Whew, It's been a WHILE, hasn't it! I'm a junior in high school now.

Onward, Ho!

Laying down here is ...

...It's supposed to make me feel better.

I'm staring at my family's picture,

my mother's picture.

and time and time and fucking time again her face seems to morph into my sister's face.

I sigh, rolling onto my side and curling into a ball.

I'm so pathetic, aren't?

If only they could see

Their Great Leader Muro.

Their Perfect Muro.

Their Enemy, Muro...

right now.

I hear a knock on my door and a taste hits me.


I wipe my eyes only to find out that I've been crying.

Sobbing, judging from the tremors racking my shoulders.

And moments later...

Another soft knock sounds.

"Go Away."

"But, Sir...!"

a female voice objected.


"I have information..."

My silence told her she could go on

"It's about your sister, Sir."

I could hear the bitch's smirk in her voice.

This could be good...

I'm not too sure if that last sentence is correct...but oh well. I finally updated! Thanks to emperorprotects!!!! Hope you're reading this!

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