As Summer opened up her tower she saw someone very familiar to her going in to the water with his surfboard, she knew that eventually she would have to raise the flag blackballing surfers but the waves were good and there was no on else on the beach so she just watched him surf. She was often jealous about how easy and naturally it came to him, but then again this was his home, he was raised on the beach. He told her that when he was in school he was always barefoot in his shoes and had sand in them too so that he always had the beach with him.

Eventually people started arriving and she had to raise the blackball flag for the surfers. Hobbie looked up at the flag just as he was coming in on a wave he saw it and was caught off guard by the wave behind him, lucky Summer saw it and sprang into action. It didn't mater to her who it was she had a job to do. When she got to him he accepted her help. Once they got back to dry land Hobbie begged her not to fill out a rescue card for this. She reluctantly didn't but she did make him sit in the tower for a little bit just to make sure he was ok.

Well he was sitting on the front of the tower with his legs hanging off the edge he felt pain in his abs again this time it was closer to his right side. He was thinking back to his paramedic training about the symptoms of appendicitis. He turned around and asked Summer about them. She looked down at him and asked him if he was felling ok. Hobbie thought about lying to her but the pain had actually gotten worse now, so he said to her not my belly hurts right here he said as he pointed to the lower right side of his abdomen. Summer looked at him and said "Hobbie I going to call for an ambulance I don't think you should drive yourself to the hospital." She could tell that he seamed a little upset about that, but then he said "that's a good Idea and he handed her his keys and said "can you get them to call my dad to come pickup up my jeep and board." She said yes as she picked up the phone to call headquarters. When they picked up she said this is Summer Quinn at tower 25 I need an ambulance for a 23 year old male with possible appendicitis, also I need you to call his dad to come and pick up his stuff." They then asked her for the number of the dad and she just said "call Mitch its Hobbie". About five minutes later the paramedics arrived and took Hobbie to the Hospital. About 5 minutes after they left Mitch came over and said that he just saw them put him in the ambulance and was going to take Hobbies jeep to the Hospital and see him there. Summer handed him the keys and told him not to forget Hobbies surf board. Mitch put it on the rook rack on the jeep and locked it before driving to the Hospital.

Once he got there he parked the car somewhere safe where the surf board on the roof wouldn't get damaged. Then he headed into the ER to find out where Hobbie was. They directed him to one of the exam rooms where he was lying with an IV in his arm giving him some morphine for the pain and he said that the doctor was going to come back with an ultra sound machine but he thought that it was most likely his appendix. When the doctor returned he used the ultra sound on Hobbies abdomen and said that he needed to call a surgeon down to look at him and that he would likely need to have an appendectomy. Well they were waiting for the surgeon to come a nurse started taking some more of Hobbie's medical history. He told her about having his Tonsils out and the time he was in the hospital because of swimming in some toxic waste. Once the surgeon came down he examined Hobbie again and said "I need to book an OR for him to take his appendix out." Hobbie asked his dad to sign the consent form as he wasn't really feeling much like himself right know because of the morphine he was getting. About 20 minutes later a couple of orderlies came to take Hobbie upstairs to the operating room.

About an hour later the surgeon came out to tell Mitch that Hobbie was out of surgery and in the recovery room. When Mitch got there Hobbie was just waking up.