A Digimon Frontier Fanfic

Written by: Haru Glory

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Information/ Introduction:

Okay guys, this is one of those fanfics that does not really follow the series. It may seem to follow the series but it is set in a different setting. In this fic, humans can transform into digimon – all humans, not only Takuya and his gang. Also, our heroes are either of royal blood or one of the greatest warriors of their colony.

Now you might be wondering what is this 'colony'. Well, In my fanfic, I made colonies out of the ten spirits: Fire, Wind, Ice, Light, Darkness, thunder, Wood, Water, Earth and Metal. Five colonies belong to the kingdom of light, while the other five belong to (you guessed it!) the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of light is ruled by Seraphimon and Ophanimon while darkness is ruled by Kerpymon.

Now we come to the Ancient ten. The ancient ten in this fanfic is either a parent of our heroes or their guardian. But one thing is for sure they rule the colonies that are assigned to their element (e.g. Ancient Greymon rules Fire colony). Now, since some of you may have read my first work, Hope of Darkness, you would realize what I like to do with my fanfics. Not only will you read about Takuya and the others but some of the other season charas will also make their appearance. If you want someone from adventure, zero two or tamer to make an appearance, just tell me and I will think up a way to put them in, (this is because War of Fates' manuscript is already complete, I just want to change some names in them (OCs)).

Now in this fic, a war has once again broken out in the digi-world. The kingdom of darkness had begun their move of 'world conquest' once again...this time being led by Kerpymon. Now, High King Seraphimon and Queen Ophanimon had sent word to the five colonies of light asking their assistance in the up coming war. The story starts at the colony of Fire (and you can guess who is in that colony) from there the story continues...I don't want to spoil everything for everyone.

Now on with the age of our heroes from season four...additional characters will of course, depending on their role, will either be older or younger (duh!):

Takuya 16 years old

Zoe 16 years old

Tommy 10 years old

Koji 17 years old

Kouichi 17 years old

JP 19 years old

Okay, I know some of you hate the dubbed version, but since the dubbed version is the only version I have watched (it's the only version shown on Cartoon Network here in the Philippines), you guys have to bear with me in using the dubbed names of the human characters, digimon characters and their attacks and stuff like that. I am really sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope everyone will be considerate enough.

Okay, I'll be honest with you guys. I only know of Ancient Greymon as one of the original ancient ten fighters...I don't know the other nine, so if you guys would be kind enough to assist, please do.

I need someone to tell me the names, attacks and what element the ancient ten fighters have. I hope I could really receive some help...it would be greatly appreciated. Also I need the attacks of Lucemon and his other forms/levels...I hope someone would be kind enough to help.

With all those things said, and hoping that I have not forgotten anything, there is only one thing left to do, for you guys to help make this fanfic a success (Yup, even if this is just an information page you guys still need to tell me what you thing a.k.a review) and help me out...if you like


Finally, I am back to writing Digimon fanfics, this time for the frontier series. For all of you, who are waiting for the sequel, just wait a little bit longer okay. Once I reach about 50 reviews from this story will I post the sequel (I know, it's rough...but hey). Once I reach 50 or higher, I promise I will post the sequel...I am just editing a major mistake in the sequel. And you might be wondering how come I have posted this fic and I want you guys to wait (apart from the mistake thingy), well this fic was made a year ago, almost during the same time that I wrote and uploaded the first chapter of Hope of Darkness, I just had the writer's 'vibes' to input this on my computer and upload it on ...I hope you guys ain't mad. With those things said, I hope you appreciate and like this fanfic! BTW, It wasn't my fault that this fic was erased earlier...I made a mistake by separating the info page from the chapters (it got deleted by because of it), Anyway, I'm not planning on quiting on this story-that's why all the reviews are reset to zero...I repeat! I DID NOT DELETE THE ORIGINAL WAR OF FATES PN WHICH I WROTE, THIS IS THE SAME THING! Sorry.

Disclaimers: Digimon Frontier does not belong to me, and you guys know it. This fic however is mine, it's my original work so all those who wants to upload this on their fan site or something, please ask for permission first. I'm an understanding person, so just ask for permission and I will gladly let you post it on your site(s).

The War of Fates

Chapter 1: The war begins!

"Burning Salamander!" Agunimon cried out as he unleashed shots of flames from his fist straight at his mentor, War Greymon.

War Greymon however, seeing the attack coming, easily dodged it and with some quick foot work managed to get close enough to his apprentice to punch him and send him flying towards the other side of the practice hall.

"What was that all about, master?!" Agunimon who had returned back into the prince of the Fire colony, Takuya exclaimed.

"I should be the one asking that, Prince Takuya." Replied his mentor who had also changed back into Tai, "the way I saw it, that was a pathetic attempt to knock me down.

"Pathetic attempt?!" Takuya exclaimed again, shock at his master's comment, "But that was the best technique I have, how can you call that pathetic?"

"If that is the best one you've got then there is no hope of making you into a great military leader." Tai replied.

