One Black Too Many

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Chapter 6: A Proposal?

Lucius stopped dead with what he was doing, he turned around to face Sirius with an unreadable expression on his face.


Sirius frowned a little, "You heard me." He was starting to regret mentioning his ideas about marriage, he had always wanted to settle down and get married, and have children with someone that he loved, but it all depended on that person he loved sharing the same ideas. So far though, it looked as though Lucius couldn't think of anything worse than another marriage, not to mention the fact that he was already married.

Lucius looked gazed down at the floor for a few moments before raising his eyes to look at Sirius's hopeful face, "Sirius…You know I can't," he saw the start of a heartbreaking look on Sirius's face. "Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to-" he quickly stopped himself from saying anything more, he didn't think he could have said anything more stupid. Dammit Malfoy! Think before you speak next time… Oh god, he's going to cry…

Sirius's bottom lip trembled a little bit, "Even if you could, you wouldn't want to? That's good to know, Luce, thanks."

Lucius groaned quietly, "Sirius, that's not what I meant-"

"Its what you said!" replied Sirius; he was sniffling now though he really didn't want to cry, he didn't want Lucius to pity him. "If you don't want that, then you don't want me. I'll have this baby and raise it on my own!"

Lucius clenched his fists, this was being blown way out of proportion, "Sirius, don't be so bloody stupid!" Sirius's eyes widened a little. "For Merlin's sake, of course I want you! I want this baby; I want to help you raise our son. If I didn't I wouldn't be here at the moment, now would I?" He could see tears in Sirius's eyes now, and now the blond was starting to feel bad about shouting at the pregnant teenager. "If marriage is what you want from me, why didn't you say anything before I was forced to marry that twit, Narcissa? We could have eloped or something, and been free of our families…"

Sirius was hugging himself; his shoulders hunched up, his eyes brimming with unshed tears, "I…I wasn't pregnant before…"

Lucius sighed and ran a hand through his hair; he cast a stasis charm on their lunch so that it didn't burn anymore than it was starting to. "You mean to tell me, your entire basis for what I presume was a proposal, is being pregnant?"

Sirius sniffled, "It's what's supposed to happen, especially when you love someone and you're having a child together."

"Siri…" Lucius went over to the dark haired man and placed his hands on Sirius's upper arms. "We don't have to be married to have our child, it isn't necessary. Just because it's the moral thing to do and people would kick up a fuss about it, if they knew," he said mockingly. "I love you, and now that I'm used to the idea, I want nothing more than for us to raise this child together. Marriage certificate or not, I am going to be here for you, you're just going to have to take my word for it."

Almost as soon as Lucius had finished his speech, Sirius just broke down into tears in his arms. The younger man was quite shocked by his own emotions, but crying just felt like the natural progression for him.

"Sh…" Lucius pulled Sirius into the living area, he sat down in an armchair and tugged the pregnant man down onto his lap. "Sh, Siri, its ok." He stroked Sirius's thick dark hair, and rubbed his back. "I shouldn't have shouted at you, but you do bring it upon yourself sometimes. Anyway, marriage isn't all it's cracked it up to be, you know?"

"Then…why s-stay with her?" forced out Sirius between sobs.

Lucius sighed, "She is not getting a single piece of my money," Sirius lifted his head, he looked quite offended. "If I can kill her and get away with it, then I will, but I am not going through a divorce."

"There are more important things than money," said Sirius, "You told me that yourself, once."

Lucius frowned slightly, "Maybe so, but its my money, and I am not giving it to her through a divorce settlement. I've never been good with sharing."

"You wouldn't share it with me?"

Lucius pressed a kiss to Sirius's pouting lips, "You are a different matter entirely, I actually like you."

Sirius wiped his eyes on Lucius's shirt before nuzzling his head against the blond's neck, "I'm sorry."


Sirius sniffed, "For being so stupid about this marriage thing…I guess I see your point of view, but I still like the idea."

"You weren't being stupid," replied Lucius, he rest one hand on Sirius's baby bump and used his other hand to play with Sirius's hair. "I was just shocked, I'd never thought of you as a marriage kind of guy. You never seemed to be fond of the idea of settling down."

"I haven't been pregnant our entire relationship though, have I?" Sirius put a hand on top of the one on his stomach. "It changes your perspective on things…it seems to change personalities as well…" he continued slyly.

Lucius smirked, "I can go back to being an insensitive jackass, as you so kindly put it, if you want me too."

"No, no…its what I'm used to, but I much prefer this you."

"Good to know."

Sirius smiled and lifted his head so that he could see Lucius's unusually warm eyes; "I love you."

"Love you too," Lucius brushed his lips gently against Sirius's, he was feeling overly affectionate right now.

Narcissa Malfoy was furious. Not only had she not seen her husband for two days now, she also had a fairly shrewd idea as to where the Malfoy heir was. She knew he was with her cousin, she had been having him followed and that was where Lucius always ended up. Surely Lucius had better taste though, didn't he? If he were having an affair, wouldn't it be better for him to be shagging someone better than that traitorous little scumbag, Sirius?

Of course, Narcissa knew Lucius wasn't all too fond of her, but she still hated having the knowledge that he was probably sleeping with her least favourite cousin. Why Sirius? What did he have the she didn't? Other than the obvious fact that he was a man, and she wasn't. In fact, she hadn't even realised that Lucius didn't seem to like women in the first place.

Oh she was so angry. Sirius had to be taken out of the picture.

Narcissa smirked nastily to herself as she got ready to go out. She already had a plan up her sleeve.


Sirius had fallen asleep a little while ago, after exhausting himself with his crying and shouting. He was now curled up on his bed using Lucius's stomach as a pillow, breathing softly and quite content to sleep for the rest of the day and night, even though he and Lucius were going to go out for dinner in a secluded part of Muggle London later. But for now, a cuddle and a bit of a sleep seemed like a good idea to both men, before they decided to discuss the more weighty problems of their relationship. Particularly how Lucius was going to help raise the baby if he had to keep his wife from getting too suspicious about them.

Sirius shifted a little bit and gave a quiet whimper, so Lucius put a hand on the younger man's head and gently ran his fingers through the thick, dark hair to calm Sirius down in case he was having a nightmare.


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