A Digimon Frontier Fanfic

By Haru Glory

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War of Fates

Chapter 6: Ophanimon's Castle

"Who are you?" the Sky Kaiser growled, "Get out of my way, I am about to finish these frauds."

"Frauds?" the Digimon asked, "It is you who is the fraud, you are not the guardian!"

"What are you talking about, fool?" The Sky Kaiser asked, "I am the guardian, Sky Petite who have transformed to a higher level. Are you one of those who wish to trespass to the land of light?"

The Digimon stretched forth his hand and it transformed into a sword, "You cannot fool me, you are not the Sky Petite! The Sky Petite cannot transform as you had and moreover, he doesn't test those who wish to enter through brute force, he tests them through their wisdom!"

"The tests have changed, we are living in dark times, you know." The dragon said.

"And you call killing them off, a test?" the Digimon retorted, "Besides those things that I have told you, there is one other proof that you are not the TRUE guardian!"

"What!" the so-called guardian asked, his tone a bit of on the surprise side.

"Every guardian knows who their master is, so let me ask you this…" the Digimon asked, he poised himself ready to strike the moment that the guardian told him the wrong answer to his query, "Who is this master who taught you everything you know? Tell me and I shall judge whether you are the REAL guardian, Sky Petite or not."

The Sky Kaiser began to sweat, but he soon grinned and faced the digimon which stood in front of him – its red cape swaying with the breeze.

"That's easy." The Sky Kaiser said, he hoped that this would change the expression of the digimon in front of him.

But the red caped digimon's expression did not changed one bit, he did not even react in any way at what the guardian said.

"It's obvious of course that the person who taught me how to defend Lightweld is, of course," the Sky Kaiser continued, "The Emperor of Light himself, Ancient Garurumon!"

At this, the digimon lowered his arm-turned-sword and lowered his head as well. When the guardian saw this, he laughed and said, "Now you see? I am the real guardian. And now, you will be punished for everything that you have said and for intervening!"

But before the guardian could attack, the digimon vanished.

This surprised the said guardian.

"Eh? He just ran away?" The Shy Kaiser said with a smirk showing some of his sharpest fangs, "I guess he's not so tough. He even forgot about these two kids."

"Guess again." Said the digimon who was now right on top of Sky Kaiser, his sword ready to plunge into the skull of the guardian, "TRANSCENDIC SWORD!!!"

Just then, a black for covered the Sky Kaiser, and soon the Sky Kaiser was no longer there, instead, the Transcendic Sword attack hit the arm of another digimon who has large circular mirror-like shields attached to both of its arms. It was dark green in color and it had no eyes, but its mouth was very visible on its mirror-like face.

"I should have known that it would be you…" Said the red caped digimon, "Mercurymon, the warrior of metal!"

The digimon who acted like the Sky Kaiser called, Mercurymon laughed, "I am impressed that someone could be able to saw under my disguise. You certainly are impressive."

"You should never mess with one of the Knights of the Digi-world!" Said the digimon, "Especially to me, Omnimon!"

"Omnimon?" Mercurymon exclaimed, surprised that the digimon that he was fighting against was in fact, THE Omnimon, "YOU are THE Omnimon?"

At this, Mercurymon backed down a little, Omnimon still managed to maintain his composure, though.

"What's the matter, Mercurymon?" Omnimon asked as he returned his sword back into his hand and turned his other hand into a cannon, "I thought that you would punish me and these kids?"

Mercurymon gritted his teeth before he retorted, "I will, but I guess not for now. There are will be more chances for me to do so…in the future."

And with that, the said digimon vanished leaving Omnimon with the prince and the general.

Omnimon looked at the two children and sighed, "I should have known that they would not have stood a chance against someone like Mercurymon…they need more strength than this."

And with that, Omnimon took the two children into his arms and carried them both into the gates which led to the City of Lightweld.

Takuya opened his eyes. He found himself in a room that he had never seen before. It was a well-lit and beautiful room, it made him feel as if he was back at home – he even thought that he was until his whole body ached and he remembered what had happened…

"Where…? Where am I?" The Prince asked, more to himself than to anyone else.

"It's good that you're finally awake, Prince Takuya." Someone said from his side.

Takuya did not had to look to his side to know who it was that spoke, "Master Tai?"

"Yup. It's me." Tai said, "So, how do you feel?"

"Do you really have to ask?" Takuya asked, "I just lost to a guardian, how do you think that would make me feel?"

