"Die, Slayers." The vampire lunged at Faith and Kennedy. Faith shoved a stake through his heart without even acknowledging him.

"So, wanna call it a night?" Kennedy asked as they started to exit the cemetery.

"Why so eager?" Faith replied with a grin. "Gotta itch you need Red to scratch?"

"Okay. First, what Willow scratches is none of your business and second no."

"What, all not right in lesbo land?"

"Bite me."

"Oh, testy. What's wrong?"

Kennedy hesitated a moment and sighed, giving into the need to talk to someone. "Okay you see, me and Will...well whenever we're alone all we do majority of the time is...scratch."

"I think your little confused, yo. That's good. Unless you know she's not getting the job done." She laughed.

"No, she's amazing. Stop laughing, jackass. It's just what if that's all it is to her; amazing touch." Noticing that Faith was holding back laughter she added, "You know what? I'm never talking to you ever again."

"Okay, Okay. I'm sorry. Look, Brat. I'm not exactly an expert in this area. I mean most of my relationships have been wicked losers. Then, all it was was touch, but now I have this great guy and..."

"Is this gonna turn into a rant about Wood's stamina?"

"Look shut the hell up and listen. I used to think that about me and Robin. Then he did what he promised he would; he surprised me. He told me he loved me a couple of weeks ago. I know it sounds retarded, but I was scared. I mean guys say that and you think 'well, time to bolt', but I didn't want to I just wanted to say it back. I did and it helped. It proved that it wasn't sex."

"See none of that helps me."

"It does, retard. Tell her how you feel. What's the worse that could happen?"

"She doesn't feel it too. I turn out to be right."

"I don't think that'll happen."

"What if it does? What if this whole time she was just pretending? She was afraid there would be no one else, so she settles with me. Okay, now I really can't do this."

They stopped in front of Kennedy's apartment building and Faith turned and faced her. "You're an idiot, Brat. I see the way Red looks at you. The same way you look at her. Now go screw her brains out and tell her you love her." She punched her in her arm.

"Minus your very sick interest in me and Will screwing, that was actually helpful. What the hell has you so noble?"

"Bye, Brat." She turned and walked away. Kennedy just shook her head and went into her apartment building.

When she got into her apartment Willow was asleep on the couch. She woke up the instance Kennedy closed the door, despite the delicate manner of doing so.

"Hey." Willow said through a yawn.

"Hey. I didn't mean to wake you." She went over and sat down on the floor in front of the sofa Willow was laying on. She brushed some hair out of Willow's face and Willow smiled.

"I missed you." Kennedy leaned in and they kissed. "Mmm...nice, So um...did you kill anything?" Willow asked, grin still plastered on her face.

"Yeah, three vamps. Here in England there isn't that much demonic activity."

"Yeah, I know. Giles and I have been talking and remember how we had talked about Cleveland? Well we think maybe I should go there and summon Slayers. Thing is we're still working out the how part."

"Oh, so you'd like be leaving, going away. You'd be leaving...me." She stood up and started to pace. "I-I mean for the greater good so whew-hoo. It's just...leaving."

Willow sat up. "Yeah, leaving."

"Well, that's good for um...you"

"Hey, hey. Wait a second." She stood up and took Kennedy's hands. Kennedy avoided eye contact. "I want you to come with me, doofus. I mean if you want to."

"Yeah wouldn't wanna live without my tongue ring." She pulled away and headed into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and grabbed a carton of left over Chinese food. She poured some of the rice into a bowl as Willow came into the room and rested against the door frame.

"What's wrong?" Willow asked lightly.

Kennedy shoved the bowl into the microwave. "Nothing, I'm just tired."

"And that crack about your tongue ring, what was that about?"

She was about to answer, but the microwave beeped. Kennedy paused for a second. She just took in everything.


"I'm not hungry. I have to- I have to go." She tried to get out of the room, but Willow stopped her and lightly pushed her into the refrigerator. She ran her hands up Kennedy's side, but Kennedy pushed them away.

"Damn it, Willow. You know I came here tonight and I had something to say, but you know...never mind. I have to get out of here." She got away and was halfway out the door when Willow spoke.

"What did you want to say to me? I don't wanna fight, please. Whatever it is just say it."

She turned around slowly and let out a deep sigh. "I love you."

When Kennedy looked into Willow's eyes all she noticed was confusion. Then she walked out of the apartment and headed toward the Council's Headquarters.

