Waking up


Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey (established), Yugi, Mokuba, slight silliness, slight fluff, a kiss

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written at 16th october 2003, by Misura

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He wondered how it was possible for a kiss to taste of so many different things, to make him experience so many sensations all at once.

It was like ice, searing and cold, like Seto's eyes when they weren't directed at him in the privacy of the bedroom. (Or, his mind helpfully added, any other locked room.)

It was like fire, hot and raging, burning him down to ashes. He knew it was dangerous to give in to the taste of it, yet he was beyond caring.

He drowned in its sweetness, sensing the other's mocking cruelty behind it.

There was love and there was hate and there was what he shared with Seto, what no one else could give him. It was perfection.

"Mr. Wheeler."

"Awww, damn not again!"

He stared up at the frowning face of the teacher.

"Excuse me?" Her voice sounded clipped. She'd probably much rather been at home too.

"Uhm, sorry, miss." He suppressed a yawn, hoping that wouldn't annoy her even more. To his surprise, she smiled.

"I don't think you'll be able to do anything substantial in your current state, young man. Might I suggest you just go home for some much needed rest?"

Joey blinked, saying "But it's only four!" before he could stop himself.

She shrugged. "I have much better things to do with my time than watch students sleep. Be sure to finish your homework in time and don't let me hear you didn't go home straight away!"

He swallowed. "Uhm ... but I was going to stay over at a ... classmate's." He couldn't really call Seto his friend, not with the bickering they engaged in on a daily base.

"Really?" She raised one eyebrow. "Who?"

This was getting ugly. Maybe he should just settle for sitting out his full time. "I ... "

"Well?" She didn't look like she'd acept a refusal to tell. Why did it always have to be him? Seto was going to kill him if he'd give away their relationship.

"Seto Kaiba." If he was lucky, maybe Seto wouldn't hear about it before tomorrow so he'd still have tonight to smooth things over a little, preventively.

"Ah. I don't think there's much chance of you doing anything but studying then." Her smile had returned. Joey fought down an sudden urge to burst out laughing. If only she knew ...

"Mr. Kaiba is quite a diligent student." she continued. "I hadn't expected him to work with you on a school-project, considering your ah difficulties, but I'm pleased to hear. With his help, I'm sure you'll turn out quite well after all." She winked, as if the two of them were sharing a secret now.

Joey wondered if he ought to feel insulted. His mind though reminded him of more important matters. "So it's okay if I go now?"

"Of course, there's the door." She made a waving gesture. "Make sure you get into bed at a decent hour, I know Mr. Kaiba can be a little ... enthusiastic when he's working on something."

Joey managed to keep the smirk out of his face as he solemnly thanked her and left. He was pretty sure they'd be in bed 'at a decent hour', but he was equally sure it wouldn't exactly be to go to sleep. Ah well, he was out of detention. That was the most important.


"Hey, Joey, I hadn't expected you this early." Mokuba opened the door with a wide grin.

"The teacher let me go after hearing I was going to see Seto to do some homework." Joey replied with a shrug. "Is Seto in the living room?"

"Homework?" Mokuba giggled. "I didn't know what you and Seto were doing in his bedroom was actually for school."

"Mokuba ... I had a hard day. Please have some mercy." Joey made his eyes go wobbly. It always worked when he used it on Seto. Mokuba didn't look too impressed though.

He'd probably used it too much himself.

"Mercy? He doesn't know the meaning of that word." Seto remarked, walking into the hall with a scowl on his face. "You're early."

"I already said that." Mokuba quipped. "He got released to come do homework with you."

Joey wondered how such a perfectly innocent sentence could sound so terribly suggestive coming from Mokuba.

"You're right, Seto, he's much cuter when he blushes." Mokuba giggled again as Seto glared at him. "Hey, it's what you always say!"

"Don't you have some homework to do?" Seto asked.

"Nope, I don't have a boyfriend yet." Mokuba replied cheerfully. "Or a girlfriend, for that matter." he added, after a moment's thought.

Seto sent him a Look. Mokuba pouted. "Oh, very well. I'll go do something on my own. But remember, you're going to take me to the beach this weekend! You promised! Have fun you two!"

Seto sighed, staring after his little brother before returning his attention to Joey.

"He's really ... one of a kind, isn't he?" Joey remarked cautiously.

"That's not exactly the words I'd use. A bothersome pest is more like it." Seto muttered, with enough of a smile to let Joey know he didn't really mean it.


(later that evening)



"Where's your alarm-clock?"

"Don't have one."

"What? But ... "

"Don't need one either."

"But ... "

"Now shut up and go to sleep."


"Unless you're up to something more than talking, of course."




"Are you asleep?"


"Guess that means 'yes'."

Seto sighed and tried not to think of what they could have done if the answer had been 'no'.


(the next morning)

"Big brother! Time to wake up!"

Something heavy had just landed on his chest.

"Seeetooo! Don't be such a sleepy head!"

Make that something heavy that wasn't his boyfriend.


Nope, definitely not his boyfriend, since he was pretty sure that grunt was Seto's. Joey cautiously cracked one eye open, to be blinded by the beaming smile of the teenager on top of him. He groaned and tried to go back to sleep.

"Good morning, Joey!"

"Leave him alone. Leave me alone."

If only he hadn't been pretending to be fast asleep he'd have gone and kissed Seto for that remark. He decided he'd do it later today.

"But breakfast's getting cold! I made pancakes, especially for Joey and you! And you're gonna be late for school. Come on, Seto!"

Now that Mokuba mentioned it, he could almost smell the pancakes. It -would- be a shame to let them go cold. His stomach rumbled.

"Hah! I knew that would convince you! See you in a sec!" The weight removed itself.

Honey-brown eyes met icy-blue ones.

"Do you think we could stay here just a little while longer?"

"He'll come back in ten seconds if we don't show up."

"Oh. So this is why you're never late."