what he had been doing. But they could see that he was not well, and while they were curious to know why, it was obvious he needed his space for a moment. They could give him that much.

Harry remained where he was, not even helping poor Hestia Jones herd his curious relatives out. His eyes swept over Remus' body, appalled at what he saw. What had happened to Moony to put him in so much pain? The few areas of revealed skin showed bruises and scratches galore, and there was no doubt one would find the same beneath his robes. The boy was unable to look away though Remus had only spared him half a glance when he entered.

"Harry, dear," Molly said gently. "You too. You'll be able to see him later after I've taken a look at his injuries."

The werewolf offered no objection to this which was a small blow to Harry. He wasn't doing any harm; he hadn't even tried to crowd him. But if Remus wanted him gone, then he supposed he should obey.

Pup, the wolf whispered to Remus as the 16 year old walked towards the door. He took another breath of his scent, assuring himself that the attack yesterday hadn't harmed the boy in any way. He was still upset though, and there was no hint as to why.

Yes, Pup, he answered his insistent other half who seemed to think he needed reminding. Lily and Prong's pup.

Pup hurt, the wolf noticed curiously. If anyone in his pack was hurt, it was his job to fix it. It was the way of things.

Pup not hurt, Remus denied. Harry was just fine; he did not need anyone mothering him. Least of all a paranoid werewolf like him. It was neither needed nor welcomed. The wolf needed to calm down; perhaps giving it more say in order to understand the other wolves was not such a good idea after all.

Mrs. Weasley was speaking again, breaking through his internal argument. He forced himself to focus on her words, using them to find a base on which to stand. Fortunately, the absence of everyone in the room helped him immeasurably. For the next day or so he would have to be more careful as his body readjusted itself. He couldn't allow himself to be affected just by entering a crowded room.

"I'm sorry, Molly, what was that?" he asked, looking up at her as he straightened his back slightly.

"Would you like me to contact Madam Pomfrey?" she suggested, unsure as to what was hurting him.

"Oh no," he smiled reassuringly. "I couldn't possibly bother her over something so trivial. I'll be fine." The poor woman had enough to worry about without him to add to the list. He wasn't a pup anymore; he could take care of himself.

"Are you sure? You don't look fine to me," she looked sternly down at him as though he were just another of her children while in fact she was only 6 years older than him.

"It's not as bad as it looks. The aftermath of full moons do not agree with me, that's all. Nothing a nap and some simple charms won't cure. I was just a little overwhelmed when I came in." He downplayed everything to the utmost of his ability. While the past two years did wonders toward her small prejudice of half-breeds, he knew that the less amount of reminders of his 'condition' the better. Remus understood that old fears died hard, and tried his best to act as human as possible for her sake. It certainly helped that all her children who had had him as a professor said nothing but praise about him.

Pursing her lips unconvinced, she did not argue with him. She had learned the hard way last year that while he was unfailingly polite, he was as stubborn as the worst of them and no amount of cajoling would move him. Indeed he did look better already, sipping carefully at his tea. Wiping her hands on her apron, she let her eyes wander around the room, a bit lost at what to do next.

"Are those eggs I smell?" he asked, interrupting her thoughts. She was most at ease when she was doing something, and he offered her that escape for comfort.

"Oh, yes of course!" she laughed, mentally berating herself for not offering any. He probably hadn't anything decent to eat in all the time he was gone if the way those robes hung off him were any indication. That evening she should make a large meal to compensate. "Would you like me to fetch you some, Remus? We have some sausage left too if you like."

"Yes, please. That would be wonderful."

The color gradually returned to his pale skin and he was no longer in so much pain. Molly caught him up on latest events as he ate, including each and every antic of her many children. He was glad to hear it all, even chuckling at one truly masterful prank delivered by the twins. They would have been true rivals of the Marauders had they been in school together. It would have been all the four of them could do to keep their title as Hogwarts biggest troublemakers. Perhaps one of these days he would even reveal his mischievous history to them to see what they would do. It was rather flattering to hear them speak so reverently about him and his friends right in front of him, not knowing that he was a Marauder himself.

There was a small silence after all the stories had been told. Finally the werewolf asked a question that had been plaguing him since he'd sorted out the different scents still hanging in the air. "Who are the three newcomers? I didn't get a good look at them when I came in." Actually, he didn't get any look at them, only their unpleasant scents. But she didn't need to know that. He needed to be human for her and humans did not identify people with their noses.