About twenty minutes later, she arrived at the Council. She walked through the lobby and through the library. She quickly peeked into Giles' office. She noticed he had his head down on his desk and was asleep. She walked passed the tables at the front of the room and through a door that lead to the training room. The room had brick walls and training equipment everywhere. There were mirrors in the front, that Buffy used to show new Slayers moves. She began to punch the punching bag. Everything she felt just exploded and her anger caused her to punch it off its chain.

"Wow, something wrong?"

Kennedy turned and saw, "Xander."

"You okay?" He asked as he sat down on the edge of the bench press. "You seem to be a little...jumpy."

"Oh, no. I'm great. Seems your best friend has been leading me on."

"Leading you on about what?"

"Turns out the only reason she keeps me around is for my...talents."

"I don't think-"

"I told her I loved her. She didn't say anything. We've been together a little over a year and she has never even hinted that she was in love with me. Why would she be? I'm not a...blonde witch." Her voice sunk and she was overwhelmed with sadness. She lowered herself to the mats. Xander just looked at her. "It was only a matter of time."

"Matter of time before what?"

"Before she realized- Before she realized that I'm not good enough, good enough for her. She told me tonight she wanted to go to Cleveland. She said she wanted me to go with, but only after I freaked."

"I know Willow pretty well. Okay, better then anyone and I'm just saying maybe you're wrong, I mean she wouldn't be with you, let alone sleep with you, if she didn't care about you."

"I'm not saying she doesn't care or even that she isn't in deep infatuation with me. That's the only thing it apparently is to her." A rather uncomfortable silence rose for a moment then she said, "Sorry to fall apart here like this in front of you. I know you probably have a better way to spend your Friday night."

"Come on the alternative is watching Star Trek with Andrew. My advice go home and talk to her."

"Right and you know what you're talking about." She smiled at him playfully.

"I'm the one eyed man I know and see all. Unless it's to my left. Then you're just out of luck. Now go home."

"Thanks, Xander. You know today both you and Faith proved helpful."

"Faith, huh? Now there's a shock."

"Yeah." Kennedy stood up and thanked him again before she headed home.

When Kennedy got home Willow was sitting at the coffee table. She was on her laptop. She didn't notice Kennedy's entrance.

"Hey, what 'ya doin'?" Kennedy asked, sitting down in the chair that was diagonal from the sofa.

"I'm on the 'net talking to the coven. We're trying to find that summoning spell." She typed something else and then closed her computer. She avoided eye contact with Kennedy.

"Oh, the um...summoning spell. The one you'll need in Cleveland."

"Yeah. Now that I have it, I can go. We can go. If you want."

"So this is how it's going to be? We're not gonna talk about it?"

"Talk about-"

"The fact that I'm in love with you and you... maybe we shouldn't talk about this." She stood up and was about leave, but stopped. "If you're going to Cleveland, who's going to help Mr. Giles? Maybe you should stay."

"Kennedy, I want you to come with me. I really miss you when your not around." She stood up and walked around the table.

"Do you love me?" Kennedy was almost whispering as she said it.

Kennedy took the look, of what she thought was horror, as a very bad answer. Willow noticing this spoke. "I um...we...you are amazing and- and I-I..."

"You don't." She began to inch towards the door as she continued. "You were just pretending." She began to cry. "It was never real."

"Kennedy, no. That's not-"

"I have to go." She ran out the door and didn't even bother to close it. She headed, for the second time that night, to the Council.

When she got there this time, Giles was awake and in the library.

"Hi, Mr. Giles." She said calmly. There was no sign of the tears she shed not twenty minutes ago.

"Well hello, Kennedy. What brings you here?"

"You do actually. I think I have a better idea of how to solve the Cleveland problem."


"How about instead of sending a witch to summon Slayers, you send a Slayer to kill things?"

"Who do you have in mind?"


"What about-"

"I just think it would be best if Willow was here with you. She could do the summoning spell here and send however many you want to me."

"That's bloody brilliant. When would you leave?"

"Tonight. I just have to pack. You should call Willow and tell her to come here."

"Yes, yes. I'll be a moment."

He walked into his office and picked up the phone. Being alone made Kennedy's facade fade. All o f the sadness returned and the knot in her stomach twisted tighter. Tonight she would be leaving the women she loved.

Kennedy walked into her and Willow's apartment, no one was there. She had left the Council before Willow got there and got home after she left. She went in their bedroom and packed her bags. As she left she began to cry. The reality of her situation hit her; Willow didn't love her and now she was leaving her. She felt like she was drowning, but she believed it was for the best. She locked the door behind her.

AN: This is just the first of MAYBE 8 to 10 chapters. It all depends on how many reviews I get. Oh, and just a little hint as to the ending. I'm a big Kennedy/ Willow fan.