When the world was young, the gods and goddesses created a power that would shine through in the most exemplary mortals. Powers beyond the norm that made up the strength and nobility of the human race.

Each one of these people were called Heroes. And were revered for their strength, prosperity and kindness to others.

The old ones will tell you that Heroes are scarce in this day and age. But there is always someone willing to change this world, even if they need to break a few things to do it in the process.

"Razzan, frazzing... James, hand me that Hullabaloo."

"This? Sure."


"Is it supposed to spark like that?"


Digital City Diaries

written by Shaun Garin

concept by Ryan Griffin

Digimon Adventure is distributed by Disney and Buena Vista Entertainment, and is originally owned by Toei and TV Tokyo.

This fic is rated PG-13 for silliness, the half nekkid fighting and other such things people may find questionable. Take two tylenol for the headache this is about to ensure, a cup of sake, yes a cup, and two Rolo Donuts for the requisite chance of even UNDERSTANDING the fic.

Chapter 3 : The Unfortunate Lack of Sanity

Morning in Edmonton. The sun shined, the birds were singing in the crisp October morning air and all was peaceful.

Until a low "WHOOMP" could be heard and there was a minor 1.1 earthquake. No one noticed a couple of teenagers stumbling out of the back door of a suburban home. Thick white smoke poured out of the house as a smoke detector beeped rapidly.

James coughed as he waved his hand in front of himself. "It won't blow up, it's perfectly safe," he mimicked in a high pitched tone.

"Everything was built correctly," snapped Carter in retort. "Besides, it was YOU who didn't plug it in correctly."

"It was not!"

"Was so!"

"Was not!"

"Was so!"







The pair flinched in unison like a couple of meercats as Libby stood there, holding up a charred and half melted curling iron. "I told you two to FIX this, not smoke out the house."

"It was his fault!" the pair chorused, pointing at each other.

"I don't CARE whos fault it is, just FIX THE BLASTED THING!" Libby stalked off, clutching the ruined mess of her curling iron.

James leaned in and said, "Your sisters scary."

"I know. I have to live with her." Carter was then clocked by a high velocity chunk of metal. James had five seconds to laugh before the apparatus that they used to try and fix it flattened him.

"You two look like you've been smacked, turned inside out and then discombobulated," remarked Sean in their Social Studies class.

Carter sported a large welt in the middle of his forehead while James winced as he sat down. "Trust me, it wasn't MY idea," he grumbled.

"Yeah it was," remarked James. "You brought up the Thingy."

"I told you get the Hullabaloo!"

"Wasn't that next to the Whatchamacallit?"

Carter groaned and held his head. "No, the Hullabaloo is next the Whosit, underneath the Wawker and next to the Whatthehoeckisthat."

James slapped his fist into his palm and immediately winced from the pain. "Oh yeah, the Whatthehoeckisthat. I thought that was next to the Thingamajigger."

"No, the Thingamajigger is next to the Wakka-wakka. And the Wakka-wakka is sitting on top of the Ba Ba Black Sheep."


James looked around at his classmates who were snickering at their exchange. Mr. Mann rolled his eyes.

"James, Carter, sit down. And for your information I confiscated your Ba Ba Black Sheep two weeks ago. And your whiffle-whatsis, the mukimayuka and the Smegger. Don't make me confiscate whatever gadget you boys bring today."

Sean could only shake his head. Only Mr. Mann in his deadpan Ben Stein voice could actually say all of those words without bursting out into hysterical laughter.

"Now if you'll turn to page 232 in your textbooks, we were covering the Victorian Age..."

"All right. Before we wrap things up today I want to give you all a special assignment."

Most of the class groaned and the other half begun to stir from their monotone voice induced sleep. Mr. Mann ignored this and said, "In light of the current Work Experience class that has been introduced into the curriculum for elementary students, we have several applications set up. This will be a three hour job, but it will give you an idea of how Work Experience will be sorted out. You will be paid according to your job taken."

As he spoke, Mann handed out the photocopied papers. "No more than two to a single job application. Feel free to choose from any of the listed opportunities. That will be all."

The bell rang and students shuffled out the door. Picking up his paper, Sean looked at it and read off a few things as he shouldered his backpack. "Food Services, Caretaker, Janitor..."

"No animal related stuff?" asked James with a hint of disappointment.

"Nope, but here's something I want," said Carter. "Posting at the Space and Science Center."

"OOOOH! Dibs!" exclaimed James.

"No way in hell man, I'm taking it!" snapped Carter.









"Boys, don't make me separate you." said Sean, long tired of this game.

"He started it!" said James.

"I did not!" Carter retorted.





Sean desperately wished for something spectacular to occur right at the moment. Perhaps then it would get the pair away from him.

Just then, two furry hands came around their heads and with a resounding CLUNK, knocked them unconcious. "There," said Renamon, wiping her hands of imaginary dust.

Sean looked at Renamon who was dressed in a stylish pair of shorts and a t-shirt and then down at Plotmon who was the dog this time and Penguinmon who looked innocently back at him. "I don't wanna know," he muttered, marching past Kevin and Madison who were shaking in laughter.

Penguinmon seized his partner and began to drag him down the hall. Plotmon grabbed his own comatose partner and dragged him down the hall by the scruff of his shirt. Renamon looked over at Madison who was stifling giggles. Kevin made no attempt to halt his own laughter.

"Well," said Kevin, "that's ONE way to stop an argument."

Madison grinned mischievously. "So... wanna teach me that method of sneaking up behind people and knocking heads together?"

Renamon grinned. "Maybe later."

"Ooooooow," grimaced Carter, touching the second welt on his forehead. "That really smarts."

"It's still your fault," grumbled James from his seat on the bus.

"Was not."

