"Cyborg! Heads up!" Robin yelled as Cinderblock came up behind him, fist poised clumsily over his head. Cyborg turned around quickly and aimed his cannon up, shooting a considerable hole through the monster's hand. Screeching in fury, Cinderblock wheeled around, knocking a hole through a brick wall in the process. "Star, help me--"

"Yes, Robin," she complied, already lifting him by his wrists, inexplicably anticipating his command, as always. According to his instruction, she brought him up to the back of Cinderblock's head as Raven distracted him with a floating minivan to the face. He planned to attach a freeze disk to the rocky skull, and take him out with a flying kick. It did not quite work out that way, however. Just as he neared Cinderblock's head, Star sneezed...loudly. Wheeling around, the monster swatted Robin off from his perch on his shoulder like an annoying fly--sending him careening into Starfire, who was hovering behind him and feeling mortified. They both sailed 20 feet to the other side of the street, Starfire forgetting to fly in her shock of being hit. As they landed, they rolled over and over and came to rest in a tangle of limbs. Starfire started speaking as soon as the rolling stopped.

"Robin, I am so sorry, I did not mean to, it is my allergies, I..." as she turned her head she trailed off. Robin's face was two inches from hers, and she was lying half on top of him, one of her legs thrown between his and her arms on either side of his shoulders. Robin was about to tell her she had nothing to worry about, but he felt himself get lost in the scent of her hair, which had fallen down like a silky curtain, shielding their faces from the sun and ever so slightly brushing his cheek. He could make out every fleck of light in her eyes, and he couldn't seem to tear his own away from their gaze. Realizing he must be making her uncomfortable, he made himself lower his eyes...and they rested on her mouth. Big mistake. He gazed at her slightly parted lips, mesmorized at the way they moved as she began to breath more heavily. Unaware what he was doing, he had moved an inch closer to her face. Seeing nothing worse than slight surprise in Star's eyes, he let out a breath, closed his eyes and let himself be drawn in the rest of the way.

If Starfire didn't know better, she could have sworn she was flying. But no, she was on the ground...actually, she was on Robin, who was on the ground...Robin...she didn't know if it was the tingle of his lips on hers, or the increasing warmth of his hands on her back, or the smell of him so close, but she felt like her stomach was doing flips and her body was floating through space. Robin tightened his arms and rolled over so he was on top of her, and she thought she could feel his lips form a smile as they pressed even harder against hers.

They were interrupted by a loud crash. Robin broke the kiss abruptly, breathing hard, and Star yelped. They had forgotten that the other Titans were still fighting Cinderblock. Looking guilty but deleriously happy, Robin helped her to her feet.
"We've got to help out now. Maybe later...?" She nodded and he grinned, pulling her in for a quick hug. She breathed him in, getting as much of him as she could, before they started running back across the street. The others, who had just noticed their absense, saw Star and Robin running toward them, ready to finish off Cinderblock. However, they didn't see the extra sparkle in Star's eyes, or that the usually graceful and nimble Robin stumbled quite a bit as he ran, an almost undetectable smile on his face.