One Black Too Many

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Summary: AU. Slash. M-preg. Sirius can get something from Narcissa's husband that she can't, love and affection. It was an arranged marriage but Narcissa hates Sirius for it and when her cousin falls pregnant to her husband, she tries to do everything within her power to make him lose the baby.

Warnings: Same as usual for my stories and yes, there will also be plenty of bitchiness from Narcissa Malfoy.

Pairings: Lucius/Sirius (obviously), perhaps another one or two.

James is alive. This is set before the books. Oh and Sirius and Regulus do get along in this story.

Sirius is 18 and Lucius is 24. Narcissa is about 21, not that it matters too much.


Chapter 1: Wedding Night

Sirius didn't quite understand why he was at the after wedding ball of his cousin and her new husband at Malfoy Manor. He had run away from his home just over two years ago, he had absolutely no reason to feel happy for his cousin and he was wondering why he had been invited in the first place as his family hated him for being decent.

As he watched everyone going over and congratulating the happy couple, Sirius' eyes were drawn to the blond bridegroom. His lover. He let his grey eyes wander of Lucius Malfoy's body, he was in black velvety robes with his long blond haired pulled back neatly, he looked very elegant and beautiful in a haughty kind of way. Lucius was the kind of man you could only dream of having.

As for Narcissa, well, Sirius supposed she looked rather pretty in her bridal gear but as he neither liked her nor cared, it didn't really matter what she looked like. On top of that, he knew her husband was his and there was nothing she could do about that if she ever grew feelings for Lucius and not just his money.

Sirius gulped down the rest of his glass of whiskey and headed over to the couple. He waited patiently for his parents to finish fussing how beautiful Narcissa looked and how they were sure the two would have a blissfully happy marriage and produce lots of heirs as they could see the love just radiating off the two. Gritting his teeth was all Sirius could do to stop himself from rolling his eyes at the false sentiments, he noticed his younger brother, Regulus, standing just off to the side of their parents and the couple, they shared a smirk.

Arsenius Black finally took his elder son's presence into account by narrowing his eyes and sneering, "Sirius." His voice was full of loathing as he surveyed the handsome young man with disgust.

Sirius gave a charming smile, "Father. Mother." He turned to Narcissa and Lucius. "I think congratulations are in order." He reluctantly gave the traditional kiss on the cheek to Narcissa, he could tell she hated it too and then he turned to Lucius and held out a hand. The blond took his hand and shook it with a small smirk on his face, and when they let go, Sirius felt a piece of paper in his hand. "I would give you a toast, but I seem to have misplaced my drink."

Narcissa forced herself to smile but it looked more like a grimace, "There is no need to toast us, Sirius."

"Au contraire, if Sirius wishes to toast us, we should let him." Said Lucius; his welcoming tone of voice was far less forced than everyone else's when they addressed him.

Sirius smiled, mainly because he could hear the amusement in Lucius' voice, even if no one else nearby did, they had attracted a bit of an audience as it was quite common knowledge that many of the Black family did not like Sirius. The Black Sheep. "Well then, I hope you two have a wonderful life together." He grabbed a wineglass off a passing house-elf's tray and held it up. "Here's to you." God I want to wash my mouth out for saying that…

After toasting the happy couple, Sirius made his way back over to the snack table, he made sure nobody was watching him before he unfolded the small piece of paper that Lucius had slipped into his hand when they shook.

Meet me in the guesthouse at nine.


Sirius raised his eyebrows slightly and smirked, Yes Sir. He checked his watch, 8:45pm. "Damn." He managed to waste about ten minutes picking at the weird and wonderful food that was laid out on the table; he didn't even want to know what some of it was. And when he looked up, he just caught a glimpse of Lucius long blond hair and his black robes flying out behind him as he left the ballroom.

After waiting a couple more minutes Sirius snuck out of the ballroom as well, he made his way through to the back of the manor and headed outside. He walked along a narrow concrete path to the small guesthouse that was about two hundred metres from the Manor.

Upon entering it, the young Black found himself being pressed up against a wall and his mouth being thoroughly explored by what was apparently a very horny Lucius Malfoy.

Sirius was breathing heavily by the time Lucius finally allowed him to have some oxygen, "…What would you have done if that wasn't me?" He squinted through the dark at his lover. He figured Lucius hadn't lit any torches or his wand because it would attract too much attention to them.

Lucius kissed him again, "I could smell you."

Sirius sniffed and looked down at himself, "Do I smell that bad? I swear I had a shower this morning."

Lucius chuckled and pulled the tie out of Sirius' dark hair so it fell about his shoulders, "I meant the smell I associate you with." His voice was husky, which meant he was very aroused as he ran his fingers through Sirius' locks. "Enough talking. This has to be quick."

"Always is quick with you Luce." Replied Sirius, he squeaked when Lucius pulled his hair hard. "Ok, ok-" he was cut off as Lucius' mouth found his again. His hands found the front of Lucius' robes of their own accord and began trying to get the clasps undone, but Sirius soon found himself far less dressed than Lucius.

"Clothes off…"

"I'd rather your clothes were off…"


"Mm, you taste good."

Sirius tugged at Lucius' robes, "Get 'em off…"

"As you wish."


Lucius silenced the teenager with a kiss and pulled him down to the floor.


A/N: Right, I am going to try and work on making Lucius a bit more like he is in the books in this story. But how was it?

Next Chapter: The morning after. Sirius heads home. Lucius faces his new wife's questioning of his whereabouts on their wedding night.