I sighed as I flopped down on the tailgate of my father's truck. Wiping some sweat from my face, I looked at all the other things I still had to unload. My father and mother were both at work currently, leaving me all alone to take in my things into my new apartment. I didn't have any friends around this are of town, and with all the new freshmen getting ready for college, the ones I already have are busy as well.

TMM: College Years I



"Need some help?" I looked up and blinked, seeing a handsome male in front of me. He seemed to be about my age with dark blueish black hair and brown eyes. "Moving in can be a pain, can't it?"

"Um, um," I blushed, looking down a little bit. One of my downfalls was being too shy around people I didn't know. Well, I wasn't shy around people I didn't know, only cute, nice boys that I didn't know. "...Yes, please."

"This your first time moving away from home?" He asked me, looking into the truck and picking up something that I was having trouble with earlier. It was a little weird seeing him pick it up so easily after struggling with it for so long myself.

"Hey, you're pretty strong." He smiled at me and I blushed again, looking away and into the truck to grab something as well. "And yes, this is my first time. I'm on the third floor." Laughing a little nervously, I spared a glance up at him.

He was smiling and didn't seem to mind trudging up the flight of stairs to help me. "Third floor is really good for first time being on your own." We walked together to the apartment complex building and started to walk the stairs.

"Why is that?" I pondered before gasping. "Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't told you my name yet. I'm Ichigo, Momomiya Ichigo."

"That's a pretty name. I'm Aoyama Masaya." Turning a little, we started up the last flight of steps. "And to answer your question, it's because the third floor is the safest. No body is going to break into a third floor apartment and steal someone's T.V. Also, I don't know about other people, but when I first live don my own, I had a tendency to leave my door unlocked while running to the store."

"I never thought about that. Ah, this is mine." I kicked open the door that I left partly open. Upon entering, I noticed that Masaya took note of which number it was. "Apartment 307. Home sweet home."

My apartment was baron, aside from a few boxes in the floor and random things strewn around. From the entrance, a kitchen was to the left after a small walk way. Opening up, a decently large living room spanned on the right, complete with sliding balcony doors and large windows to let in light. Also on my ceiling, I had a skylight that ran along the vaulted ceilings. From the living room a small hallway opened up, leading to two bedrooms and a single bathroom with a small sliding door next to it for a washer and dryer.

"It has potential," He grinned as he sat down the box he was carrying. "Give it a few weeks; you'll be amazed at what you can do." Looking around some more, he spoke again. "Where is your room mate?"

"Don't have one yet," I admitted, scratching the back of my head. "These apartments are a little expensive because they are a little closer to campus so all of my other friends can't afford it." Blushing a little, I scratched my cheek. "Actually, I can't afford it either. My parents are helping me out a lot. My Daddy is a nut when it comes to me being on my own."

"He must really care about you." We started walking back down to the truck to get another load in. On the way down, though, he stopped and picked up an empty beer can lying next to the sidewalk. "It's a shame to see such a pretty lawn be ruined like this." To my surprise, he eyes a trash can far away and reared back and threw it, making it go in clean.

"Oh wow!" I gapes and beamed up at him. "You must play sports."

"I'm the Kendo captain at Tokyo University," He admitted with a grin. "Our old captain left at the end of last year and I was voted to take his place, although this is only my second year of college. But as for other sports? Nah, not really my thing. Give me a good book at night any day over screaming at a game."

"That's a nice change from what I'm used to. Most guys at my old school were jocks. And I bet you that none of them would have picked up a can. Good to see that some people still care enough to do little things like that." I grabbed a large box and lifted hard up on it, struggling. I then found his hands next to mine and the box was easily lifted away from me. Blushing, I looked down a little bit and smiled. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it." He waited patently for me to grab the last of my cloths from the truck. Hopping down from the tailgate, I pushed it up and walked with him back to the stairs. "Do you have furniture yet?"

"Not yet. I have to go shopping a little later."

"I know a great place that's having a sale. You may want to check it out. Down past the Okihabara section of Tokyo."

"I... Kind of don't know my way around here just yet."

Masaya looked to my kitchen and seemed to ponder something for a moment. "Hey, do you want me to show you around sometime? I can point out a few places here and there."