"Who needs a military leader? My father could easily beat the enemy without the use of a military force." Takuya said, "Besides, I do not have any goal what so ever to become a leader...I just want to be the normal, average Takuya, not the prince of the Fire Colony and soon-to-be military leader, Takuya."

"We don't get everything that we want now do we?" Tai retorted, "And besides, you are destined to be a great leader like your father, the king before you. And just because your father and our king is Ancient Greymon, it does not mean that we are safe from danger."

"What do you mean by that, Master Tai?" Takuya asked as they walked down the corridors of the palace of Flames.

"I feel that a war may break out soon...sooner than any of us has expected." Tai replied.

"War?" Takuya asked, "Didn't the last war just ended? Why is there another one?"

"The king of the beast types is waging it now." Tai answered, "The last I have heard is that they have managed to attack the Ice colony and capture the leader there."

"King of beat types? You mean Kerpymon's back?" Takuya asked surprised at the news.

"Yes." Tai replied, "And this time, he's not after any peace treaties...he wants nothing but the total annihilation of the kingdom of light."

"Then...who's leading his army?" Takuya asked, his attention now focused on the news about war.

"A warrior from the Darkness Colony...I believe his name is Duskmon." Tai answered, "And base on the information I have gathered about him, he is a strong contender...the warrior of Ice alone was not able to beat him."

"The warrior of ice?" Takuya said, "Isn't he just a little kid. It's obvious that the battle was against his favor...he would never be able to defeat that Duskmon by himself...being a kid and all."

"I advice this to you now, Takuya," Tai said in almost a whisper, "Do not judge him just because he is a kid. He is as strong as you...he even knows how to manipulate his own elemental power...at such a young age, it is a feat that no one has ever accomplished before."

"Big deal, Tai." Takuya said, "I can do that too if only I want to."

"And that is the problem with you, Prince Takuya." Tai retorted, "You do things only when it favors you and only when you want to. You never do things when they are needed...not only that, but you rush into things without thinking...a prince like you should be able to discern these things or someday you will find that hard."

Although Takuya knows that what his mentor is saying is true, he could not help but fail to listen to his master's words of wisdom. He didn't like to be a prince or to even act as one, but somehow and in someway, his father's attitude has rubbed into him that no matter how hard he tries he acts just like the king, an idiot at times. But what troubled Takuya was the fact that a war has broken out, and what was worst is that Kerpymon would be their enemy.

Takuya remembered it all too well, the fateful day that his mother – who was then far stronger than his father, battled against Kerpymon. He learned that she was almost winning the battle until Kerpymon sucked half of the data of the battlefield and even the data of his minions and he grew ten times as strong...It was enough for even the strongest fighter of the kingdom of light could handle, the reason that his mother died and his father had never been the same again.

Although Ancient Greymon had managed to defeat Kerpymon along with the other Ancients of Light, his father was now getting old. It troubles Takuya, that when the day that Kerpymon would challenge his father, Ancient Greymon would not be a match against Kerpymon and that there would be a possibility that he would lose his father.

But instead of pointing out his problem to Tai, he changed the subject, "Master, about this warrior of ice – the kid you spoke of. How is he? Did he survive?"

"I have no idea." Tai admitted, "But maybe we will find out as soon as Seraphimon and Ophanimon calls forth a meeting for the colonies of light...And I have a feeling that it would be sooner than we expect."

It was only during dinner time that Takuya learned that Tai's gut feeling was right...

"The High King just sent me a message." Ancient Greymon told his son during dinner.

"What does he want, father?" Takuya asked in a polite manner, curious but at the same time fearing what the high king would want with his old man.

"He said that the war is not going well for our forces – the forces of light. He would then, because of this, call forth representatives from the five colonies." Ancient Greymon replied, "And I would be going."

Takuya knew that was coming, but he did not wish to endanger the only family that he has left. It gave him an idea, that although he didn't like it, he doesn't have a choice if he wishes to save Ancient Greymon.

"Father." Takuya began, "I do not wish you to go to that conference."

"Why?" his father asked, "the fate of the whole digital world resides in it."

"I wish to be the one who represents the conference...I do not think that it is wise for you, my father to leave the colony. What if Kerpymon decides to strike here first or when you are gone everything would be in mayhem." Takuya stated, "At least if I were to go, you would be able to protect the colony and keep it at peace and whatever the leaders in the conference might be talking about I would be able to tell it to you when I come back."

"Why are you saying this now, Takuya?" the king asked, "Didn't you just said last night that you do not wish to have any part in any war?"

"Well...I...I just thought that if I would go to this gathering, then I would learn something from it." Takuya lied hoping that his father would fall for it, "Something that would aide me and help me become a better person."

"That is a well enough reason for me, my son." Ancient Greymon said, "If you really believe that this is what you want, then go ahead, I will support your decision."

At this, Takuya was happy for his father's sake. He knew that it was a bad call to lie, but to lie in order to save his father from a terrible fate was fine by him. He was willing to do it a hundred times over just to make sure to keep him safe.

"When will this gathering be, father?" Takuya asked.

"It would start on the day after tomorrow...on the palace of the high king." Ancient Greymon answered...

To be continued...

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