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Friday July 9th 2010 7:15pm - Hill Valley High School Parking Lot

In Arnold's red 1997 Chevy Camaro Z28, Helga wears a blue dress, her blue bow and blue sports shoes, Arnold wears a black suit, a tie and of course his little blue hat

"we're here, you wanna park for a moment?" said Arnold and gives a sad look

"sure" Helga looks at Arnold "what's wrong?"

"Helga, do you miss Hillwood?" Arnold asked

"nope not at all 2010 Helga answered

"yeah well, I do, ever since that incident, My life has become a disaster."

"someone's coming"

The Right door opened it was Ludwig now 21 years old and his gang of 3

Inside the School Hall

Huey Lewis and the News were on stage. They were playing The Power of Love, Arnold was inside with Verne who were also wearing a suit and a tie, Arnold was waiting for Helga while Verne waits for his girlfriend, Karen

It don't take money, and it don't take fame. Don't need no credit card to ride this train. Tougher than diamonds and stronger than steel. But you won't feel nothing till you feel, You feel the power, just feel the power of love. That's the power, that's the power of love. You feel the power of love. You feel the power of love. Feel the power of love.

"thats very nice music" said Verne as the music finished

"yeah, heard it in the movie, Back to the Future" Arnold added

"that was a great movie, I wonder where's Karen?" Verne wondered

Karen crept up from behind "Well you're early Verne"

"Karen!" Verne said he looks at Arnold "gotta go Mikey"

"yeah Ok" Arnold said "where's Helga and me?"

"Ok Guys, we'll be back soon so don't anybody leave" Huey Lewis and the News left the stage. Meanwhile, Ludwig is in the Camaro with Helga while Ludwig's gang holds onto Arnold

"Arnold! Help Me!!" Cried Helga

"Let go of her Ludwig!" Arnold exclaimed.

"How dare you take my girlfriend to the dance"

"Hello, anybody home? I'm your ex girlfriend remember?" Helga shouted from the car

"Shut up Pataki." He looks at Arnold "And now you're gonna pay" And punches Arnold's chest

Cut to Verne and Karen who were outside also

"Did you hear that?" Verne asked

"what?" Karen wondered

"a scream...." Verne answered

Karen spots Arnold and Helga "It's Arnold and Ludwig"

"I'll go get Arnold" Verne runs off to the school hall

"But Arnold's there" Karen runs after him

Back to 2010 Arnold and Helga. Ludwig punches Arnold again, when young Arnold and Verne arrived, young Arnold ran and pushed Ludwig to the ground. Ludwig recovers he saw young Arnold pushed him

"All right footballface, you're gonna get it" He grabs Arnold and strangles him, as he is doing that, Arnold's future self felt some pain and drops to the ground, and he became transparent, and only Verne is noticing that, and realizes what was gonna happen. Ludwig starts to laughs. Verne clenches his hand into a fist. Then, when Ludwig is unaware, Verne Punches Ludwig on the nose and fell and is knocked out for a moment

2010 Arnold wakes up "what happened?"

"thanks Verne" Young Arnold Thanked

Inside the School hall, everyone is dancing, Huey Lewis and The News is playing Back in Time, Young Arnold as he watches his older self and Helga dancing. Old Helga looks at Arnold and kisses him. Young Arnold smiles.

Tell me doctor where are we going this time Is this the fifties or ninety ninety nine all I wanted to do, was play my guitar and sing so take me away I don't mind... but you better promise me I'll be Back in time

"Oh man that reminds me, I've gotta get back in time" Arnold snapped

"C'mon I'll me fetch you back..." Verne answered

They cut across the dancefloor, on the way to Verne's car they bumped into the future Arnold and Helga who were dancing

"Mikey, where are you going?" Helga asked

"I've gotta get back to where I come from" Arnold answered

"um.. I just wanna say thanks for everything all the hard work and advice especially you Verne" Helga hugs Verne

"yeah, thanks Helga" Verne trying to get off Helga

"yeah, thanks for everything Ar...I mean Mikey" Arnold thanked his younger self

"will we see you again?" Helga asked

"um...yeah, I'm sure you will" Arnold looks at Verne and asked "How did he knew I'm him?"

That's it for this chapter, I'll post the finale when I have time.

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