A date? I shook my head to try and clear it. No, it was still way too early to be thinking like that. I had just met the boy and already I was thinking of dates? "I would like that." He smiled and nodded before noticing the time on the microwave.

"Ah, sorry, I have to run. I'm already late for my kendo meeting."

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Bowing quickly, I flushed. "I'm so sorry to keep you for so long. Thank you so much for your help."

"It was fun." He waved and trotted to the door, where he turned and waved at me again. "It was great meeting you, Momomiya-san."

I felt my lips turn into a smile and I nodded to him. "Yeah! Come by sometime, okay Aoyama-kun?"

"You got it." He turned and ran down the hallway and then down the stairs.

Walking over to my balcony, I opened it up and stepped out on the semi-large porch I had. Leaning on the rails, I watched the boy run down the sidewalk and to a car not very far away. "Well," I spoke aloud, propping up my chin onto the palm of my hand. "The first day isn't so bad." I inhaled slowly though my nose, taking in the crisp air. It was only just starting to get cold, making the leaves start to change colors and begin to fall. "I think I'll do okay for myself on my own."

Walking on campus was fun to me for some reason. I guess it was the fact that soon I would be here regularly, and not just a visitor for some reason. I was currently looking at the small map in my hands as I walked around, trying to find the small building next to the Union. The Union was a large building with an extremely open interior. It had a large food court, places to eat, and an entire carpeted area with several couches, soft music, tables, and Televisions. The bottom floor of it hosted a bookstore, arcade, and several student help places. The top floor was almost one large computer lab for research and LAN parties. All-in-all, it was the 'gathering spot' for most of the students.

I was supposed to go to the building to the east of it for a blood test today. I don't like needles, not one bit. Having them suck out my blood was even worse. Last time I had to have a blood test done, I fainted before they even began. Miwa didn't let me live that one down for several weeks at least. Luckily she slowly forgot about it and I was reduced to random teasing whenever I made her mad about something.

Frustrated at not knowing my way around, I kicked the railing next to the stairs. "I'm sure the rails are truly sorry for upsetting you," an amused and some-what cocky voice sprang up, making me turn. A tall American male was leaning against the wall by the stairs, which he was sitting on. He had short blond hair and clear crystal blue eyes. He didn't look too much older than I was. Maybe twenty-three or twenty-four. "I apologize on behalf of the stairs."

He sure was a smartass. "For your information, I'm upset at not finding a place, not because of the stairs."

"Freshman, huh?" He asked, hopping up. "Where are you looking for?"

"The place for the blood test," I sniffed at him.

The boy made a face. "They stopped doing that an hour ago."

"What?" I looked at my wrist to see my clock. "It's already five? I know I haven't been lost for that long... Aw man, today was the last day too... now I'm going to be late signing up for my classes, I won't get the ones I need and I'll probably be stuck with all hard courses..."

The man sighed and shook his head. "Guess it can't be helped then. Come on, let's go."

"Go? Go where?"

"To get your blood test done, of course."

"What do you mean?"

He looked over his shoulder. "I mean, I'm taking you to get it done. You want to or not?"

I ran over to him quickly and started walking beside him. "Really? You can do that?"

"I can do anything."

I snorted. "Full of yourself aren't you?"

"A little." He grinned, making me laugh. He might be a self-centered jerk on the outside but he seemed like a fun guy at least. "I'm Ryou, by the way. Shirogane Ryou. You are?"

"Momomiya Ichigo." I bowed lightly as we walked. "Thank you for your help."

"Yeah, sure. I felt like it." He put his hands behind his head as we walked. "It's in that building over there." He motioned with his head to where we were going. Upon entering, he called out to someone. "Hey! Keiichiro! We have a straggler!"

A tall man appeared in the room, wiping his hands on a cloth. "Ryou, I'm right here, you don't have to yell." He noticed me and I waved lightly. "Oh, did you not make it for the testing today?"

"I was moving into my new apartment." I scratched my cheek. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Can I still have it done?"

"Of course, I would be more than happy to help you out." The man known as Keiichiro motioned for me to go into the door from which he had come. Stepping through it, I saw several chairs lined up and many medical supplies in cabinets. "Please, have a seat." He motioned to a chair.

