It was inspired by Fairy Odd Parents and BTTF Part 1, one episode involves time travel, there was a BTTF DeLorean in the background. I decided to make a BTTF and a Hey Arnold crossover

Oh and sorry about the strange format, since no script fan fics allowed here I had to change everything, sorry if it's hard to read or anything.

Short Summary: Arnold bumps into Marty and Doc and accidentally travels into the future, there he mets Helga age 19 who has a few problems and Arnold helps to solve them.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hey Arnold!, Back to the Future, the DeLorean DMC - 12 Time Machine, Huey Lewis or its characters. Only Craig Bartlett, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale and John DeLorean have the rights, I'm not making money with this

Sunday October 27th 1985 - Hill Valley California, Near Eastwood Ravine

The Final segment of BTTF part 3. Cut to the wreckage of the DeLorean. Marty and Jennifer walk towards it.

"Doc's never coming back. I'm sure gonna miss him, Jen." Marty said sadly

Marty sees half of a photograph. It's Doc standing by the clock in 1885. The level crossing bells start ringing and Marty and Jennifer look in both directions. There's no trains coming, Marty was surprised by this.

"What the...."

The three sonic booms are heard and a big train appears. Marty and Jennifer are thrown backwards and land in some grass. The train has ELB written on the side and a familiar figure pokes his head out of the cab.....

"Doc?" Marty shouted

"Marty!" Replied Doc

"Doc! Doc!" Marty excitedly replied

"Marty! It runs on steam!" Stretches his hands out to show the train as he speak. Doc opens the cab to reveal Clara standing next to him. "Meet the family. Clara, you know."

"Hi, Marty!" Clara said.

"Ma'am!" Marty replies

"These are our boys!" said Doc proudly. Doc and Clara smiled. A young boy appears at the doorway. "Jules!..." Jules is followed by his younger brother. "And Verne!" he replies to his sons "Boys, this is Marty and Jennifer."

The boys wave, and Marty and Jennifer wave back. "Doc, I thought I'd never see you again!" Marty said.

"You can't keep a good scientist down. After all, I had to come back for Einstein, and, well, I didn't want you to be worried about me." Clara gives Doc a parcel. "Oh. I brought you a little souvenir." Doc sits on the cab steps and gives Marty the parcel. Marty opens it and finds it's a framed photo of him and Doc at the 1885 clocktower.

"It's great Doc. Thanks."

"Doctor Brown? "Jennifer takes out the erased fax from her pocket and gives it to Doc" I brought this note back from the future it's erased!"

"Of course it's erased!" - Doc said in a "of course" way

Jennifer replied confusedly "But what does that mean?"

Doc replies "It means that your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one. Both of ya!"

"We will, Doc!"

"Stand back!"

The train doors close.

"All right, boys, buckle up!"

"Hey, Doc...where ya going now? Back to the future?"

Doc shakes his head "Nope. Already been there!"

Doc and family wave at Marty and Jennifer, and they wave back. Then the train's wheels lift up - it's been hover converted! The train flies off, and broke into the time barrier.

Back to the Future Part IV

Based On Characters by Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale & Craig Bartlett

15 years later

Wednesday November 5th 2000 11:00pm - Outside Hill Valley California

Arnold now 10 years old were with his grandparents were on their way to Arnie's house in Phil's Packard

"so, Arnold! You excited to visit Arnie?" Grandpa asked Arnold

"I don't know Grandpa...." answered Arnold worriedly

Phil Looks at the gas meter "we're low in fuel, we've should have gone to the gas station just now"

"the nearest town, is half a mile away" Geriti said

Marty now 32 years old parks his truck at Lone Pine Mall parking lot, there was a big white truck, Doc now 68 years old, gets out of the cab, He was wearing a radiation suit.

"so what you wanna show me Doc?" asked Marty

"remember this?" said Doc

Doc presses button on his remote control and opened a door on his truck. A 1981 DeLorean DMC - 12 rigged up as a time machine reverse out of the truck, it still looks the same from part 1 only the license plate reads OUTAHERE and it runs on plutonium.

"you rebuild it?" Marty asked

"yes Marty, I relished that the Time Circuits and the Flux Capacator were still at the tracks. roll camera!" Doc replied

Marty presses record on camera "what happened to the train?"

"its too big so i destroyed it, anyway let's test this car" Replied Doc

Grandpa saw Marty and Doc, he goes in the parking lot and said "Maybe those people can help us." The DeLorean hits 88 MPH, it lets off a blue sparks and flashed and disappears, drops the license plate and left fire trails

"HA HA!! IT WORKS!! WOHHOO!!" Doc shouted

Marty picks up the OUTAHERE plate and drops it "Oh man hot!! But what about all what stuff about its dangerous to time travel and a risk of the DeLorean getting stolen?"