"Was so."




Penguinmon and Plotmon looked at each other, jumped up to the seat backs and smacked their partners heads together. The pair winced as their heads made contact again and Plotmon growled. "Keep this up and I'll blow your eardrums out."

James grumbled at being chastised by his partner but relented. "So... who gets to go in first for the appointment?"

"I do." said Carter.

"What? Why?"

"Cause I'm older."

"Oh come off it."

"You come off it."



"You infinity."

Carter grimaced at the one-upping as he folded his arms. "C'mon, it's not that big of a deal. We were the two guys who got the job dibbed anyhow."

"Yeah, you're right," said James with a smirk. "Ain't no way we can loose."

Carter grinned to himself. Forget James. He had this interview in the bag!

The studious man looked over at him from behind horn-rimmed glasses. "Well Mr. Windam. Your resume looks very good and you have been referred to this job by the school district. Now, can you tell me your hobbies?"

Carter shrugged. "Science mostly. And games. I'm working on a large scale holographic projection system."

"Really," said the man and his voice was laced with amusement. "And just what does this projection system intend to accomplish, despite the fact that Kaiba Corporation has a monopoly on this system?"

"Well, it will be a full interaction with various games. Transmitted through an EEPS conduit or an Energy Entity Projection System, I will be able to place the user into the various games. A holodeck if you will, but compatible with any major video game system in the current existence."

"And this will cost you quite a lot due to the fact that many parts of this type are industrial grade."

Carter waved his hand dismissively. "I fabricate all of my parts."

"I see..."

Carter grinned to himself again. He had this in the BAG!

"Impressive credentials at such a young age, Mr. McConnell. And your father works for the Biology Wing at the U of A?"

James nodded politely. "Yes sir. He's taught me everything I know."

The man turned a gaze onto him. "You have quite the garden if I am reading this correctly. Can I assume that not all of these plants are native to Canada?"

"No sir, many of these plants are from various countries. And are each bred in a simulation of their native habitats."

"I see."

James grinned to himself. He had this one so over Carter.

"So what do you think? Think you got the job?"

"It's not a question of if, it's a question of when they notify me," said Carter with a wide grin.

James made a Heh sound as he munched on his cinnamon roll. The pair were sitting in front of an open air bakery that catered as a secondary cafe. "Ya know, they'd call us if we got the job or not."

"It'll come, it'll come," said Carter lazily.


"No thanks, I'm still eating," said James.

"Huh?" enunciated Carter.

"You asked me if I wanted bread."

"Wow, fresh bread!"

James blinked twice. "That... wasn't you, was it?"

"I have NO idea what you're talking about," said Carter. "Are you hearing voices?"

"I dunno. Maybe I am," said James as he rubbed the back of his head. But there's no one else here.

Suddenly a pidgeon fluttered down atop their table. "Hey, can I have bread?" asked the Pidgeon.

James blinked and gaped. Carter looked at him and said, "Are you okay?"

"The pidgeon. It spoke to me."

"Hey, my name is Al," said the pidgeon.

"And it's name is Al."

Carter looked at the pidgeon and said, "Are you sure you're certain? You're just not remembering the Dr. Doolittle movie we watched last night?"

"Hey, jerkface, gimme some bread," snapped the pidgeon.

"And it's rude too," snorted James as he tossed the pidgeon some of his cinnamon roll.

"So... suddenly you can talk to animals, huh?"

James swallowed at the expression on Carters' face.

"I see, I see," said Carter, running diagnostics.

"Fascinating. Now can we get me down from here?" asked James as he was trussed up in what everyone referred to as the Lab Table of Doom.

"Well, lemme show you anyhow." At Carters command, the table moved over to the screens he had set up. "Now here is your brain scans from a month ago. And here's now."

The monitors displayed two wavelengths. Moving over each other, there was an erratic pattern spike on the second one. "This one here, developed somehow. It allows your mind to translate the speech of animals."

"Do you think that this is a special power?" asked James.

Carter nodded. "I think so. You just don't spontaneously develop things like this unless there's a trigger. And look, the spike began to develop when Plotmon came back into your life."

"So the information dump caused by the partner returning could augment the mental capacities," summarized James.

"It's a thought, but not proven," said Carter. "Further testing will need to be done but I'm sure this is a special power. I have one myself."

"Gee and I thought you were naturally smart," deadpanned James. "What do we tell Koushiro?"

"At the moment? Nothing. He's a nutbar even with his own intelligence powers. No telling if he'd want to get us examined."

"No, YOU just do that," said James, poking him in the shoulder.

"Har har," smirked Carter.

"Well, your resumes are impressive," said the man behind the desk. "Each of you are well suited for the jobs ahead."

Carter and James shared a wide grin. "As such," continued the man, "You two are overqualified."

A pause. "What?" chorused the pair.

"The job was a simple janitorial duty," said the man. "It would be a waste for you two to make any headway into such a simple job. I can refer you two to places that'll make better use of your qualities. This job goes to another girl who applied outside of the program."

Crestfallen, the pair drooped. "Yes sir," they muttered.

The man smiled and pulled out a few pages of paper. After scribbling down something on both, he handed it to each of them. "Here's recommendations for your new positions in two other places which would benefit from your expertise. Have a good day boys."

Once safely out of the building, Carter unfolded his letter and read it. His eyes went wide as he looked at James. "What did he say about you?" asked Carter.

"That I'm an honest and hardworking man, capable of biological studies and what not. I've gotten a letter of recommendation to the U of A, Biology department. You?"

"Kaiba Corp Edmonton headquarters." Carter grinned. "I got one for their R and D section!"

The pair shared glances as they picked up their digimon who were acting like the pets leashed outside. "High five!" they chorused, slapping hands together.