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His voice slid against my ears like spider silk, jolting me so badly that the stone infant in my lap tumbled on to the floor. I watched as the fragile child shattered, but didn't move to save it. Slowly I turned to look him in the eye, intent on showing him that he did not frighten me.

His body shifted from lion to humanoid, never really choosing one form or the other as he gazed back. "Jadis." He said again, his voice on the verge of a rumble.

I held my head high as I answered this golden creature, but I couldn't maintain eye contact. "Did you come here in order to attempt my conversion again, my Beloved Enemy?" I said, perhaps a little less harshly than I had intended, my eyes trained on his shaggy mane... or beard, I could not contend which.

He merely gave me a somber feline smile. "I have come to speak with you one last time before the end."

"The end? Your end I should hope, Aslan." I spat.

"Do you not know what deep magick is awakening here, Witch daughter of Charn?"

My eyes moved up to his nose as each word fell from his gaping maw, as soft and terrifying as summer thunder. I knew which; the world of Adam and Eve had begun to reassert itself. The thin grip I was maintaining on this land had become even thinner.

"Surely you are not concerned for me, Aslan?" I mocked, boldly staring into his eyes for a split second before settling on his nose again.

"I have come to offer you one last chance to change the course of the nearly inevitable. Soon is the time when prophecies will be fulfilled, but if you come with me, daughter of Charn, I will not judge you so harshly, for you will have saved hundreds of lives."

"Ha! Really, you foolish beast, do you really think I would come with you? Are you so drunk on your meager power that you actually think that I would kneel to you?" I practically yelled, fury turning my vision white.

"I will be the winner! I will be the queen of all of these wastelands!" My voice hit a crescendo as I jumped to my feet. I felt the full anger of my Charnian ancestry towering through me as I let out a howl of pure fury at this insolent demi-god. I was truly about to speak the Deplorable Word when he vanished, leaving only a trace of sad golden eyes in his wake.

Two days later I was sleighing through the forest when I offered a child some Turkish Delight...