"Oh," Molly frowned at the thought. "Yesterday Harry had us bring the Dursleys when we rescued him from the Death Eaters. Not that I don't approve of saving them, but they are just so… so urgh!" She stood up and flicked her wand, sending the remaining dishes to the sink in a flurry.

Remus remembered briefly meeting Harry's extended family last spring and could agree wholeheartedly with the unsaid adjectives. No doubt they were trying everyone's patience as of late. "And Harry? How is he?" The question sprang out before he could stop himself, but he had to know. Why was he so upset at seeing Remus return?

"Honestly?" Molly sighed heavily, brown eyes downcast and helpless. "I don't know. He's been so tight-lipped with us lately. First that Cedric boy, then Sirius, and after yesterday with all those people… Remus, I just don't know anymore. I really don't. That boy's hurting, but if he ever talks about it with anyone, I never hear of it. I do know that Dumbledore and I are going to have a chat the next time he visits. Harry can't keep doing as he has been."

No he couldn't. But he had to and there wasn't anything Dumbledore, or anyone for that matter, could do to change that. He wished, not for the first time, that Sirius did not have to die. He still had so much good left to do in his life, so many wrongs left to right. Harry would have talked to him, he knew it. The boy would confide in the former prisoner where he would not confide in even Ron or Hermione. Their chemistry had been almost immediate, throwing nearly everything else to the wayside.

He saw the pain in Harry's eyes as he entered the kitchen and it was now that he finally understood it. It wasn't he who the boy wanted to enter. It wasn't this old werewolf he wanted to see safe and sound. Not that Harry held any ill will toward him, but Remus was not Sirius. And Harry wanted Sirius. The young wizard was disappointed that the man behind the door didn't have shaggy ebony hair and a ready grin. And he was probably disappointed in himself for even thinking that in the first place.

Only nodding in response to Mrs. Weasley, Remus excused himself to retire for the day. He needed a good long nap if his wounds were going to heal properly. And only after that would he be of any use to Harry and the Order. He would offer a sympathetic ear, but be sure not to overstep his boundaries. The last thing that boy needed was some old fool smothering him with worry.

The scents of the different people filled his head again as he made his way through the house. This time, however, he remained in control of himself and it did nothing more than tell him who was where. Most of the occupants of the house were in the living room waiting for him as expected. Harry was among them, as were his cousin, aunt, and uncle. The Dursleys, though, were probably only there for lack of anything else to do. They reeked of fear; perhaps they were too nervous to go off on their own, even in this house?

"I'm sorry," he smiled gently, holding up a hand to ward the concerned and curious away. His tired gray eyes were soft but firm, not allowing them to begin the grand inquisition just yet. "I'm not feeling very well and would like to lie down. Would someone mind waking me for supper if I'm not up already?"

Ginny agreed to the task, obviously disappointed that she and her brothers were not able to hear about his adventures. Everyone had been so concerned for their missing werewolf and now that he was home, he immediately retreated into his room. Surely this evening he would be well enough to tell them what he had been up to! The Weasley children had been especially taken with him as of late, finding him as gentle as they remembered from school, but with an unexpected sharp wit and tongue when the time called for it. Very few members of the Order paid them as much attention as he did and they respected him more for it.

Vernon Dursley eyed the newcomer with suspicion. He remembered this one; he remembered him well. The polite weirdo from the train station who had been one of the ones to threaten him should anything happen to their little freakish prince. While his words had been the softest and his words the gentlest, the danger behind them had been the most real; it didn't take a genius to figure that out. He stood between Remus and his family protectively, not trusting even the strange one's apparent frailty.

For his part, Remus fought down the urge to take up the large human's unspoken challenge. Stupid man, he should know better than to bait a wolf like that. Mr. Dursley smelled of defensive fear, why couldn't he just listen to the instincts his Muggle body felt and leave him be? Instead of addressing it, he just walked stiffly upstairs even as the wolf inside howled at him to take the challenge and assert dominance. It was tired of him being docile and wanted to prove that it was alpha material.

Harry watched this strange exchange between the two, not knowing any more than anyone else what was going on. All he knew was that for all their friendly letters and good teacher-student relationship, Remus had yet to acknowledge his existence. He'd done that much for Uncle Vernon! What was wrong? What had happened these past two weeks? Why would Remus not even look at him?

Making a hasty retreat, he followed the same path he'd gone down the previous night. Beyond the old paintings, passed the gargoyle doorknockers, and into the room with no windows.

End Part Four

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