Sitting down on it, I watched Ryou gather a few supplies while Keiichiro tied a band over my arm before swabbing some alcohol and cotton over the crook of my arm. "Have you ever had blood drawn before?"

"Once, when I was little."

"Then you probably don't remember much about it. I'm just going to prick a little but and draw enough blood for testing. It isn't as much as a normal blood test, so it shouldn't be too bad on you. You can look away if you want to; I'll tell you when I'll stick you."

Blushing, I looking away and nodded. I was amazed that someone like Ryou would work with someone as sweet and caring as Keiichiro seemed to be. But then again, Ryou had taken me here as a personal favor, even after he already stated that they had stopped taking people an hour ago.

"Here it goes. Just a little prick. Three, Two, One, and here goes.

I squinted my eyes and felt the needle prick me. A moment later, it was gone and Keiichiro was congratulating me on it, but my head was getting foggy and it was hard to keep my eyes open...

"Ryou, look at this." Keiichiro clicked on the mouse at his computer and brought up a DNA diagram. Ryou leaned over the chair to get a closer look, a smile spreading on his face.

"It's perfect. We found our top Lady all right."

"What do you plan to do now?" He looked back over to his friend and partner. "We can't just inject it into her while she sleeps. There's no telling how she will react to that."

"We'll have to give her a choice." Ryou rubbed his neck thoughtfully. "We can't force this on them. If it is too much, we could be asking them to die."

"But if she refuses?"

"She can't refuse. The world won't let her." Ryou licked his lips. "I'll make the offer tomorrow. For now she needs to make it home and get some sleep. I can't believe she fainted over something like a blood test..."

Keiichiro chuckled. "I think it adds flare."

"I think she's waking up."

"Wha...Where am I?" I slowly opened my eyes and allowed someone to help me to a sitting position. "Who...Shirogane? What happened to me?"

"You passed out while having your blood drawn. Here, can you stand?" He helped me to my feet and I shook my head lightly to try and clear it. "It's already night time. I'll walk you home."

"Night...? How long was I out?" I looked at my clock. "Seven twenty... I'm so sorry!"

"It is no problem." Keiichiro took my hand and kissed it, making me blush. "Please, get some rest tonight. If you get too worked up before college starts then you won't sleep well and be tired."

"O-okay..." I bowed lightly to him. "Thank you again for letting me do this so later, and for looking after me."

"My pleasure, my lady."

Walking outside, the wind was a little cold blowing against me. The sky was already dark and stars littered the clean view of space above us. "It's a pretty night, "Ryou spoke next to me, reminding me that he offered to walk me home.

"I like the stars." I began to walk, leading him lightly. "I always like to think that there are other people out there as well. Maybe really far away. Don't you think that would be neat?"

"I'd prefer it if we were alone..." He whispered under his breath.

"What was that? I didn't her you."

"Nothing. You live close by?"

"It's not too far. About ten minutes to my door from here I guess. You really don't have to walk me you know."

Walking past the Union, a group of boys let out a wolf whistle in my general direction. Ryou, to my surprise, placed his jacket over my shoulders and sent them a glare. "It's not good for a cute girl to walk alone at night."

I looked down, embarrassed. "Thanks. I'm not used to that sort of thing." I pulled his jacket around me, liking the warmth it gave me.

The rest of the way back was in comfortable silence. Ryou seemed to be a nicer person than I originally thought. Although he tried to act like he didn't care, I could tell that he was really kind deep down under that mach exterior.

"Ah, this I my apartment building." I turned and smiled up at him from the stairs. "I'd invite you up for a while, but I don't have anything but boxes sitting in my floor. Not even a bed yet." Laughing lightly, I rubbed the back of my head in an embarrassed manor.

"It's okay, I understand." He turned and waved to me with two fingers. "I'll see you later then."

"Yeah. Let's do that." He smiled at me and for the first time I noticed that he was kind of cute like that. Returning his smile, I waved at him and watched him until he was far away. It was only then did I notice that I still had his jacket on. "Oh well. I'm sure I'll run across him again, surely."

Turning to start up the stairs, I grinned. It was only the first day living on my own and I've already met two guys. Maybe my love life will start to pick up now that I was in college. High school had left me with two boyfriends that didn't last a month each. Other than that, I tended to shy away from most boys around my age.

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