"Well after building the train I really don't care about it"

"so I'm guessing that it runs on plutonium?"

"yes Marty, I ripped it off from a Russian Nuclear Research scientist this time"


Phil gets out of his car with a map. "Excuse me, but do you know any gas stati...."

"LOOK OUT!!" Doc shouted and he pushed Phil away

3 booms sounded, the DeLorean reappears again and stopped almost hitting Phil

Phil angrily said "You almost killed me with that....isn't that a DeLorean? " He pauses and drops the map" Haven't seen one of those in 14 years" Phil goes near the DeLorean and opens the door, he touches the time circuits.

Doc worriedly shouted "NO! DON'T TOUCH THAT"

"C'mon Grandpa, let's go, sorry about that Mister..." Arnold paused

Puts his hand oh his chest and said "Doc Emmett Brown"

Knowing his name he said "Doctor Brown"

"and whats your name kid?" Phil asked Marty

"um..Martin McFly" Marty replied

"what is this anyway? Looks like you rig it up for a reason" Phil asked with his eyes wide open

"It's a time machine" Marty replied

"Marty!" said Doc angrily at Marty

Phil was surprised "really?"

"C'mon Doc, let's show them how it works" Begged Marty

Doc looks at the DeLorean "well... OK, but first we've gotta refuel it"

Everyone was wearing radiation suit. Doc refuels the DeLorean with plutonium and types JUL 05 2010 0730 on the time circuits. The car still runs on gas though.

Doc takes out his mask "there all done" to Marty "OK Marty Roll tape!"

"Rolling..." Marty said

"I, Dr Emmett Brown, am about to embark on an historic journey."

Grandpa and Arnold clapped, but the journey will never happen. A car stopped infront of them, the door opened it was Doc's son, Verne, age 18

"Dad! they're coming!" Verne cried

"who?" Doc asked his son

"The Russians!!"

Doc puts his hand on his head and cried "Great Scott!"

From a further sight they saw a Black van with the letters RNR, it was the Russians. one of them had a gun on the roof. Doc had promised them to give nuclear equipment in return they gave Doc a box of plutonium

"They there are!" The Russians shouted

"RUN!" Marty shouted.

Doc, Phil and Marty ran to Verne's car as Arnold head to the DeLorean, but Doc forgot to off the time circuits, it screech away and when it hit the 88mph mark.......

Monday July 5th 2010 7:30am - Lone Pine Mall

3 sonic booms sounded, Arnold still continues driving till he saw the time circuits. He got out of the car, no one was around, Lone Pine Mall appears to be more futuristic, a skyway is floating above and some cars that looked like vans were parked

"It can't be...July 5th 2010" Cried Arnold, he tries to start the DeLorean but it wouldn't start "c'mon!"

Arnold sheads the radiation suit and left the DeLorean and walked to the Courthouse Park, it still looks like the one in BTTF 2, and they're 4 of July decorations on the courthouse, Arnold went inside Café 80's.


One of the "video waiters" came to Arnold "Hello and welcome to Café 80's, todays special is pasta with peanut butter."

"um...a Pepsi or something" Arnold takes a seat next to a girl, well, actually it's Helga, AGE 19!! She still wears the same pink overalls and still keeps her pigtails but this time she wears blue Nike shoes, a blue baseball cap and tiny face watch.

"hey kid you still haven't pay for the food!" The video waiter shouted

"yeah? how much?" Helga asked

Arnold takes a look and realizes who it was

"that will be fifty dollars and twenty five cents" said the video waiter

"what? Here" 2010 Helga presses her thumb on what they call pay plate

Arnold gives a nervous look and said "you're Helga??"

"yeah who're you? and why are you looking at me like that?" Helga asked

"Its just that you're so.... attractive" Cried Arnold and looks at the holomax

theater, it was playing "Back to the Future part V "I mean my name is....Micheal...McFly?"

"Well nice to meet you Mikey, you look like a guy I know" Helga said

"what happened to you? Why are you living in Hill Valley?" Arnold asked quickly

"well, my dad got a giant beeper store here, so we lived here. Why are you asking me all this?" Helga gives Arnold a strange look but before Arnold could answer, Helga's watch beeps, it says 8:00am "Darn! I'm late" cried Helga and grabs her blue hoverboard

Arnold spits out his Pepsi "HEY! WAIT!"

Well I redid the whole thing

Martin Seamus McFly - Gimme a Pepsi Free