At this Tai smiled, "I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to rub in it, my prince."

"So, where am I?" Takuya asked.

"You're inside Ophanimon's Castle, where else." Replied the Prince's master.

"Ophanimon's Castle? But how?" Takuya asked, then added, "And what on earth are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the colony making sure that everyone is safe?"

"You have nothing to worry about the colony, young prince. Your father may be old, but his strength is something that is yet to falter." Tai replied.

"Okay, so you left my old man and the colony, what for?" Takuya asked still.

"It's none of your concern, my prince." Tai replied, "Whatever the reason may be, it's between me and the king."

"Okay, so dad asked you to look out for me, right?" Takuya guessed.

"Eh, how did you figure that out, Prince Takuya?" Tai asked.

"It's easy enough to figure something like that out, I knew he wouldn't be able to trust me in this one after what happened when I tried to beast spirit evolve." Takuya replied, "It's just like him."

"It's not that Ancient Greymon doesn't trust you, my prince." Tai explained, "It's more like he's worried that something may happen to you. He does not wish for the same accident that took your brother away to take you away as well."

At this, the young prince remembered his older brother, Tatsuki Kanbara. He was the true bearer of the human spirit which Takuya now possesses. But during one mission, Cherubimon suddenly appeared. No one saw what Cherubimon did to his brother, but one can guess. And since then, it has been a fact, that the older prince was killed by the evil leader of the beast tribe.

"So I take it that it was you who saved us from that guardian that we fought?" Takuya said.

Tai nodded, "It took all my strength to unmask this so-called guardian."

"Unmask? What are you talking about, master?" Takuya asked.

"He's not the real Sky Petite." Tai explained, "The Sky Petite that you and the general from Frizone fought against was nothing more than a dark mirror-image created by one of the fighters allied with Cherubimon, the fighter of metal, Mercurymon."

"When you said it took all your strength to unmask him, does that mean you had to use your Omnimon evolution?" Takuya asked.

Tai nodded.

"Man!" Takuya suddenly erupted, "I wish I could have seen that. You rarely use that evolution during our training sessions."

"That's because if I did, then you would surely be dead by now." Tai said. "And if that happens, who knows what the king would have done with me."

"Eheh…I guess you're right." Takuya said, then he asked, "So, where's that Korikakumon guy?"

"He's on another room being attended to by the High King's doctors." Tai replied, "Don't get me wrong, Prince Takuya, he's perfectly safe. They just had to make sure, as they did with you, that we didn't lose any ally."

"That's good to hear." Takuya said as he lay down again.

It didn't take him long enough to bolt right back up and ask, "About the meeting the High King called…"

"No need to worry about that, my prince." Tai replied, "When the High King learned that one of the guardians has been switched, he immediately canceled the meeting and rescheduled it tomorrow. All that matters now is that you and the young master, Tommy needs to get enough rest."

"So, you will be following me then?" Takuya asked, "Wherever this adventure takes me?"

"I do not know, Prince Takuya." Tai replied.

Just then, the door to Takuya's room opened and someone stepped inside. It was the High King, Seraphimon.

"Ah, I see that you are finally awake, Prince Takuya." The High King said, "You had us all worried, especially Master Tai here. He was so worried, if only you could have seen his face."

"There is no need to tell the young prince about that, my king." Tai said.

"It's a pleasure to finally see and meet you, sir." Takuya said as he bowed his head in respect to the king.

"The same goes for me, Prince Takuya." High King Seraphimon bowed as well, "I am glad that you are awake, for there is something I wish to ask of you."

At this, Takuya was surprised. The High King asking him for something – whatever that something may be.

"Err…ask me something? What is it, sir?" Takuya asked.

"As you know, our world is in chaos. Darkness is beginning to wreck havoc once again, and this time taking everything down its path." Seraphimon began to explain, "I have learned that two of the colonies taken down are the colonies of ice…and wind."

"The colony of wind?" Takuya asked surprised, "But that's…only a short distance away from the fire colony!"

Seraphimon nodded, "That's not the only devastating news, young one."

"There's more?" Takuya asked.

Tai nodded, "During the fight on the Wind Colony, the Queen, Ancient Kazemon…was killed."

"What!?" Takuya exclaimed, obviously surprised by the news, "That can't be right, she's almost as strong as my old man – or so I heard."

"She is, but she's not as strong as your mother, the late Queen Julia." Seraphimon said, "As you may have known, Ancient Kazemon has a daughter, her name is Princess…"

"Zoe right?" Takuya said.

"How does the young prince know of Princess' Zoe's name?" Tai asked.

"Oh come on master, don't tell me you forgot." Takuya replied.

"Forgot about what?" the master asked.

"That she is…err…was…or whatever my friend." Takuya reminded his master, "Our parents introduced us to each other some years back. But I haven't heard from her after she returned back to their colony."

"Oh, that's right!" Tai exclaimed, finally remembering.

"Then I guess I was right to ask this of you." The High King said.

"Princess Zoe is being held captive by the beast king's minions who now run the Wind Colony." Tai told the prince, "High King Seraphimon wishes that you go and rescue your 'old friend'."

"Rescue?" Takuya asked, "But aren't those minions suppose to be strong? If they're as strong as that false guardian, I don't think I would be able to beat them."

"Why is that?" Seraphimon asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"It's because I…I can't…" Takuya stuttered.

"You can't what?" Seraphimon asked before adding "Prince Takuya?"

"I can't use the beast spirit." Takuya blurted out after stuttering some more.

"He tried using it once, my king." Tai explained, "But he could not control its beast instincts and he almost killed me in the process."

"Master Tai!" Takuya said trying to stop his master from adding anything more, "Please stop, it's embarrassing as it is."

"What's embarrassing about it, Prince Takuya?" Seraphimon asked, "The fact that you could not control it or the fact that you almost killed your master?"

"Both." Takuya replied, slightly blushing.

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about." Seraphimon said, "You are lucky that you managed to regain your senses after that. You didn't kill Tai, did you? And if I can guess right, you managed to stop yourself from doing so, am I right?"

Takuya nodded, "But still sir, if Master Tai didn't say those things which he had said back then, then who knows what I might have done."

"It is not about what you might have done, Takuya…it's about how you managed to stop it." The High King said, "You said you managed to stop yourself from doing any more harm to your master by his words, right? Do you still remember those things that Tai had said to you?"

"Yes." Takuya replied, "I remember every single world clearly."

"Then you can fight the beast's instinct with it." Seraphimon said, "All you have to do is stick by those things that your master said, and I am positively certain that you will be able to do it."

"How can you be so sure, sir?" Takuya asked.

"How? If Tai hasn't bragged about it, then let me tell you." Seraphimon said, "Your Master Tai also happens to be the master of almost every single one of the guardians here in Lightweld, and like you, they used to have a problem dealing with their 'other' selves. Their more 'beastly' selves, if you know what I mean."

"My master is also the master of guardians like the Sky Petite?" Takuya asked dumbfounded. "Why didn't you told me about that?"

"Eh? It's not as if I'm obliged to tell you everything about me, my prince." Tai replied, "Besides, his highness didn't even bothered to ask."

"I guess so." Takuya said.

"So are you going to rescue the princess?" Seraphimon asked.

"I guess so. I really want to see her again." Takuya replied, "But I have one question, sir, why is it that you ask me to rescue her instead of asking the soldiers of your kingdom or your nephew to do this?"

"A good question, Prince Takuya." Seraphimon said, "It's because we need someone who can sneak inside and do the rescue, and that someone needs to be someone who is not as well known as Prince Koji."

"Not as well known? I don't think I fit such a description." Takuya said, "Just on my way here I encountered the most wanted bandit, Cerberusmon and he certainly knew who I am."

"What his highness meant is that compared to Prince Koji, the enemies that guards the place is still not familiar with you, Prince Takuya." Tai explained, "And the beast king's minions haven't seen you fight against them. On top of that, they believe that you do not like to roam around making them think that it is impossible for you to be the one to rescue the princess."

"Okay" Takuya said with a whistle, "So when will I be leaving?"

"This midnight, if you have rested enough." Seraphimon replied, then just before the high king left, he told Takuya something, "Prince Takuya, I have to ask this of you. You must not tell anyone, even those who you will meet here who you are. That goes the same for that long lost friend of yours, unless of course she's the one who remembers you."

"Why?" Takuya asked.

"Because I have heard a news from our intelligence that there is a spy in the kingdom of light." The High King replied, "I do hope that you have not told the general of Ice Colony who you are."

"No, I haven't. We didn't have any time to talk about introductions." Takuya replied.

"That is all, take all the rest you need, prince." The High King said before finally closing the door, "And I shall talk with you again here before you set out on your rescue mission."

To be continued…

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